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The Daily Moth 2-21-2020

February 27, 2020

Hello, welcome to
The Daily Moth! It is Friday, February 21. I have a few top news briefs. The first… There is a touching story
from Brisbane, Australia of a 9-year-old boy named Quaden
who has a form of dwarfism. Quaden’s mother said
when she picked him up from school on Tuesday, she saw him being bullied
when a student patted him on the head and said
something about his height. The video shows Quaden sitting
in a car in an apparent state of distress and crying. He said, “give me a knife,
I want to kill myself.” The mother said in the video
“this is what bullying does… can you please educate
your children, your families, your friends?” The video went viral and
has over 21 million views and caused an outpouring
of support for Quaden. A comedian,
Brad Williams, who has the same type
of dwarfism as Quaden, decided to start a GoFundMe
to send him to Disneyland because he “is a wonderful
human being who deserves joy.” He hoped to raise $10,000, but people eclipsed
that amount – as of today, the amount
is over $300,000. Actor Hugh Jackman,
who is Australian, tweeted a video message
to Quaden telling him that he is stronger than he knows and
that he has a friend in him. Quaden told Australian news
outlet SBS that parents should teach their children to be nice
to people with disabilities. The next news: President Trump,
in a speech in Colorado Springs last night, said this year’s
Academy Awards (Oscars) were very bad because the winner
is a movie from South Korea. Trump was referring
to the film “Parasite,” which won the Best Picture Oscar
along with three other Oscars. It was the first foreign film
to win the award and has English subtitles. Trump said we have enough
problems with South Korea, with trade, and that they
shouldn’t have been awarded. The movie studio who created
“Parasite,” Neon, tweeted that it is understandable that
Trump would feel that way because “he can’t read.” If you’re curious
about the film, it’s available in theaters
or for purchase online. I watched the movie
last week in a theater and it was an enjoyable experience
to sit back in my seat and eat popcorn without worrying
about captioning devices. Now that we are still
on the topic of captions, I wanted to show you a video
I made of six bizarre captions from the Nevada
Democratic debate. Definitely strange. I can’t imagine it’s an easy job
to keep up with the debate. I appreciate those who work
hard behind the scenes, as most of the captions
were clear. Still, we see that
it’s not perfect and we do miss out some
important information. There are some who say
ASL interpreters would be superior to captions. It seems like a combination
of both captions and ASL interpreters would
give us the most access? We did that here with the State
of the Union at DPAN.TV. Let me know if
you have any thoughts. Here are several updates
with coronavirus. The first – I was sent
a video of what seems to be a deaf patient being treated
by doctors and interpreters at a hospital in China. A Facebook user
named Peggy Prosser, who lives in Japan, said
the video is of a Deaf woman infected with COVID-19
in Wuhan and that a professional Chinese
Sign Language interpreter was dispatched. See this clip. So, we see that there are deaf
people impacted by coronavirus. It’s nice to see that
there is interpreter access. We don’t know
the details of her case. There is a growing number of
cases in Iran and new clusters of the virus in Chinese prisons. About 512 prisoners
and guards may be sick. There is a growing number
of cases in Beijing. There are over 200 cases
in South Korea – many of the infected were
a part of a church. It is possible that there will
be an outbreak in South Korea. There are 34 cases in the U.S. Italy has reported
14 new cases in 24 hours. Two people,
both elderly persons, died on the Diamond Princess
cruise ship in Yokohama, Japan. There are many still
infected on the ship. There were protests in Ukraine
by people who did not want to allow over 60 people who were
evacuated from China to come to a region in eastern Ukraine. Protesters threw rocks at
buses carrying the people. Riot police had to be called
to control the crows and clear the roads. I want to show you a Deaf Bing. Hi. When deaf people
wash hands, they tend to sign
with wet splatters. Oops! Excuse me. Thanks for sending the video! That is all for today. Have a great weekend
and stay with the light! Captioned by


  • Reply Patrick McKeever February 22, 2020 at 11:28 pm

    you looked very tired or sad ttoday while making news and maybe you were up late or was upset with bullies so me too i am upset with them.. Look at yourself and other videos you will get it what i meant

  • Reply Sandra Mapson February 22, 2020 at 11:30 pm

    I think PIP with closed captioned will work out better, instead of missing out.

  • Reply Nathan Terrell February 22, 2020 at 11:33 pm

    I wish I had a good idea for a comment but the best I could think of was, "hi"

  • Reply Eagle Claw February 23, 2020 at 5:47 am

    Being hard of hearing is difficult to understand lots asl, I don’t socialize deaf community much, I’d say close caption better for me but agree the Democratic debate was difficult to follow. Thus, that debate is worse than I ever seen as accusing each other. Lots of negative insults. Makes job for captionist to follow up as I agree with Alex. Oh well!!

  • Reply Hung T. February 23, 2020 at 4:18 pm

    did u know? quaden bayles bullying video is completely FALSE!!! also, bayles' mom has said it's totally a FAKE!!! bayles is NOT 9 yrs old!!! Quaden Bayles is a FRAUD!!! it reminds me of Ukrainian dwarf (natalia grace) who was a scammer

  • Reply Richard Kouroupis February 23, 2020 at 11:55 pm

    He are scammer… Moth Daily are half fake news.

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