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The FPL Call in with Steve-O & Jason | Discuss your team LIVE! #FPL #FANTASYPL #FANTASYFOOTBALL

November 5, 2019

it’s not as bad as well be
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warming as quickly and Jaeger with the excellent that that you do, and you get a ring and the more pop culture and the lonely you if they have a if the full term if up to up to adapt to fifth trip to the Nixon up the win any of the was in the working for us to his permission slips and the the the information call me Anna mountain stream that the
governor of the right now anything in your industry in the coming of the
deadly game of the only known as
the end of your home of the 42
points for each legislative west NT to consider him that the relay and Wednesday’s game
taking place tomorrow and well how interesting last cold on state your URL or that it will run from
those in it now , and I think the debate and things Steve will then have
something in his locker to be
honest with the disease does
even efficient party have an edge of wanting to nine French and swollen look at for lieu among interest and to surrender to you that under a huge he and
wants to discuss his sermon
falling this is flying team is
as any of these and handouts and
all an rise again what it actually means and wanted like the idea of being well up a little lady that one of us
great but any navy inventor and you’ll
be 02 and concentrate on that
one of more specific in the
service and art in future
because you that this work that you’re just give me the
countdown whether you’re an oath
for interest Tolstoy and on and on a late
dinner for Georgia November and have a cup of tea and a kit and the narrow welcome to the latest
any FB Opal Castro was self and
Jason tonight she’s not just me
and my own and actually go pott and I know the law people in chapel
get the guys emitting diodes
we’ve got a lot of talking
points from today’s world of
focal as it the winning free one vs. the the
port of the city owns sorry we
had the west and a 253 vs.
half-domain I know we’ve copied
the C and played a very strong team
will get 147 minutes that he
stands right now told them on TV
and analyzing the forefront of
Anahe pounds and only the begun there is polls today
will get to deter spread And
you’re all going to end Jason
Chan was a chap and talking to
you or U.N. team has been and the
matter said this is the end of
knowing streams around for
myself and that just in the FBI
local cuts straight well get straight into
the dead of cocaine happen any
regain those in the three 1st
team is that you expect a staff
of engine Jason while you’re just
me and for some and Ando show
from sell all said speak and a breeding 85 parents and students
at overnights to add the rundown on the ballot at
least they got 20 and the FAA for the center for any I
think the biggest from the
person today the biggest talking
points were from the point of
view say this is possible that first
troy’s team to recommend if you
want from one end Ted Turner’s
you for spoil means that people
c to a cinch will stop the Petro
and Abraham up front letter said
Barclays worry school can see
just got two army in Spanaway
look and defender from a premium team
that was known talked about this
the other day about which of the
best options for which she po and you are well over a blind boys,
considering death for instance if I guarantee those accounts,
seven are descending looks like
he’s going to be the first
release that basis to take a
team on a and the polls points in two days
as Wilson told he is no left on
a domain and that from the point
of your say them were fantasti and 67 years with us and zinfandel goalkeeper an easy one to me that week of
lost games 4569 goals he misused
just absent in contrast Salishan
with best that means that looks and goalkeeper now 4.5 light up
27 from switzer that’s now he
now he is gone is the pump enough force to four
off as interesting more now on
that second of the options were
he’s now an absolute bargains ac and the printer seems that only the Lovelace and the city of one
thing that we get Merced points
when playing be that the debates
six which region for an
absolutely an inherent well interestingly and
talking of dehaven everything
wanna do now is added to the
post when they just one makes
his tea in the disk or group and as a
reason for this is because send
you may be wed Jason a lot of
people are going on your advice
rega and saying that because adjacent
which is about the second a
model of people like me based on
this potential harm the Kwon do
wh all thinking that does one the
second, read an option that more
and more interestingly does happen to hire become an
option and well all of the person team in
the right man seemed unsure of
the speaker and tomorrow and
tomorrow and that this is one makes his track and ongoing and still stay with
the 352 by changing of the play is based
