Tennis Star Maria Sharapova Banned

October 16, 2019

It hasn’t been a
great year for iconic tennis player,
Maria Sharapova. The International
Tennis Federation (ITF) made an announcement on
Wednesday that would take steps to suspend
her for two years, after she tested
positive for a banned drug
called meldonium. It may end her career. She also won’t be
able to represent Russia at the Olympics
in Rio and will not go to the 2016 Grand Slam
season this year. Meldonium is a drug
that is used to treat angina and
heart failure, but it does help
increase energy levels and endurance in
athletes. Maria stated, “The ITF
tribunal unanimously concluded that what I
did was not intentional. They found that I did
not seek treatment from my doctor for the
purpose of obtaining a performance enhancing
substance. The ITF spent
tremendous amounts of time and resources
trying to prove I intentionally violated
the anti-doping rules and the tribunal
concluded I did not.” Maria said that she
will appeal to the court soon and she is
determined to play tennis again and
stand up to believe in
what’s right.

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