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The Blazers once scored with six players on the floor and the NBA had to allow it | Weird Rules

August 18, 2019

– [Ryan] Something that I
was thinking about recently is it’s a lot tougher to
sneak around certain rules in the NBA than it is in the NFL. – [Seth] Why, just ’cause
there’s so few people? – [Ryan] There’s fewer people, you’re a lot closer to everyone
including the officials. For instance, too many men
on the field in football. You’ve got 22 guys on the field, it’s a little easier, it’s a big field, a little bit easier to kind of sneak on and try and get away with something. With basketball it’s kind of right there. – Yeah, the player to
referee ratio is 10:3 which is pretty favorable for the refs. It’s like having a
teacher with a huge class. If you’re in a little class
you can’t get up quite as much. – So in football if you do
have too many men on the field, there’s a clear penalty and
protocol for what happens if you get a play off illegally, right? – [Seth] Right. – [Ryan] In basketball, you
can’t have six men on the court. You can only have five and if you do end up playing with six
men, you get a technical. But for a long time the rule book didn’t have a provision for what to do if you happen to score with six men. And that actually came up in a game and the referees just had
to let the score stand. And it happened recently. They didn’t change the rule until 2009. – 2009? – Yeah. – ‘Cause, okay usually if
there’s six men on the court, which happens because you do a lot of substitution in basketball, they’ll just kind of give you
a warn, not even a warning, they’ll just be like hey,
you got too many people, someone get off the court. No one actually gets penalized. The refs just help you sort things out. Usually with the help of your opponent pointing out, hey they have
too many people out here and no one wants that. – Yeah, it’s more of a clerical thing. Hey what are you doing? Where are you gonna play? – Yeah, which is nice. The refs don’t have to do
anything to get you in trouble, they just sort that out for
you before the play starts. But I guess you’re talking
about they missed that? – Right, so the way that
the rules were structured for a long time if the
refs just didn’t notice you had six men and you happened to score, you got to keep that score. ‘Cause there was no provision to undo it. And they certainly were
not going to on the spot be like well I guess it doesn’t count! – [Seth] Oh so there was some
incentive to hide players. Because maybe at some point
it did happen intentionally and we still don’t know. – It’s possible. – [Seth] You know, maybe
some team in the 70’s was quietly having a sixth guy hop out from under a trap door in the floor and they were just so good,
the job went perfectly and the authorities never noticed and to this day they’ve
gotten away with it. There’s like some game
that the Sixers won in 1974 and were like, we were
playing with nine dudes the whole time but we
just kept them moving. – [Ryan] Yeah, ,it’s sort
of like a point heist. Like if you’ve got ’em in a
point of people moving around and they don’t notice, you
get away with the points. – Yeah, just kind of bum
rush the court with people and they can never really count you. – Yeah, if you just load
up with seven or eight guys and quick jam it, you got
those points for free baby! – Hell yeah! – And the other team gets a tech, sure but you got two or three points you’re just walking away with. So like I said, this didn’t
come up for a long time. It wasn’t an issue until 2008. It happened in a game when the Celtics were in Portland playing the Trail Blazers. And the Trail Blazers
were inbounding the ball after a time out with 10
seconds left in the first half. – [Seth] Okay. – [Ryan] And for a full seven seconds after they inbound the ball,
the referees do not notice that there are six
Trail Blazers on the court instead of five. You know who does notice is Kevin Garnett and the rest of the
Celtics who are spending that whole possession trying to defend but also trying to get
the referees attention and say hey there are six
guys here, what is going on? But before anyone could actually do that, Travis Outlaw scores a layup and the referees are getting
screamed at by Kevin Garnett and they have to just
be like we didn’t see it and the score has to stand. – (chuckling) I love that of all people to be on the losing end of this, it’s Garnett and the
Celtics ’cause it’s this super fine-tuned, aggressive defense. You have the most volcanic
possible player in Kevin Garnett dealing with this impropriety. (chuckling) The Blazers too. Someone’s like wow, I’m
much more open than usual. I know we called a play but
it’s not this good of a set that I’m just completely alone. You said this is out of a time out? – Right. – And so Bayless, I guess
is the sixth person. I guess what Nate McMillan must have done, he drew up a play for five people and it’s a nice little set you can tell, and he just forgot that
someone has to both inbound the ball and then
participate in a play? – Right. – It could be that or it
could be that Jerryd Bayless who I think was a rookie this year, just kind of like wandered
out there not really sure and he was, you know he didn’t really have the authority to ask anyone without feeling like it was awkward. So he decided, I might as well just play. – [Ryan] His body language is like, I’m pretty sure I f’ed up,
(Seth laughing) but I don’t know how or why. – [Seth] It’s funny that
you can’t see his face, but he still has kind
of like a sheepish back. – [Ryan] He doesn’t move. (laughing) His sheepish back. – You can tell he’s done something wrong. And Nate McMillan too! His face is the face of a man who’s like, “Aw man I just messed up on television. I need to act like that
was somehow not my fault.” – So we’ve seen on this show before there are a lot of scenarios where in the off season a
league will tweak a rule to keep something like
this from happening again. And then there are some scenarios where they will immediately be like, we have to change this now
before the end of the season. This is for sure one of those. This happened on December
30, 2008 by March of ’09 there was a new rule on the books that ironed out all of this shit so that it doesn’t happen again. I think it’s Rule 12A Section 3 in technical fouls and stiff like that? Basically what happens is
when the referees notice that there’s an extra man on the floor, the opposing team can
either accept the penalty and erase it or just not acknowledge it and the game kind of continues. – So if things went, but you
know if the sixth man worked, and that advantage was actually exploited then you can basically retcon, you can undo that timeline
and rewrite history where things were fair. – Yeah – That makes sense. – It’s one of the few times in an NBA game you can actually reverse
the clock a little bit and go back in time.
– Yeah, start over. I guess that’s really the
only way to deal with that. One other way would be like, all right you guys can have six guys for the next 30 seconds or whatever. – [Ryan] I think that’s an amazing idea. I think what that would lead to is just constantly stacking extra guys until you end up with a
football basketball game. – [Seth] Yeah, 12 on 12 NBA basketball. – [Ryan] Sure. – [Seth] Just like a
floor teeming with people. Throbbing massive human flesh. That’s what basketball
has always needed to be. – Sure, there’s not nearly
enough guys on the floor. I think set it up like football. (laughing) Have a line of scrimmage, have 11 guys facing 11 guys, and each play is like a
segmented piece of time. The clock stops and you get to reset. I think it would be great! – You hike the basketball,
the Celtics would love that! Rondo and Garnett used to do that at the beginning of every game, perfect. – It would be perfect. – But still only three
refs so that they are completely underwater and
have absolutely no authority over the game because there
are 24 players all around. – Right and way more room for sneakiness. Which would be perfect. – Which is what we’re going for. – Exactly.


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