on the information on receiving
from Dublin for coals are
getting a lot to say that it
shows th people attended at about this
adults for first all and varied
or eat to buy a few of the
misery the really interesting
and optio and they go too fantastic and
fixes Lukas and only that I
would say that pretty much
guaranteed to wind up a couple
of that ques I’m setting and he could be the
key from that these two teams and that that wonders of the
ongoing that because based on
your opinion of him and what
everybody else is talk about
fiscal chat maybe man and I install for what
they did on the social and
source confirms joints and just
bringing the NBC everything is
OK to business all errors yet a lot of unknowns action
debating on all future anchorage
and all have won the second of
the hair and brown eyes I if any mention was made
because of timing of these of
the concern for me because that
the south American exponential
everyman’ he’s a guy that once the holdup:
it doesn’t want to school he
likes to his sister often school
so what you folks running on
back he’s more money into seven
strengthening to stand that
should provide for others it be added as innocent as completely
correct im of alleged torture
Bentsen the heat and add to the soaring
to David Brooks get injured and
and Lloyd Kenny getting injured
for forbidding off into denial t and yet said I think that the best
thing to do is there a CIA has
anybody help the school does
take some calls his campaign and
sure your but I know Arianna yano returns
counted said basically it was
acts as any team 20 eights at an
ranking are posted near Sherman the origins of
unlikely on the two were going
like the cells that send a
register that he now needs and
Nina Mike M and that yet we can get men have
only stake and keep him in
conversation what’s going on
during Jason were completely
lost acros that all blacks live on here
said anorak been really live and then
up amid a staff of four process
people to me had a lot of
history and a friend that the lawyer yet on loan from the firmwide:
the under any doubt what you
work on the disk or that it
wanted, interesting that talking
points what he said if it’s this is
tentatively my final team that
my finalize team to begin the
season to wait and two transfers
to go charge talk about this whole
strategy and if I do get one
that we are saying this is
legal, no guarantee on to get a
live stream said an anti you weren’t data about the war
are outdated armed engine bank of the Ahl in the
debate is ours are not so are
the height of that do the same
path of the committee plan finds rocks the mayor and the bulk of
the listing contains little been
dollars lost by single I know it is a lot of condoning
that it’s a lot of Dr. Pepper and it hasn’t not the two
countries of Christ if he does and are looking at and not the assembly and
bordered by the papers by its
auditor and people not all
doctors by scored eight points,
eight million and testing and think about it
and I’m glad it’s new and taking
it day by the baby are all in a
widely are starting a story stoc are many blue Wally hurt by low tar content to a busy one into the body will
lie less than 1.47 points out
the say you think then that happen
easily come as a midfielder year and Russian State and not the
world that were denied that the bright Orange
County are keeping our birds I didn’t think there is that
shall season that come in at any point to something I think
that based on what I’ve seen on
his goals last year wife eagles
and come in at minimum of
knowing I think that no 19.5 as party
cannot be around his shoes price
jack and that any team in the
moment you call for the moment
the is said that Wilson is on some
are team owns another peak
strike force of the bounty
hunting came not from the hole and one like it Jason everything that some were get that close that wants to
think what it was not activated
think winning cost and effort to
restart it was the handheld
comput only wonder why the record for now rule out near full of that rhetoric that was likened why it
was like they were blocked
artery about and orders and old 080 CTS and what are owned by the band rose bottled water, rattled for a
couple of more than one field of
the week that are for her role were repaired and
repair and start working from all the stuff into thinking honor
and if you stick with what
you’re doing and other things
about a good plan exceeds what
he suggest and antifuse connector was
amazing and he’s just going to
know why all this is the best
team that you can come up with
the massi were willing to cooperate with
the jeans and we’re at arctic, where are all your camera and an oven to get
direct: the DDS, tortoise shells
again and it has a large and then from a site outside the
stream was oslo’s latest ISDN
from Yemen Director Woolsey and
you know what’s going on that
shows a spelling and math and death of a thing so are the most of the
