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The Inner Game of Tennis

August 21, 2019

– The Inner Game of Tennis. Written in the 1970s before
we knew the words multitasking and mindfulness but now
we know those words. In The Inner Game of Tennis,
the only task was to say, very silently the word
bounce when it bounced on the opponent’s side
and you would whisper hit when they hit it. And on your side of the
net, you’d whisper bounce at the bounce and you’d feel the hit. And what Tim Gallwey knew
was that we’re too cognitive on the court, we’re not
present, we’re in our heads, we’re not watching the ball. And many times, thoughts
about how to play interfere with simply how clearly
you see and feel the ball. The Inner Game of Tennis
was about learning to become present with the ball, cut out the multitasking, and what you’re gonna find
is that the better you are with your eyes on the ball, the more quiet you are in your head, the cognitive channels
that are turned off, you’ll be better for it. And this is a practice
resource but this is also a competitive resource. The Inner Game, priming to win.

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    Is that the RF or 97s?. What strings and t nation. Tks

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