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The 7Smoke Tennis Project 2018 Red Edition: Voice Actors Wanted!

February 6, 2020

7Smoke Tennis 2018: Red Edition is a modding
project for Serious Sam, a first-person shooter game. This mod is a playable set of ten levels,
where a different person designs and creates each individual level from the ground up. So the project is essentially a huge collaboration! The idea for this Tennis Project originates
from YouTube Tennis videos, where two or more creators come up with a video series, and
the creator of each video alternates continuously. When we first announced we would be working
on this project, twenty modders volunteered to contribute. But because a campaign of 20 levels would
drag on for far too long, we divided the modders into “teams” – a Red team and a Blue team. As you can guess, the Red team worked on the
Red Edition and the Blue team worked on the Blue edition. Last December, we completed and released the
7Smoke Tennis 2018: Blue Edition, which was received with much positivity within the Serious
Sam community! At the time, we posted an announcement on
Casting Call Club, looking for voice actors there who could give life to the characters
within the campaign. Now that the Red Edition is almost entering
its Alpha stage, we’ll be looking for vocal talent once again! While there aren’t as many characters as
with the Blue Edition, the Red Edition will be quite story-driven, so we’re looking
for the best this site can bring us. The story of Tennis Red is a mixture of sci-fi
and fantasy. The main character is Hudson, a one-shot bounty
hunter, venturing into uninhabited corners of the galaxy looking for rare treasures and
mythical creatures. But Hudson isn’t the only one hunting for
valuables – as you would expect – and he’ll soon find himself unintentionally caught up
in a grand tussle between three factions. Since we’re looking for high quality, we
will be paying for all the roles in this project. Simultaneously, we will do our best to provide
feedback on each individual audition and hopefully reach the perfect voices for our characters! Either way, thanks for showing interest in
the project. We’re looking forward to everyone’s auditions!


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