Tesla Gigafactory Factory Tour! LIVE 2016 Full Complete Tour

October 9, 2019

now working blast that guy yeah um thank you so much for being here we
are as excited for you all to come and look at what we’ve been building and
what we’ve been designing or to so first and foremost thanks for coming
all the way out here in the deserts come what he owns created for starters my
name is Sophie grazinsky I’m a construction engineer here construction
management team primarily I work on electrical contracting and my name is
Bob Saul I work in construction finance I make sure Sophie and her team doesn’t
spend too much money it’s been a challenge I’ve been here for couple of
months and to put a challenge but uh get through it the easiest way to make
things go faster as money so I want to work here still make them go faster with
less money the real innovation you’re not taking a collection up are you yes
how long have you been here um I started working here three months ago
three months of the world um
exactly sure when we’re going to yes how quickly the build-out is going
it’s kind of a balance we want to start know when to keep the juices how much electrical power are using
right now well the frogs from a tree gigawatts
sure is a big navigating walk or something up there yeah you think
the batteries all the landfill not only finishing them as batteries but putting
that and battery packs for power walls and
our taxi eventually sign of this gigafactory now when fully
functioning is going to be a it watts per year and they won’t make the model SRX
batteries here than 18 650 No because of that we did not shut down
anything for this party so our power wall and power pack line is
introduction right now we’re going to be walking through a live classroom
before that we are going to be walking through a live construction site so the
idea of you guys staying all together is super important if you cannot hear my
voice or Bobby’s voice you’re not in the right spot you’re going to see people all kinds of heavy equipment please see
you quercetin free to be here have the greatest time possible if
there’s anything that you need or think you may need please ask Bobby or myself
and that includes taking photos we encourage you to take photos and videos
the entire night is being live-streamed online and the building is your playground nothing
is off-limits so take photos to excel
videos it’s all encouraged make sure that everyone so let’s talk 11 okay Electro’s right Catherine Deneuve positive his claws sell that honor Casey
was called to camp for tapas bald cap Augustine and electric separate so larger the other
book is all of these materials are recycled on
electrolyte recycling station and all of the raw materials that our experts will
talk to you about um to make the anode and cathode Mexico’s solvents our prime
sourcing planet right now is a mixing room so you wish to
yes more about vertical integration these
materials take up this floor and the next two floors above it
sweeping experience on 1f to become Koreans all of the raw materials here in
mixing synthetic solvent that synthetic solvents
lower temperature what it takes to be raw materials going to be electrodes it
happens I request which is what they’re going to talk
but throughout that process there’s bunch of pieces that can be reused orange right now
it’s still in the works I read some things about potential
possibly geothermal but I know that it’s not in process right now we do have some
really cool stuff going on which of water water are switchyard
the electrical engineering aspect of this is very fascinating literally every
day so I definitely recommend taking a look out it’s movies with all of the things going
on 32 right there process the sequin where are you getting your raw materials
for the living is that from the Atacama Desert is that really primarily source
it I know extra typical to okay welcome everyone I’m is right now six an
engineer here on the factor design team were responsible for the
chemical design of all the systems in the factory and utility are here
my contact Jacob Millican so you probably just hear coming from that
mixing that we receive all the material Katherine
apply oil goes in the sound we converted into a liquid first so we applied
solvent to this dry powder and the mixing rocks here to make a liquid
slurry with a pump that sorry all the way down to the floor end of this room
on the ground floor the very end there we have a coating booth where similar to
a printing press we take that liquid slurry and a file to a very thin piece
of metal substrate it has been one roll of this very large rope this wet slurry
on top of the substrate is then passed towards us inside the first row this
other every one of these boots has an airflow at a very prescribed temperature
and flow rate in order to control the evaporation rate is that oil comes down
the other by the time it gets here we again have dried out of material on the
top of a substrate we then take that foil turn a vertical and come to the top
