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Tennis Technique Forehand Lesson 11: Approach shot using a 2 shot combination

February 2, 2020

tennis coach Robert here today I’m going
to talk to you about the approach shot on the forehand using a tossing type
motion so in some of my other videos I’ve talked to you about the different
areas of the court and now we’re going to talk about the transition area from
going from the back of the court to the towards the net so an effective way to
do that would be to go ahead and do a tossing type motion and all deep into
the area back court so that you can move forward and then finish off with a
volley you always want to think of your approach shot as the first part of a two
shot combination if you’re setting up a volleys always think of it as
approaching you’re approaching the net to volley okay so don’t think of it as
two separate things it’s the first part of a two shot combination so what we
want to do is we want to go ahead and hit the ball in a way that’s gonna be
either deep or short to make it difficult for the other person to hit
the ball back so I’m gonna effective way of doing that would be to go ahead and
of course use the tossing motion and use the throwing motion which is more of a
forehand drive type shot but today I’m going to show you an effective way to go
ahead and do the tossing type motion so what we want is I’m gonna go ahead and
show you this turn the ball machine the ball comes and I’m gonna place this here
and what I’m doing is I’m doing this tossing motion where my chest turns so
this is like a toss and I go forward so I’m gonna go ahead and make a little bit
of a circular motion and push that ball I’m gonna give it a little bit of height
to then go ahead and come forward so when I push this ball like this I can
easily move forward to go ahead and volume okay so I get into a situation
I’m in the mid court in the back area is not a bad place to be I want to hit and
then move forward and then come and volley em so we come over here I’m gonna
place the ball into the backhand side here
place it deep move forward and volley with the catch so again I’m gonna go
ahead and make it that circular motion circle toss the ball deep move forward
to my split step and catch the ball so we’re doing at that circular motion like
I said before which is a tossing type motion which is a circular motion and
toss it’s a circular motion and toss circular motion toss now if I’m a little
bit closer I don’t need to make that circle of motion I can go ahead this is
more of a half ball here I’m gonna show you
so my toss is gonna be shorter so it’s just a catch and toss who is a shorter
motion so my racket is back here toss and forward that’s the simple toss very
important to learn how to do these inside the service box area when you’re
playing the short game so right here this is just a little toss allows me to
hit the ball in two different areas I can toss the ball here and give it a
little bit more height and that will give me some more depth so I start here
and I come forward and I toss the ball just a tossing motion here once I’m able
to understand this and get comfortable with this I’m gonna go ahead and I’ll
just show you briefly here with a slicing motion so a turning motion so I
take this and I make the ball go into a slice motion okay so here I practice
slicing the ball like an underhand serve so when I get here I can slice the ball
and make the ball go deep so I have to be able to understand how to toss the
ball first this way once I’m able to do that I can then add a little spin to it
goes sideways and create a tossing motion and that’s gonna give me some
spin I’m gonna go ahead and make this one spin quite a bit so you can see
there the ball spins off to the side so but in order for me to be able to
do this I must be able to toss the ball with this motion otherwise is gonna be
very difficult for me to create the spin so there I have some spin but I need to
master this part first so I’m gonna give this one a little bit more shoulder turn
like I said there so this motion like the girls who are using the softball
pitch and that’s gonna give me a good enough depth so that I can come forward
deep get into position instead of service box and then we do the catch
okay so I hope this video has been helpful with regards to the approach
shot and the tossing type motion to get you forward into the transition it the
transition game of coming from the back of the court and coming forward is a
very important part of it this is just one option of hitting the ball using the
tossing motion we can of course go ahead and use the throwing motion which is
hitting the ball like you would be at the baseline and I’ll talk about it in
another video where you will have to hit the ball a little bit lower over the net
so that the ball doesn’t go out so we’re inside the court we have to make the
ball go shorter so we have to change the height of the ball to make sure that the
ball gets in the court but that’s for another video so today I want you guys
to just master this it’s gonna be very good for you in terms of be a transition
game getting more precise and again I’m not a golfer but you know I’ve heard
this expression once before you drive for show and putt for dough so and and
we and I constantly hear many many of the my friends who play golf and so on
they say that they professional players spend a vast majority of time in the
transition game I can tell you that when I played college tennis and so on we
spend a tremendous amount of time inside the transition game we will players at
at the college level are very good from the back of the court end and at the net
but we spend a tremendous amount of time working on this transition area here
both the like I said the tossing type pusher and the driving so I hope this
video has been useful if useful and helpful thank you all very much for
subscribing and tuning into the videos I enjoy making them and I hope that it’s
helping you guys out there thank you very much for more information on carlbo tennis

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