Tennis Serve & Return Tips : American Twist Serve in Tennis

November 6, 2019

In this clip we’re going to talk to you about
the American Twist Serve. You might have heard you know Sampras use this quite a bit, Andre
Agassi use this quite a bit, a lot of players on actually on tour, but they use them on
specific serves, certain locations. This is the American Twist, a lot more advanced, it’s
pretty tough but the idea is you’re getting the combination between slice and top spin.
For top spin you’re going from six to twelve, going straight up. For slice, you’re going
to be hitting that three o’clock, that right side position right there. So now you’re going
to be trying to hit in between, maybe two o’clock, maybe one o’clock right there. Trying
to go up at an angle to create the ball to go sideways, hit the ground, and then come
out. So that the ball is still going to dip in the court but it’s supposed to hit the
ground then come out a little bit. I’ll do a slow motion version of this. Now that ball
should come out a little bit. There we go, it’s going to have a little bit of a jump.
Once you start getting more racket speed and more movement on it, and again you have to
hit the right angle. If you don’t get the right angle it’s just going to be a normal
kick serve, like those kind of were. So what we’re going to do right here, is going to
get these, I’m going to try to get that kicker out more. There we go, a little bit of jump
out wide, a little bit of a curve. Right there, yeah that one was a nice one right there and
it jumped out, you have that twist so. The idea is to get the ball to, to get them to
go from here and then get them to reach out in that high backhand, the ball is actually
spinning away from them a little bit more. So again, the important thing on this one,
just like you’re hitting the kicker, if you don’t have the kicker then don’t attempt this,
it’s pretty tough. You’re going at an angle, not straight up and not around, more at an
angle. Trying to hit that angle on your serve to get this American Twist to be able to jump
out. That is the America Twist. Good luck with it.

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