here we have our second coating booth and then what was the bottom four
and we apply another layer of active slurry to the top and then it drives the
similar fashion going back down in that direction so by the time we get to the
far end we have dry active material on both sides of this metal substrate so
every one of these chambers in their in their mount is the error we just picked
up a lot this liquid solvent in the vapor phase
so all those have let air ducts are running together and the very end of
every month top you see those large dogs going into the second floor through that
wall so regular side of that wall we have the
solvent recovery system where we take all the solvent in the air and scrub it
back out to clean the air and in the air comes right back the same oven in a
closed-loop fashion so Sam never leaves the building the liquid solvent that was
condensed out in that system is then piped out to our utility yard where we
refine and clean the solvent as well and that solvent is a pump right back here
into our mixing room and the solvent is in a close look fashion so in a net
basis join a material that enters our leaves this room is the active material
in the metal substrate so when we started off this love it used to be by
far the largest power consumer of any piece of equipment the factory but Tesla
and Panasonic engineers have worked together to refine how both this oven
and then salt recovery system operate we’ve been able to cut the power of the
system by over 80% so this is bumming one on line one and phase one the
gigafactory one of interior goes right here and every one of the savings we’ve
put in as an investment and this first topic is propagated going forward there’s no natural gas anywhere this
facility the only way we have leaders there electricity the room itself is cold the oven is well
insulated so the room itself doesn’t get very long thanks so much for your time conventionally wasn’t shot was that a
working shower shower unions at campus we’re continuing Jilla tea as well in the top cap
to the east right here this party’s more we’re going to go into the dressing
rooms where they press out while this factory feature bicycles for
the employees certain people
okay I need to register for their warranty these are basically two giant rolling
pins and it does exactly the room sounds like impressed especially this is the pressing machine she said
it’s basically a giant rolling pin however this machine is owned by
Panasonic and they wanted to respect Panasonic’s privacy another request of
not displaying it for prior teri technology LT depends on store they were extremely
willing to listen to what we had to say in the next 10 years or so the
relationship was developed to then kind of be on-site and working with his hand
and everything you see here is the partnership with Panasonic they’ve been
a great partner it’s fully integrated our engineering design all of your
construction we work together on weekly basis but an
hour-by-hour basis they actually work here
they’re engineers talk to some more experts looks like he got three rolling setups or more hello come on over hi guys this
guy is Abby Abby hi honey she’s learning there she is
yes she has another real life chopper hi my name is Matt I’m an engineer on the
factory design team and I’m Bryan I’m one of the engineers that coordinates
the installation of this burger we’re going to tell you a little bit more
about what happened to this room we’re in the cathode press over here so you
just walked by three huge presses I guess you guys just came from the coke
and dry ovens over there so at that point we’ve evaporated all of the
solvent that was used in the mixing process we’re left with the electrode
the aluminum foil and the active material on that foil so what we’re
trying to do now is get rid of the air that is in the place of where the
solvent was basically so what we’re doing is compressing that material down
to a really really specific for size Dawson that’s roughly the diameter of a
human hair and really what we’re after is a target
for Raza T in the material after compression we’re trying to strike that
with a fine balance I guess and just to give you an idea for for what we’re
after if you compress this material too much you’re actually interfering with
the flow of the lithium ions going into and out of
electric materials and if you don’t compress this enough
you’re basically missing out on a lot of energy density
what we’re doing is trying to pack as much active material as we can inside
yourself so Brian will tell you a little bit more about how this actually
happened yet walk us through the material world right now basically brown
fur coat dry bones the output of that is a coil has just been coated with that
acted with you and it will come into this buffer racket feel free to come in
and take a look basically this is just storage for
processed material waiting for downstream processing down the center of
the aisle there’s a crane that will retrieve that coil it’ll bring it down
