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Tennis Technique Forehand Lesson 7: Forehand: Watching the ball

February 7, 2020

hi everybody
tennis coach Robert here with today we’re going to talk
about watching the ball so I hear this phrase all the time you have to watch
the ball when you hit it and in some cases that’s true or it is true but it
depends on the intensity of how we watch it so I’m a tennis teacher so when I
feed tennis balls I part of my job what I do is I’ll go ahead and I’ll feed
tennis balls when I feed tennis balls I have to make sure that my swing is very
short and simple not too complicated and also it’s like make a quick motion but
the other thing that I have to do is I have to make sure that I can see my
player so if I’m focus on watching the ball hit the strings my head is down and
I can’t actually see my players hit the ball very well so I actually have to
look up at my player and feed the ball so I see the ball up in there and using
my peripheral vision and know where the ball goes
and having knowledge about where the ball would land I can feed the ball into
where into the areas that I want to go to if I go ahead and I move my head too
much I also can’t see too much I the key thing here is keeping my head still and
looking I can keep my head still very still and feed tennis balls and the same
thing we want to apply when we hitting actual tennis balls so I know that my
contact point I see the ball coming from the other side and I’m gonna wait until
the ball comes I see it I track it using my peripheral vision you know first
straight ahead and then peripheral vision I can see the ball coming and I’m
gonna have contact somewhere here okay and once I have contact with the ball I
need to make sure that my head is still okay so when I my head is still I need
to make sure that I can then know where the ball is going I have a sense of good
tracking skills the better you are as a tennis players their tracking skills
improve so I can have an idea that the ball is gonna be here okay so once I
have that idea of the ball being there I hit it and this is an important thing
that we to remember we need to keep the head
still you can’t move it too much because that’s gonna cause some mistakes so we
go ahead we may see the ball we may not most of the players that
actually when they are hitting tennis balls unless you’re doing some specific
training of actually trying to see the ball hit the strings we say we do it but
for the most part we don’t okay because the balls are coming very quickly I’m
swinging very fast I can’t see it I have a sense of where the ball is
so we I’m talking about the last mile so I see the ball the ball bounce I see it
up to about this far from the racket after that I really can’t see it but if
the ball is somewhere in this area it’s fairly stable it’s not moving too much
so I know that if I swing and I judge the ball with my swing right I’ll be
able to hit the ball correctly so I can go ahead and I can look straight forward
and hit the ball so I’m looking straight ahead and I can hit the ball I just hit
two balls there looking straight ahead and I can hit the ball I’m not looking
at the ball and I have an idea I can hit the ball where I need to do where I need
to hit it the thing that we need to make sure is that the head is still okay so
what happened is generally speaking we get eager and anxious to see where the
ball is going so we look up so every time we look up we’re adding something
to it we don’t want to make the shot more complicated want to make it smooth
without adding this degree sometimes this upward motion of looking to see
where the ball is going happens as a result of the leg drive we go like this
and would go up too quickly and we cause problems and that can make us miss hit
the ball to want to make sure that the head is still so the person who probably
is most known for this is Roger Federer he hits the ball and he keeps his head
still until he hits the ball through and the ball is gone and his head is still
in the same spot so you see situations that is still what I like to say is that
when I’m hitting the tennis ball I take the racket back and when I take my
racquet back I usually use my left shoulder and my chin to connect so I get
that nice rotation I’ve contact and then I keep my head
still I drive forward turn my shoulders still looking at the spot where
the ball was get the ball is actually gone and then when my chin touches my
shoulder here I look up to see where the ball is going then I’ve made sure that
the ball is actually gone and I’m not gonna influence the way it is going one
thing is if I hit the tennis ball if I hit it incorrectly no matter what I say
and I see players do too sometimes they will talk to the ball and say ball land
in the court it’s not gonna happen so once you hit it looking up doing all
these other things they’re not gonna help you so we need to make sure that we
are focused on keeping the head still okay and once we keep the head still
then we are able to look up once the ball is over the net okay so now I’m
gonna have the ball machine on so I’m gonna hit this ball so the ball comes I
hit it keep my head still and then I look up I hit this ball and in that
situation if you’re looking straight ahead I’m not necessarily looking at the
ball I’m gonna keep I’m gonna actually look straight ahead and hit the ball I
see the ball I tracked the ball but actually when I actually strike the ball
I’m not looking at it but my head is stumped I’m now gonna go ahead and look
at the ball and see the strings I’m of course if I can do that it’s even better
and I’m more focused on keeping my head still what I would need to make sure is
that it stays still what I don’t want to do is lift my head up and try to see
what the ball is going so a lot of times we hit the ball and we look up to see
where the ball is going and that’s gonna add a degree of difficulty or a degree
of risk of error so you want to make sure that we keep the head still so what
I usually do no matter what like I said I hit the ball when it touches my right
shoulder it’s free for me to look up I can look up so I whether I actually see
the ball hit the strings or not I do track it I do know exactly where that
ball lands so that I can adjust my feet and do all the preparations that I need
to do but actually striking the ball a lot of times you don’t actually see that
happen and I see a lot of players getting frustrated and say hey you know
what I need to watch the ball well we need to think about is more track
the ball I need to track the ball to find it in the right spot
once I track it I need to keep my head still so that I don’t add any other
things moving parts to it to make it a more difficult shot in terms of the
consistency so we want to make sure that we keep the head still and and and the
tip that I usually say is once my chin touches my right shoulder here I’m free
to look up the ball is already gone I hope this video has been helpful to you
and that you enjoyed it and I really appreciate you taking the time to stop
and look at these videos it really means a lot to me and I would really
appreciate it if you guys would subscribe to these videos and hit the
notification bell so that we can all improve as tennis players thank you so
much and have a wonderful day more information on carlbo tennis visit


  • Reply alka deshmukh November 23, 2019 at 1:38 pm

    Great instructions!

  • Reply Cam Lendrim December 18, 2019 at 5:01 pm

    Very simple yet very practical and easy to implement techniques. Thank you. Great teaching style. 🎾

  • Reply deemahdee December 19, 2019 at 10:30 pm

    Wow…this video is the truth. "We say we do it, but don't" ,(watching the ball)

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