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The 2019 Net Generation Influencers

August 22, 2019

Hi, my name is Kalli. I’m thirteen years old and I’m from Compton, California. My name is Jayden and I’m eight years old from Dallas, Texas. Rex and I’m seven years old. I’m from New York. Andre Alcantara, eleven years old, North Las Vegas, Nevada. Mi nombre José Barboza, tengo ocho años y soy de Miami, Florida. Angela Huang, Wexford, Pennsylvania. Rose, I’m eleven years old, and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. Safina, and I’m nine years old. Adriella, and I’m nine years old. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Canaan Sellers, Terre Haute, Indiana, and I’m sixteen years old. Maya, I’m fifteen years old, St. Louis, Missouri. Ross, I’m nine years old, and I live in Mississippi. Kialani Mills, twelve years old, Phoenix, Arizona. Mi nombre Amaury, yo soy de Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. Georgia Grace Brown, Northridge, California. Amaliia, ten years old, Chicago, Illinois. Natalie, I’m eight years old, from Connecticut. My name’s Milan and I’m the next generation of greats. My name is Zizou and I’m the next generation of greats. My name is Mia. I am the future of tennis. The future of tennis. Somos el futura del tenis. And I want you to join me at

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