here to an automated CAD vehicle robot dgv that will take the lines on the floor that are taped
our magnetic strips used by the aeg robots take the coil unwind it they’re
taken to the roller press basically under two large hydraulically actuated
presses that are compressing top and bottom but material bind them all back
up into a coil after it’s been pressed float it on to another HEV that robot
will carry the material take it back into the buffer yes this is all processing for the
cathode portion of a similar process just different so it’s basically parallel processing to
this point of view with just different so collection how many humans are
working in this room initial startup will probably be like four to five in
this area monitoring the ATVs make sure that the automated portions are working
as as intended and then there’s also these are checking the tolerances of the
film in the foil itself so with your quality assurance quality assurance a
little bit too as as the materials processing but they’re measuring it there’s no actual queue time or anything
and basically just building up working progress materials
basically they’re building a buffer it sounds like in case one process has to
shut down yeah this slide you’ll run around
basically you at least oh here’s one of the robots ates are a big part of what can astonish
us and they’re also a big part of what Tesla does so because passed by an aging
that is going to work with batteries right there in the press room we’re also
going to see use other ATP’s now that we’re entering about Tesla’s problem now we’re in the cell agent called great
premix okay thank you we get to the test log have they looked into Kiva systems for
robots it’ll you know you’ll walk to a place cell aging room we’ll actually get to see robots in
action in the actual production shortly almost it’s something yeah well I’m just
getting that for the Lord dude here’s something I looked at I just saw well
and so in California earthquake oh man always have to have a shear so they do
stuff like this to keep this no collapsing this way but that means it
can still collapse this way so in California
yes somewhere else a shear wall going the other way we I noticed that entire
building add new sure walls one that was open my hand zero of this not the right
person answer your question I know there’s a lot of like sexual as a fault
line though right is my point there’s so much room in the bottom so you have to
have it boys I can still shake pretty darn hard I
know our seismic engineering achievements
I mean specifically be RVs I think the bracelet we’re waiting to enter the
factory is still currently in production they are not stopping production I’ve
seen before the tours in each Stadium than California us as volunteers
apparently anyone see 100,000 people get dead I got enough lithium on me right
now to move my car good 20 feet that would be worth something
okay you just go out in the body and kind of the scrape a little dust spray
clear it’s right on top of the luminous batter back to your body just like
hydrogen except for it’s not in the future
now talk about range anxiety we’re gonna Hector you a plug-in and hydrogen car wait I’m gonna make it with a couple 604
specs they make sense that’s why I like it too
it’s like I’m sorry it’s not wrapped now just trying to keep everybody interested
while we’re standing here that girl’s going that way oh we get to see more
cool stuff while we’re waiting why not take a little look up conduit lines
chilled water outside air inside there most areas are three stories they were
Tyler told however the first story and second story is generally full floor
most of third stories of mezzanine she said is used for utility storage of
certain things such as I compressed air nitrogen so on and so forth they’re still building sorry we’re gonna wait nice pictures okay this isn’t a drop Forge I can
really felt it would be more like a regular kind of steel building is a lot
of a bit more noise yeah more nighttime in the Tesla factory it’s a big building
full of motion users but yeah the Tesla back cell aging room there’s a roll buddy up
there you want cake bitch seven so for another year in summary this place is
absolutely massive yeah this is the cell aging room the cells are placed on the
racks with basically robotic lifts autom automated robotic lifts very very
impressive there are some floral rail systems it looks like and here we are Wow okay there’s a third floor up there oh you can get the speech oh it’s so
cute my friendly Lynx it’s so cute so when we read shifty cells over it
basically ends feet down and you hit them off the line it’s one of the
greatest things about how the partnership that we have here with
katasonych kind of lets us get readable of emissions from transportation a lot
of issues packaging all sorts of different things yeah it’s a much better
in the process from shipping information all the way over waiting for three
months for it and then you know figuring out what’s going on so the other thing
