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Tennis Serve & Return Tips : Tennis 1st Serve Slice Strategy

November 9, 2019

In this clip I would like to talk to you about
the strategy of serving hopefully make your serve stronger and help you to win your service
game. Your service game is your baby. You can’t let that thing go. You have to feel
like you can hold a serve and hold it well. We are going to show you now that I like to
teach you the idea of serving like a great pitcher would serve or pitch rather so you
are not so much the fast ball pitcher like Randy Johnson but you had somebody that would
mix it up a little bit more and you want to keep the returner off balance. So we want
to show you the different kinds of serves in order to make your return a little more
off balance so maybe the slice serve first, we’ll shot you the slice serve and when he
would do that on the deuce side so if you served at the tee on the deuce side that ball
could still move in where they could hit it if you hit a slice serve so what he is going
to do is he is going to serve wide and this is typically when you would use it is to serve
out wide on a deuce serve for a slice. He is going around the outside part of the ball.
Good, see how he went around the outside part of that ball right there, that ball is really
moving wide. Around the outside. He hasn’t missed since 1904 folks. There we go, that
ball is jumping out wide and it is still spinning away. That is the idea. Now we will show another
time when you need to serve a slice serve on the deuce side is towards the body, maybe
for a right hander might serve it right into here in his pocket on the left side getting
it jammed in the back side so he will serve one in towards the body and you will see it
curve a little bit. Right there and that is going to go towards their body and it is going
to curve towards their body. Very nice move, exactly and that handcuffs your opponent,
kind of gets them to be stationary more and then you serve it out wide. You serve that
a few times right there and then they are staying put and you can serve it out wide
and then you can start moving them around a little more and that makes you an offensive
server without having to serve much harder by location of the spin so it is very important
what serve to use when.


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