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THE DREAM TEAM | Amanda Cerny & German Garmendia

October 11, 2019

[Music] [Music] hey guys welcome to tea time with journey this is where I play tennis and have a Q&A session with some my close friends so I get to learn how to play tennis better because I’m not very good and catch up with my friends all at the same time so it’s great and today I have a very special guest and it is her mom [Music] and actually Herman brought his own racket to the dance I’m that Pro my own racket that’s a little scary I want you while we’re playing – if I’m like doing something wrong with my position or something I mean it’s not like I know how to play I have no idea how I play where I was he brought his own racket I could have won why would I not have won cuz you know all right well we’ll see on the court I guess we’ll see we’ll see we’ll see first one to win three out of the five rounds wins the whole game okay that’s a lot of pressure for me yeah so here we go good luck good luck heads or tails tails tail yeah tails it is ah you go here we go go first question is how did we first meet ah first we met online right yeah I think I messaged you no point for me yeah let’s do something I was like yeah and with it so mean stuff here’s the videos I slid into the DMS yep all right ask me a question okay okay ah what’s your favorite thing about LA productive come on yep Oh thirty yeah awesome good for work like I can always say busy oh I have to search I’m already tired where’s your favorite place in the world ah do like war vacation or something a vacation to vacation ah ah 15:30 yeah didn’t up sink and play at the same time I got a sink I’m cool Cancun yeah I love it I like Cancun better than Cabo when you wake up in the morning what’s the first a be open and your phone Instagram what about you twitter twitter i don’t love twitter but i open it uh-oh come on out we messed up with such ridiculous mess ups Oh 15:40 another one’s account the more I know about tennis the more I care I guess that goes with everything yep um when you don’t know you have that thing where like I don’t know how to play but you if you play you have no excuse yeah this is true did you know of me on social media before I reached out ah yeah oh yeah Lauren Kidman I wasn’t part of the whole binding because I was that but uh you can’t know the people that are getting from there you know cuz it was so big yeah what did you think of minors at first honestly I thought it was really hard to do videos like cuz I’m so used to making videos like five minutes or ten minutes so I thought it was really hard to put like a joke or something it’s just six seconds oh really so you respected oh yeah I thought it was really love story in just six seconds usually the youtubers hated the idea of Viners I don’t know I don’t care I think it was really cool it’s you get to push your creativity to six seconds you know it’s like everything there and it gotta be good and new concepts every day yeah I look back at them now and I’m like oh god I mean no one can look back and be proud of their own videos um how did you meet Lynnae we met ah women Oh in control I mean II love we were on vacation that’s why you like Cancun yeah I think good experience there we met there we never stopped like meeting each other so she went to Chile with me and I will never stop since there are no keep talking and serve oh okay sorry oh god this is Tennyson questions that’s romantic I know so did you teach her Spanish she knew Spanish already she was she she’s teachers Spanish teacher yeah 40 Oh who’s winning you need one more no I did a double no I got another another chance if I miss now go boys get him on how many girls did you date before you dated Lynnae like date date or life girlfriend girlfriend ah just the one really yeah I mean when I was a kid that was 17 and I date this girl but you know when you’re when you’re a kid you don’t know what what really dating is that’s true so officially love 15 I don’t want it like that like a comedic kind of guy to one girl and then to the next girl that’s sweet yeah do you guys do anniversaries in Cancun ah wait we do what anniversary no not really we actually don’t have an official anniversary yeah we cannot for God today guess we’re dating and living together so fast now we never actually remember I mean yeah 1500 do you miss Chile ah I should but I don’t not yet really yeah cuz it’s so similar in so many ways okay this is our cliche question you know but if you wouldn’t be doing this why would you be doing if I wasn’t doing this I would be out out if I wasn’t doing this I’d be in the CIA good answer oh wait so no I got to go again Thank You ruff okay I Drive through the back um how did you start youtubing why like how’d that happen uh what happened there what sounds right yeah out go 30 all I was in my house I was deciding between studying something I really didn’t want to study and or just do something that I wanted to do 100 another time yeah and you two up here there cuz it was super new so I decided to go hunter person even though YouTube wasn’t like pain or anything you couldn’t call it a job what I decided to give it a shot and I’m really grateful for that okay it ah 4030 what about you how do you start in the industry I wanted to do acting and I didn’t have a reel and every manager I met with told me I needed a real so I was like what comes first like the job or the reel so I started making YouTube videos okay oh wait so you did YouTube videos for a real or because you went to do two videos the first youtuber I started working with was uh Jimmy Tatro he’s really funny and he’s like a traditional actor too okay yeah so I start doing videos with him so I can build like my acting reel and then I started trying to do my own by didn’t know much about editing or filming yep advantage hidden money yeah oh one more point you win okay so who’s serving yeah Amanda I’m quick question what would your fans really want to know about you right now if you could answer one question about me yeah what do they always ask I feel like a lot of people always ask me if I’m gonna live YouTube because you know they get super scared but I always tell them that I don’t say it a lot that I say like if YouTube disappears something else will be there and you can be created there so it’s not so Instagram Twitter like whatever people think as think a singer I think that we’re youtubers and without youtubers we die that bring it in I’m like dirty and beat up good game her mom oh I’m sweating already we’ll have to celebrate and go play three I know I’m sweating I’m gross but I have a prize for you a prize yes yes so while you wait another question is what’s your ultimate goal like career goal where do you want to be I actually will love acting but I’m really focusing on music so if I can do music I would be like the happiest guy ever I used to do like kind of like a rock kind of situation man then I’m gonna go solo now and I’m gonna see how it goes how am i singing come here can get that is awesome I add you to my Spotify so here’s your prize because yeah your name is Herman and when I first met you I thought it was German and German yeah and I was like oh you and your Hannes we’ll get along so well we can totally speak in German oh yeah that’s good so here you go there you go the champion champion wait where’s the crown no problem thank you guys so much for watching make sure you like subscribe turn on the notifications and comment below who you want me to see plate wait who you want me to who you want to see me play next one two time was turning [Music]


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