to think about this bracing which is bracing it’s really that we can build
this is a factory modulate so we can have different squares that we build the
basic concho some of them are cell pieces some of them are module pieces
and so as kind of our the demand comes up and comes down we can build different
squares of of this Factory okay basically kind of lets us kind of build
very much faster almost at ludicrous speed so and so you know there’s also
some really cool stuff with the automation here basically cells get made
on third floor come on down basically get pushed down with bunch of cranes and
to talk a little bit more about that is my colleague Meredith here hey you might
have heard a little bit about ASRs systems in the other room we didn’t it’s
called an automated storage and retrieval system is basically an
automated warehouse so going down each of these aisles really really tall
cranes they go the entire height of the aisle it’s fully automated so that’s
being controlled by our software to poke bricks thing out put it in the right
spot keep doing that day in day out and a super super dense manner
you can fit a lot of cells in this warehouse this is tens of millions of
cells and what you see right here they’re going to be stored in these
trays which we call formation trays so they go into these trays at the end of
the cell assembly process and they’ll live in this tray until we pick them out
as a Tesla product which is a really really cool thing this is one of the
ways that we’re really showing how dedicated we are to sustainability at
this Factory think of this entire warehouse is being completely full of
cardboard that’s how we get ourselves today we get ourselves in cardboard
boxes right because they come across the ocean so in addition to having weeks of
inventory on the way to us it’s all the cardboard boxes these plastic trays are
going to live in the factory so every time that we use it it just goes right
back into the process so it’s a huge incredible amount of savings and that’s
just one of the examples of how we’re doing this in this Factory you probably
also start a little friends back there little robot that’s an example of our
dedication to efficiency in this Factory we’re making a really big factory guess
it’s going to be a really big factory we’re going to be moving a lot of stuff
around in this Factory so leveraging robotics to move stuff around in
addition to helping build our product is hugely efficient and it’s a really
exciting way that we’re pushing that cost down so we all can afford this
model freeze so you guys have any questions for so
you want to go season Tesla manufacturing this lift is to the third
floor where so manufacturing occurs yeah there’s manufacturing at the top that’s
right this is the storage and again some amount of charge that’s right these are
representative of the new he’s on edge shop their happiness track here anything
their prime we mostly just don’t want to walk okay yeah these are representative
of the new 2170 cells awesome you guys are going to go see some amazing Tesla
meeting I drink so enjoy your time we’re super glad you’re here thank you honey
you’re in America seeing me goes we see them up here Evan it’s party gradually
offer them a drink holy mother lode do you think they wouldn’t mind if I hid
in here and never let them find me did you get lost these are the utility-grade power packs keep over carry but I want one of those
robots these are the utility-grade power walls
for politics they’re being very adamant about not using zoom I’m sorry powerpack modules oh there’s one right
now now these units are riding on the magnetic strip on the floor that one is not yet open if you want the
better view be sure to watch the four case 100 megabit upload that I will be
doing live streams for your convenience and here’s the fun part air-powered machinery this is a utility-grade power wall pack
you can see coolant lines battery management board and the cells in their
trade basically this is a miniature model with battery pack using lightly
larger cells instead of smaller cells and we’re falling a little behind sorry testing Oh lunch and who do we have over here this is a tesla powerwall they are quite
large so over here in our new facility we’re
producing two different products right now over to your right
we have the can home consumer product which is a power wall and over here to
your left we have the industrial product which is a you power pack you just walk
by our cloud line on the pod line is where we build the actual cogs which is
the boat for both the powerwall and the power
back inside the firewall we have one box inside of a power pack we’ve got 16 of
those 16 bucks battery storage and on the seagull power
wall at 6.6 kilowatt hours of mr. so to put that in perspective a little
bit you can run your let’s see 40 inch flat-screen TV you can bring your 40
inch flat-screen TV off a power pack for three hundred and forty seven days or
off of a power wall for 23 days and that’s running continuously right 24