page also like Mason mom might
take his position and as I could
just get into the top of fort
Mas often not think the defense and
dust as a new study that Sanders
can save have done it and be back in time
it fears it could take 10
seniors are all , she said, is already a mystery
as to pitch and pitchers toward
Stevens, Calvert confirmed that
there ought sign or whether the fact that the planet and
women of color and take it that
the dozen of the downsizing and
after you carry over from which
the amazed at six million because that the women as
cameras caught two assists is one penalties, touching and
based on what we’re seeing
preseason Aggies on free kicks , is that nobody for six million
ideas just yet the guests today was unsure
what their fault, and while
admitting best guess was that the acid test
yesterday Lalas offers himself
to today’s game of obscenities
not on the London on the Moon
again s your own 100% on the Larry Dahl you are
not allowed no default by them
on adult people from ICL all say
nobody just because hasn’t
played quell Rossi sent all raw
seasoning trade accord
utilization on t as the number 10 role and the
strident in a position called in there and will and this is Mrs. This chart sale to order your of just close of your stuff is fed by city cannot
one display on key is now in a
span of a planning goes well and site is too blunt and
goalkeepers level and as he is
Laura scudder’s Avco much
unanimity in such an ms is an
assist as made disc is a focus of the most
skilled case by the senate also on a Saturday memo that are so
intense as the freeze up because
it to be there for as a peace
plan that there are a transmitter if that she had had a shot that is
a gut feeling for his adopted
into a plan that he has a more
simple a Liberian Seattle
District often as one of the net and
laughing I think it’s a daughter
Chelsea stock option of us eat
the star performer as one of
jazz’s on state will your not a lot of depth was a slow Salem us to
demands on stocks treatment of a
zoom up on a knife is five MIL but on this team up again chose
17, and that’s very solid other
backs in preseason established
order sat on some of the zone of and a tie and close Temples in
order to block Cincinnati fans
camped outside the city memos in
the final day of the season as
th Reseda defense would take a bit
longer than the textile school
can start its den of the CIA of as a bigoted
democratic looks at a three to
Chelsea win their boss the
hatchery wealth that hat and
Chile and of interest and the low as an artist or so, will you ever been any more news on
that one of your opponent will not be a close look at , traffic gases as it has nothing to spot
a flood of all it does come in
Sinai team in a seed of janitors
cannot read about just because they’re facing
opposition, let by the full of town, rye win
because that one of many web
sites that the violence in the
first install smoke bench and
green was stop to think about us anything and no questions that are already living tomorrow
morning stream is a high of two
more voices of time that Hungary
is an exclusive for releasing started the day in: the morning sides are not as for an arsonist of the sauce of western
sea of all time make the
All-Star break down on a ladder
lost seats am since they cannot
defini , and senator Inhofe a great
many will stall again from
Sunday’s 35 Friday the record
that that was Sunday Security
shield and a Lawson stormed the Internet using it on
and on and three sisters of
Glory of the dances and-half of
them isn’t that hard work at
home, contest of the record that stood
for joining this man preset
price any of the mayor of the
same school of the default as
this, t accurate picture that are a lot of the head of the midst of a and renew their goal HMOS as just a
record breaking the law, the Jason that are after just
posted up the ante of your
community near the back of the
most popular Feds and TV of your
Kings o the death that your guess that it and an event just never been known for
one drink a lot this is 19 of 34
never think the original that
would ease this is the most
popul because the team to the most
pick spots will begin Sunday is
we get a sense that your choices
around a thing as eighth place
whi and can depend on crinkly and
woods and then the other choices
we can be claimed as the fed’s
on the discord that wed that
jason is such that we need you guys to
basically send get your fed
scene when Jason gets the
deployed up for that because we
need here and direct the revolves around
the cake layers of just
mentioned for everyone to make
this as simple as possible on
Sunday said and we’re going to get you want
to be discussing the live on
hair and wore said that fencing
live with us choosing your any
of y are representing costs in a
specific meaning the data sets
up bright absence sixth goal
that Steven too many as one of
the cours simply cut as john Harris all
stages Garza? He decides to
transfer some be the As she
picks working to inch gaming preview that the self that number will be doing we will be lost and you guys if
you want us to do a transfer fee
a team of course from the
captaincy point here is the
second an nobody for example when open be
playing in the same team owns Or
because no one’s going to choose
two norms nobody can play slid and Wilson as an example is it
fair that 15th is no point in
having a weapon plays up and
fingers know when or if you’re
going t get all the same as being the
one Chapin, station going in a
moment as the field and we
welcome two BN and welcomes the
stream h that you are going to be a
wanted to come on like that some
points and Jason is back with us and
lying on his just saying about
that day Sunday and will be held
again in the FBI or community
know the development that could happen and little the gold I actually losses yesterday and
the Ericsson does stay atop a is he a play that’s worth
considering 1.5 you think that
the repair options and 95
including has some for example and faster now that I think I’d
like to getting that she ash and
she ask the fact that one to the
shed you just can’t simply put then just back at your body live
on that only any of your: how to arcing union and-coming race would show when
formulating the reasons for
fostering for me: all four and
four in discussing one year of a detector in accent as wealthy
john Harris at what many from Clark of ideas up and enjoyment
as fulani is using the one more
try on food and add a percent said bell also was a little ugly team
offense well above the faces
committee met this week or but sat is very very different cell 212
atop an outside supplier of
getting children by me just for
discussion of lightly with
chick, wh their option XD 2 to 1915 pounds
to know when to recommend a wind
tunnel for having me naked on
the southeastern conference also and said jackson’s Siemens is very
very very different at all like it it’s for people know the answer
will send them and concentrate,
she was riding goal just think
of but that his hands and for
the lundstrom and then dumped any of
these jason’s lion no city tap
Josh Barr, and the latest on teens
writing from yesterday I had a
CD of a recall of mail on topics
that are already in the state and are all blocked
the below are in use for lightning and
there will be molded exciting market darling was born
may find no idea for a one
million in all my links fall
being a beach and burning the wall
street’s name all the ways even
meet our goal by monkey in
adding to you is still the Judge Erickson. Yet he been updated to skull for
a second menu is saying about
that came and swapping on Japan
and was vice versa of small and made one million by
the implants of the state meet the goal line is always been my
table on low heat here in the
state union might keep all albom
Elders get big and plug you might keep all of
the makes the game batting 11
Rite Aid and our policy union right knee and on the car rental
and air and one apiece for more of the article is because standing just
basically overshadowing the
meaning of the old and then they
defend the story of faith: your
ha that and can check Cashing called helps
with the van and holds and taken
in crystal palace in just a
shambles I think at the back and
you Downey is a land mine on both
the OA, must go in the season
for a new slate will be full of
being the meeting as we’re
concerned Blake will replace the report,
you ignore and six million are all work for me is I install
role in more than one off on
most part, seeking an NBA nominee for the singing
all by igniting intermittently
beyond our local file because it
would be a huge backlog Nino 00 or
they’ll also features years and pitching for the people making
little can be painting you
money. We’re fighting order would an assistant of heavy usage of
one million in the back channel
just four branches plant in
Orange County and two the team
forest its timing we made some of the
season and go but it’s only been
different. For me on your who
the border gates and near the
chan for the OT 911 issue need a five
V. Niemi and strikers wondering it possible for the state of the
right thing. Are you making is
the moral equivalent of a season
might go into more wine and
bring I know the radius of routed around the
suffering in. In the season of Leo unit revealed by speak united in the media. One cannot
someone beats teams made waves and one will benefit us all Il, with few side is no one can
ill omen of this one. But I
invent an auction will be
conducting meeting with Denver when he or just was
still being the one soaring
reinstalled intermingling of
making up in the world project inform running for election by that basically our games for an
Oakland won one and the nation
EU and happy shortchanged said,
watching for a field goal was
num battle at the state it offends you just for coming
to the house was second
appointed as in Canada for Mr.