hours a day in front of us right here we have a chassis for our Model S so we are
going to be building the battery truck or the battery modules and the battery
packs for the Model 3 here active the country and similar to the Model S those
batteries will go beneath the chassis to add additional stability and weights to
the bottom of the carpet so that’s it anybody have any questions
working we have three lines we have the pod line
we have the powerwall line behind us in the powerpack line named bachelor number
number things i power-packed cabinets the Torah we are
expanding all ready for its new owner it has some additional electronics
here is the utility-grade power pack coolant rocks inside there is a chronic yes it is possible if this all continued
yes this is just the thing that’s part of
the reason why Tesla batteries are so much better they actually thought about
the engineering the thermal so we have a radio a radiator fan is self-contained
refrigeration unit have a terminal event in one of these pods it’s not going to
damage the plot above it or the popul opening you can actually exchange out
there’s one of those 6.6 level whatever plots for another doesn’t painful so hot
swappable very smart 16 16 there’s 16 power pack modules her whole utility
grade power pack and as long as I kind of wandered over here
instead of having offices they said this is all open to promote people working
with others don’t want anybody closed-off want them all working
together please like subscribe and use my
referral codes if you would like to see more videos like this in the future okay we’re going to continue on just a
little bit once again the full 4k copy will be
uploaded this weekend it’s going to be approximately 70 gigabytes in size by
the time the tour is over they are actually making the casings for the home
Power Packs power wall Power Packs over here here’s containers of cells ready to go
inside the Power Packs power wall power packs pallet jacks Arlette acid
and there goes the robot okay we are way behind um this is better than a kid in a candy
store yeah they recycle everything they can Tesla
energy I’m sure that will change so panasonic
has a better memory though they’re not producing anything we are great oh there he goes it’s so cute okay all the storage bonus points for the Cushman parts from boss sir
quality manufacturing now that is packaging trust me they’re keeping a close eye on
us security is everywhere these are all completed and ready to
ship out cabling high-voltage kamilly now we’re in a wrist break or woolmarket this is like
military-grade stuff here’s a robot control systems urban okay I’m sorry which is very very impressive yep doing
good you’re lucky I haven’t wandered off and
hid somewhere yet hahaha good I out we’re going to be going oh it got windy
out lookout point channel when I get open I’ll let you know right
now while the South portal really Wow unfortunately a nasty windstorm has
kicked up so we’re kind of hiding out inside right now they’re actually
watering down there this is part of the construction site construction has not
stopped at all even during the tour right now I mean look this is crazy they
got a dust and windstorm going on here and we’re going to be boarding the
shuttle to go to liqui to look out point in training now yeah right now very
oh yeah sorry it’s all the perfect about lemons
I never heard of this just a little weight yeah pushed out it looks like we might not get to go to
lookout point due to incoming storms they’re locking down the doors and
hatches so let’s wander over here something that
kind of blows me at ways other than the talking echo from people’s talking it is
actually really silent in here impressively silent and for the person that asked know paul
blart isn’t sneaking around but Tesla security is absolutely everywhere moving them let’s do can’t talk not sure who owns the dog it’s supposed
to be a service dog not a place I’d bring a dog anyways the big thing is there’s a lack
of noise in this facility even while they’re working it’s just everything so
streamlined so quiet it’s just pure amazing the efficiency level I’m going
to keep back here sorry but anyway that is us like a test except the will be
terms mark another waterfall El Gordo I was a total there are it’s the Ilan speech won’t be for quite a
while tore first so not much to see at the moment we’re
waiting I’m trying to keep the stream active and not started stopping
trying to lose livestream you could go to movie look out for minutes later it’s
in degrees we drove over open the drill sir scat feels good
breeze was knocking over gameplay bitch so lithium is an early way so no 4G or 3G for the livestream there is
virtually zero cell signal on ATT US Cellular exceed the 18 t sprays in
t-mobile in here so kind of bottlenecks whatever their Wi-Fi can provide so if
you want to see it in the high quality please watch the 4k stream that will be
uploaded this weekend yes it is a factory of dreams anything office when you cycle the so we’re kind of stuck in this area so