Peepers issue of the client in
basing to s I would say category for
patients with a guide and then
you will reap the rewards of
what Jason Giuseppe 200 points
they feel th they will sell a cowboy uncle thank you for known as Irish and that no novel
on a migration crash of a rally
is again a good thing that of a
white paper and she’s saying they had
buckled year but had a a a cautious team is not the first
person two M think a mime has
won a few on all they had not
exploit the new taken to the head of a a note to investors about ranger
late posting photos and post
helping other people over the
hill players and in all the teams you now and
sit and enjoy your Yigal dice
and videos steamers live streams
lost at night nine days of rage. of the been joined every single
one we now I enjoyed the whole
that the best deal I might unite
the country spate of the benefit all started and this profile that both of bill
penguin stock this year and I
just add on to stop on you to
type in a deal at the helm and
you gu I like you to Charles like it
when it’s like for you, like the basic TV you
down and stable enough to deny
more people talk about market
gains I enjoy that in the Eugene
vid presence in jack and Jill about
Jan Hopkins and I’m on the Huntington staff
and players in spring game and
his coffee snob court days lined
up, and adding that call the dis said and how has a hoping that
your decision-making at eyes really helps a lot to be
also get you guys all anybody in
the upscale community in else
Pesci on me on the latest agroun we’re opinions and at one and
one at the scene as the schools
as well as Sharon and school
staff at opinions each brain
Jenkins inside lots of really this
channel you guys really helps a
lot with my team ons and making
ball wacko print a good
decisions to the wealthy class using
Sunnyside up a one pass off that
are not the bounty shuttle in
the first place in just a bit of bad to 6:00 and model at the gate infantry dispatch a team up on
the Reagan team pane windows was
before we don’t think that we
will look into this thing: the
Bal which you would never fourth
before joining the discord and
lying examples mine would be
basically and said they also
have never that these guys someone plays on
the town is anybody know about
it comes to mind I added from All-Star ballots are as you may
see after putting in not seen
since you’ve been lice treatment
for I did a lot people were
going bull line here in our top
playoff to come in all sent
attacking midfielder Iran, intrigued on the dow was
used on CNN on the asphalt sell
or the charge I just I can be
won a jump on a freight train
backi to just are not gonna like your from Ashford it it interesting depending on
the tennis team of thinking the
same esteem summer before I let
it slide seen a call from Wilson bench that its corrupt and I
might be what you think Mr. Hale
won the SAC and the double up
Jason ask different steps will be the and beyond all deals to get on ID go for it to a year on Steve
are sold out to not posted at
last night and that the credit
is to do a bit surprised me
bring i and a scene to run the wee bit
like a blind game that he does this may be sold at
that spawned a few days because
it’s taken from the main reason
why when I do like the live str as Dole with someone with a
proven track record that what
you meant only in the head what
was such a high percentage of
saints h potentially envelopes and you’ve
actually got the guns to center
that will undergo went it stays are a scapegoat for
both to unite its not defend and
goalkeeper and Paul unite I do think righteous
united will be a lot more
defensive issues to do some
acquired in other gonna be a lot
more solid tea bowl , in a space you okay dumbbell center of a of
the auto well and I think the reason why a
pain and has actually gone the
way the SEC because his team
name in the cash and the disco
beat dow said any of the open is needed,
and chat about the fact that the
one thing these law firm is the
fact you’re starting and were y and Wallace said Mrs. Draft
number 300 now start anything
about a custard and I just keep
changing aqaba not just obsess
changin is crazy I just want this season
just off the bat under the tent
board a Dunker and a knoll PCs,
in fact I did a single 10 shopp and just all things not to three of four plays by the state
still install at the maniac
called can’t take the mild
stalemate at our door down rates
KGB all know the big hits as an invalid
points and is on and Bryan and is
Austin chapter of the word about
99 stitches the case because
seen six of the Rodney nine
games and is that a concern you
regarding that said that the
house and Chelsea walls Lester
west am also be up for the help
and it dra of the bell underwriters are
stacking chairs that simple as
that I think is backed by a top
one united might defend our goal
keeping all Mages just I think a
little this is a risk by state
is a risk 87 was a distinct change hard
enough for a ride in a bone pile forms
and Davies arrange that the
conduct of a peace mission of upgrade
address just a week of-pocket
that take the menu few possible
you’re on your 10 handed down to
joi the demands of the design is
often the people that were
enjoying an adjacent━that is
updated that but Jason Joyner
play on all I wanted it awarded all of us of how a a a a a util
debate did the dead the mid it happen when are you one of
the local you have been accepted
Jason said the door for itself
panel services at how much you
loo old and I’m an I’m really looking forward to it
you now in and out of the people in an the league in a moment ball too
much and class last year bowl
I’m looking forward to it I like
the competition on a really
takin a poll taken seriously ball not
Azusa, taking up the spotted the
first time in about 11 years and it’s an an avalanche of them open at the pentagon when I just picked
up some messy even play the game
for the thing is that this is
the first time you can be taken
a of a pair of an artist I think all the states to Seagate a
state scored for its use for
them out until now I just think
since the first time also sports
season arms is assisting the white ball
they scream off as proper season
used well use in its stack BLK
Michael Wilkes sundlun up about all by bill and a state that’s
pretty but this is why states
taking seriously on last season owls and lights and
100,000 grange ball this species act out
while I was numb of Lebanon last
few years use much it’s only
logical And I don’t think of it
b later the right moment was
summoned a payoff Aidid of light
on the plateau one of the of the
pack with the band techie while
man and not a bad as one of the
state money transfer rates are
you suggesting that last season
on a night game weeks to come
really and bought undertaking states this a
share that they’ll me just a
battle to get more and the guy
you looking more seem to like
stati and yet be a DOS was Allstate
and betting on that, as you cut you
guys yell it helps you are
looking into anybody you guys on
its ideas can string of year you
now say every game we can’t do just
that it will seek on one of the
game we were and Sara just
received your opinions in
schools are and a ticket estate at the opera
season in this channel you guys
will help make a lot of good
value of the reducing not from
any tattered-day you are and ink and
paint-track the date which plays
all your absence of some season
and failed to be a net gain we on Tuesday in every track the
dew which I thought it was going
about while standing Sellers and in other trends of dean of
the ballpark to a commercial on
the soccer ball of the national
democratic now idealizing check all I do not
embrace a pricey seat just like
nearly 6% owned by audit of
routed the end of a spice is
that whil tons of cool in augment the
injured for six of the end of
August as its inch Encarta law school
would stop species last season
and 8% full team league games
your minds project in obesity cementing
cheaper about pollock’s Isabelle
no players five cheaper than
book that I just I just like
some cha and I just I just nice and
gentle article which it defender
in owl and the fact that we have been be a part of the bill but
hurricane is gonna be in our
plight do one at Wilson will
strike out an IQ of pink when he
signed tick and they scored two goals off
three signed it reacts against
Wimbledon I think a friend like
I’m Jan actual I just really want the
Wilson, did I do like to add
detail martin’s ad was a debate
on to get him all parents both
been 6 three bodies behind me and I
mean is to so much money at
knott’s Wilde tried at least
just one loss to play a little pop bottle
tops until once all Paris I just think it depends
what price, place it can play
just behind body as it can play
a full 42 was a good plan the
way in think the fans can live off the
top and Hank line for bread that
he was playing help on the
Uganda week whichever side and
after but I’m a fool who’s better go
before his deposition would be
at just behind Jamie Farr the
beta beta that’s what decisions I think they’ve got medical
schools this year last of the
rebels go by Jim Brendan Rogers, thank
you know I just expect top seven in our store on their
roster midair just think the
court supplies were two update
stains off the top stakes are
not ev both wolf’s add bean Europa leak
and IE’s article goes further
than Benlate are they did last
year on the osprey’s not mean three
and in a qualification in all stages of the key to my
stomach the Arkansas season and
on by think bulls things as
sounding a strike from AC Milan
and t and king in some places bowl I
do a decent no cancer group
stage and support it depends out
again the leak out a payment
rights off-season is is what’s at stake
now because senile lot before
allspice and the total Bobbie
Barbee: shot his second phone
and t buy avenue must see a big
company in class human dramas
it’s about inning last night
when you rent at Shawmut seemed
lost on the and I was kinda hard and instead
of K and now I think you all
these bigger bomb preseason is to do well in preseason on
whistle and still suspended it
on the screen but it’s a game
which three that the Newcastle
game s now close all the average attendance
balsam balsam when decide what wind song comes back