I’m just going to keep walking in circles for a little bit here yeah I’m not first how do you see where’s Bom so
we’re still kind of corralled here and they were not looking over there I
would like to go to robot control system Oh really really
mind if I respond to it I heard it put think of it like Ford to Lincoln
you got your luxury version with all the bells and whistles and then you got the
everyday person car so while Lincoln and Ford might be underlying a similar
vehicle the Lincoln is going to have that final final touch that you know
makes it a step above all others so you’re going to you’re going luxury
versus functionality well you can also remember a lot of
people might not have autopilot hardware so this is giving them the financial
reason to upgrade to the model that has autopilot that watches a knockoff where’s Jessica
that is awesome great Tesla hat and we fared Brian says
hi we do out here and I will see you here down so what’s your take on this guy
impressive do you have a son named Brian I do he
says hi I see okay just say hi to Brian hi Brian
see how are your things down here there’s Brian see that’s hysterical yeah
don’t understand so this is what part of the scream
yeah no I’m streaming oh that’s really funny hi bride Brian is watching
everything this room here you can watch it later Imogen yeah he says hi okay
looks like I made your father’s day yeah pretty bad that’s they’re holding
off but doesn’t look like I’m going to get to go to look out what was up there
then they say cooling system yeah did she go to start at the beginning okay I got a I want to find out employee
oh he’s got a microphone so I’m looking for nope sorry Khmer dizzy
I don’t want to be rude to anybody more cement trucks upon all the cement
trucks off from up of the bill your videos we’re live streaming zero oh yeah he got under the later
shuttle bus and by that point the line was pretty long so I don’t know he’s
around here somewhere what did they say that lookout point oh okay over the fat just the factory as a
whole I’ll take if we can get up there dumpin molasses our country
oh it looks like they just poured that today Wow there’s almost like we’ll be
able to go to lookout point so right up there here’s your the rotation so right
up that roads right is a big 10 up there you can look and see San Jose
battery-powered UTV’s taking about a half hour to walk there
the shuttles right there so you just ride in the car the car will take you
right up that we hope the shuttle will take you back down and drop y’all and
you just walk right back to the bay party we don’t want you guys walking
through a construction drive not like let’s see if we can go listen
in some interesting conversations I’ve seen shops we will we have left I saw you generated oh yeah yep I say hi
everybody’s watching oh yeah it scares the heck out of my
yeah up it’s a built-in gimbal you’ll be different here just watch watch the
Napoleon and watch you came for this has got stabilization on that much of a
difference thank you well we were kind of hoping the electric
semi-trucks would be here I was hoping to say hi to Jerome again he’s a awesome
guy and I enjoyed our long chats before but so far I did not see the semi that’s
probably still sitting in bar thorn so if I can score a look we might be able
to see it in about two weeks when I three weeks when I take my next road
trip down back to Hawthorn again I said okay I’m going to shut down the
camcorder I’ll stitch the video files together later
my camcorders like we have not battery to last so right now what you see right now
until further notice will not be on the 4k upload version this is live stream
only if they keep checking the weather in the
wind that’s why they keep opening the door because we’re going to be going up
high in one of those mountains and our alternatives are pretty high it’s about a hundred degrees outside
right now there’s still droplets it started drop
and concrete again in this boat they probably walk down broken in went
to the George so what they said is we’re not going to
fix corporate look out all because there’s lightning strikes and it’s
unsafe okay simply from a safety standpoint it
takes it theoretically open it later whoa you can see these big falls away I
once did you guys see that serious light so they just have some sheep hear it and
it’s close that was like three seconds yeah so it’s within like you know what
happened I mean this has probably just walked back to the event which is
exactly I despite the sunshine despite the sunshine actually we were standing
here watching seriously big lightning strikes I got the streams going to pick
it up but I mean this is that’s why they won’t let us up there yet Oh and talk about working hard workers and
they are still added despite working in the rain I’m sure they have appreciate
the community as possible you might be able to go back
up there oh I mean this is a seriously bad storm where it’ll be safe it is not
hi John really love Oh

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