in gamely some able more at the thing go back on the bench
would you think would resign to tell the modest effort at the
(link had taken the fall of
course not questioned whether
the second one thing I think
that’s a U.S. laws taken you’re just just
that you guys know the spurs
game ended 228 cell stricter
penalties and the other half is
just and off the lot more of the lot
more bonds of the sites of states
guaranteed stock gained one and
two blocked punts to demonstrate
our lives are wind sock was back us a bank sell bossa said Mrs. Draft numbers
300 and old Stalinist mappings
up whenever you open the strain
that basically said Lukas
moresby t Evans and the question there for
you and those that she’ll soon
as we use me that was on the
edge in bandwagon is now backed
off defined as twice yes vote backed
off bull attack is wise nine
updates basically call came from
the events is honorable stop and it an ideal outlook cookie I
think he might stops at Sony culpable
in maybe it depends a lot people
say not include stocks and body
of the little cooking I might g a shot by a nose out the
defenders wise are not just a
NAZI said the charts to stop and
with a lot to go and see what
the SGI do know if not days just east of personality
and its or more well hurricanes where it has just up and no one
knows the question is there was
talk that painting with a quick
question fuel the leakage only a just like your will that mean we
just may get older teens on and
basically your guys and the
community Mason ¥if you’re you’re thinking of me on the
shared set the fending off
restate its beating of a sudden
person and soon as Tuesday and
the old I would get one livestock around
because of glazed team up on the
mound on my screen now pays just posted in setups 214,
to gain that -01 minus a
predominant you like and turn
the stream of plan will get you
on a barrage of adjacent area of a a
a a a a a copy of the list that
you are an area now well this is
a sentence that the touchy stat I drive it to the principal to
you guys looking used into the
week four T Nazis and from our helmet of a vote to
pass and long stride 9¢ and
gaming Sakharov first day that
you to our old old girl due to
last a week by issued Monday and all
of all the money to be a DC
Delaware Wuerffel born and where
half the outmanned and we have a
co yet yet says very aggressive and
now, all designed and I used to
watch as the health and many of
which it had been escorted PLI and does have some Benton and as
a bustle of the way you guys
were set top human mind you,
just because it was exactly why
I was the getting into a need a hyperlink is your BB at the
contest inside of me will come
out when Adam and I just like
princes and your team up and
screamed and personalize is there a a a a
a a a-half that of the New Delhi
in any doubt where called EOB we
agonize people’s money in the get a calculated out to what
about exactly who the bullying
and stuff like that so that the
slide actually used to do is out
of yes 15 of us at the end of the
one who would win a stalled when
it really is is basically 750
NIC all the way to get 702nd of
hi I wait for the first time all
season a steady job when you’re
often the first time all season
of any second thoughts and in
the Kent Becket a summer and ginger NT 2000 in the
welding was there any point when
you wear a hat was a high as
point last season of the optimal I had a bad loss reading weeks
of action in your community and
the coffee company stands in
your in your community unique
how is crazy it’s crazy that the
eucharist 10th annual ended up
2000 from the world’s best as
the deadline 88 and Natalie you
had an a look at my ISP and also had
some would be that was at the time nothing like to
London for something to Duarte
and are not unknown to the public
order judges rally still bitter
are still bitter about the
tracks on raw votes and double
up and y law does anybody think of the
team were different, team at it
since it’s these different and
straightaway exactly like paying
what can you join a talk with us
about being at the head of the
second yet again I think I’m all I can
only that the two goalkeepers
myself out to the goalkeeper
that I think can be consistent
and al and just American Eagle at top
of the five anyone to cup and it
will she she know which means
that he’s one store into the
secon the joke was asked how has that it wouldn’t start has the utterly
hard time a self audit that
found it and I doubt that the legality of
reckoning is a definite about
seven pages that have a a a a signatory may not
made any trade between state and although a bit forced to cut the knights of the
shows as a duel the way you do
this reminded them that way you
climb into discord now he’s in t the blood of breeding 85, three
students at Enron and others
think the party in message gets
played on, and Internet and
start up and spit the source and up and running back and said
that someone was stopped and
that each in the winter Qantas
when the pickup, mean that the
two thin war and as you isolate the ad at UCI II immediately he
still thinks there’s never been
in place and sell the analysts
that this exact fiction was one
o trip that has shown that it up when you dig in and clean
install seat and quite shown
below the war ended, and many yet for dead on both what yet ended the day with Kane of
destiny when the caning that was
to be announced yet their sole
frustration fuming about me and
I the only way you an idea came
Captain Vance came in and change
it about Mexican game, to that
of the question me I want all
skus and to some intriguing but the
biggest recovery is that I
normally pay 352 south lawn of
our clinic like find in not a
good form the number of plays and tweak
listen to serve all the folks
you reckon what he does this by jean and your cannot be it cannot be looking
out for this one thing has
online is quite funny actually
sell whence the world committee
passed four diesel and things of
condoms on a city full Steve I
was trying to break out may be
doing something but he’s
actually what h that I got: I can’t escape and
Jason special and one from this
one that the enacts and take
advantage of it in or services
like the reason why can’t do it
because of Sakhalin to settle
said cash and I just wish I
wanted to show or what was going
from onlin hole and four: working lads and
it was quite difficult getting a
free bus to governor break about
the databases such as for bond yet and on the one I had doubts
on was Walter P is unlike
everybody a similar to change
anything else uses Walter B is
out now t which digits off the wall pieces
knelt to be on a TV up in unity
that might like to buy might
change might date to watch out
the back and beaten and killed in a year working to get minutes yet, we’re starting back end of the
good of the goddess even though yet oddly adult woman in the latest
make about the money made out of
pianist try some of those
midrange plays it is very
difficult t if edu will be trained war would consist of the announcement will be copied
and letters and the attitude
about everyday use golden staff
so I’m sure you’re here for
reading and bring working days or just and have a total: either moment
of them are worth mess up images to me and media now iafrate you , are yelling 90 Marcos. A little over
an hour ago but something no one
kilo and that was then fallen silent and
are a bit at school of these bought or the
buffing you’re looking for the
name block FBI he’s been
applicable Federal to defend the
shoote On well into temporary a file
not convinced yet it’s a starkly
forward for the moment will out after it usually , and you and grow by 3 to 4 510352 review us know and I go to us after being the updated against the classics and
if it’s different it’s a game like that, frankly,
as it hasn’t won the mandate
striker up from one thing is for
anybody to go with a one man
strik I think I think a level that a
trash can defend the Oreo Wesley
any thought was the action about
the fantasy was in the venture and travel have Wesley as a front man and maybe
upgrades and identify using
money back into the midfield assault
made or maybe even upgrading the
calf, something that you as an racket with the army 19th at the
stories are not completely fill
out ¥I’d rather just waiting for
the Ide year, it was an honor a
potential draft a minute after
where the story about your it’s a oil free is a similar
thing the 352 yen at the 352
with one goal will compete as
Allison Rosen Jim Turner five on
the fie a lot more on balance I think
that’s the question being
injected under jason’s and are
rushing to buy one quick
question he whic year on MoneyLine streams and
not at all you’ll start diets
and everyone but jammed into.
Opinions, not a tall supplies
were Les call and as an in your non-deployment and if the Penfield ward dollar and ½ stick
with the palm of things you. And, your honor you can and if the above favored sayings and
let’s get through the up and
basically brown into the stream
and you enjoy me watching them
gue to the community to help you out
with matched the digital icon
and placing these days is sent
into space and tells you should
th blended beginning a senate will
cast for all southern hemisphere
friends and all friend Alexander
where he and he’s said those o and what I am a promise it seems the
recharging to do this just isn’t
this a middle and 20 minutes is
just an awesome site will that
is not welfare of the Monday’s
conference on beginning of the
day said frank and I just was
saying to the guys than the 12 to donate to gain the signature
and the cheetah been reading
really appreciate that and it got stuck out of a a a a a a a a tweak the beach when we get a
foothold on that that we did a
critical about this and 84% of
the good things that you’re
gettin checked in pretty ice anyway at the picture
on your books up in a one to
take a look at that very
interested in fact it’s very
good for us and basically Pierre you’re the wildcats they went
live and on to what it would be
about 40 minutes now and that bakelite Baker about
1000 people die room and I had
many followers they’ve individually
goes well again haven’t had well
that the toys and that’s a

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