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The Los Angeles Kings’ impossible comeback against Gretzky’s Edmonton Oilers deserves a deep rewind

November 10, 2019

(pulsating music) – [Narrator] We’re in
Los Angeles, California. It’s April 10th, 1982, game three of the Smythe Divisional Semi-Finals between the Kings and the Oilers. The teams are tied at
five and we’re in overtime with a face-off in the Oiler zone. You might know what’s about to happen but none of these guys do. They’ve battled for over three periods and just 20 minutes earlier,
wouldn’t have believed they’d need overtime to decide this. For everything that got us to this moment and made tonight a once in a
lifetime game, let’s rewind. Tonight marked the 11th
time in 83 games this season that the Oilers and
Kings faced one another. That’s over an eighth of their games against the same opponent and
prior to the 81-82 season, they’d only met eight times total. This was partly due to
Edmonton joining the NHL just three years earlier but
it was also thanks to some big changes implemented
by the league for this season. Looking to promote
rivalries within divisions, they made the bulk of each
teams schedule inter-divisional games. In an effort to save
money on travel expenses, the NHL also shook up the divisions so they were more geographically defined. Instead of being grouped with
Detroit, Pittsburgh, Hartford, and Montreal, the Kings
shifted to the Smythe, with Calgary, Vancouver,
Colorado, and Edmonton. For L.A., having to face the Oilers with more regularity could’ve
come at a better time. Edmonton began their life in the NHL with 28 and 29-win seasons, before becoming a force in year three. In the 81-82 season, they finished second in the league standings, behind the two-time defending champion, Islanders. Edmonton won the Smythe by 34
points and the biggest reason for their success was this guy. Wayne Gretzky had a season that those following the sport
had never seen before. He became the fastest player
ever to score 50 goals in a season, breaking “Rocket” Richard and Mike Bossy’s record by 11 games. He went on to score a
new NHL record, 92 goals and also broke his own records
for assists and total points. Gretzky wasn’t the only one
though. The Oilers became the first team ever to score 400
goals in a season, finishing with 417, which was 71 more
than the next highest scorer in the conference. They were built on speed and had the youth to keep it up for an entire year. Gretzky, Mark Messier, Paul
Coffey, Glenn Anderson, Jari Kurri, all of these guys were still under 21 by the end of the season. And now in overtime, Edmonton’s hoping their kids can reignite
the offensive spark that they opened the game with. Back in the first period
everything had gone right for the Oilers, the game
had opened up as a race between the teams, which played perfectly into the hand of Edmonton. The Oilers scored first on a quick counter where Glenn Anderson
found Messier cross-ice and the center put it in from 40 feet out. This is what they’d done all
season, using their speed in the open ice to let
passing dictate the offense. Most defenses at the time
mainly paid attention to just the guy with the puck. You stop him and you stop the offense. The Oilers though played with an emphasis on passing and off-puck skating, a style that was more common in
Europe than North America. And while their speed and
stretch passes also led to turnovers, when the offense averaged over five goals per game, they could deal with some slip-ups. Later in the first period, Gretzky added to the lead by doing, well, what he does. That short-handed goal put
the Oilers up two-nothing at intermission and 43
seconds into the second, Edmonton netted another goal
during that same penalty kill. From there, tempers started to flare, 19 penalties were called
in the second period, which included six coincidental
minors, another area that the Oilers had been
capitalizing on all season. With players sitting from
both sides, their style of offense put them at an
advantage, since fewer bodies on the ice meant more space to go to work. This was on display
just over five minutes into the second, when
Gretzky stole the puck behind the Kings net
during a three on three. The defense turned his
way giving Siltanen room to bury a one timer that
actually went through the net causing play a continue,
until the ref signaled goal, Edmonton’s fourth. A few
minutes later, Gretzky nabbed his second of the night
and the teams headed into the third separated by five goals. Not a great start for L.A. and honestly, this is what people
expected from the series. A year after a 43 win season where they made the playoffs as the fourth seed. The Kings disappointed in 81-82. They won just 24 games and
only reached the post season thanks to the NHL’s new penchant
for divisional match-ups, which they also built the playoffs around. With a roster nearly identical
to the year before, the big change for the King’s came
in the coaching department. Bob Berry, who had coached
L.A. since ’78, left for Montreal and the club
promoted assistant coach, Parker MacDonald, to take his spot. MacDonald had a checkered coaching past. He won AHL Coach of the Year,
with L.A.’s affiliated team in New Haven, but was yet
to coach a full season in the pros. That wouldn’t change this
year, as he led the King’s to a record of 13-24-and-5. After that, the organization
changed his title to assistant GM and brought
in Don Perry as his successor. Another coach from the
New Haven Nighthawks. In Perry’s first month on the job, he’d receive a six game suspension for ordering Paul Mulvey
to leave the bench to join a brawl. Despite the turmoil
surrounding the team, the Kings would slightly
improve their winning percentage under Perry, but
if their regular season series with the Oilers was any
indication, their time in the playoffs would be short. That season, L.A. won one of
eight games against Edmonton and forced two ties while
being outscored 51 to 27. This included back to
back losses to the Oilers at the end of the season, which added to a five game skid going
into the post season for the Kings, all while
Edmonton was unbeaten in their last nine. But streaks can come to an end
and the Kings quickly proved they weren’t going to bend over to Gretzky and company through the first two games. After being down four-one
just nine minutes into the series, the Kings rallied back in an offensive back and
forth that broke the record for most goals in an NHL playoff game. L.A. pulled off the upset in Edmonton, after winning just five games
on the road, all season. Their unexpected points
leader, rookie Daryl Evans, scored twice in the second
and added a pair of assists. Playing in just his
14th professional game, Those second period goals
matched his season total and he carried the momentum into game two where he netted his third of the playoffs. The Kings took the Oilers to overtime and despite Gretzky giving
Edmonton a three-two win, L.A. had already done more
than was expected of them. They headed to the forum
for games three and four, where no one would have
guessed they’d have a chance to take the series in
front of their home crowd. But that would require winning tonight and winning tonight would
require a miraculous effort by L.A. Back to the start of the third
and the Kings still faced that five nothing hole. A hard check by Dave
Lumley in the corner got everyone fired up and
following a minor scrum, each team was down to four skaters. This time though, L.A. would be the team to capitalize on the extra ice. With Jay Wells sending in
the Kings first of the night. Less than four minutes
later, L.A. found themselves with their ninth power-play of the game. And they finally ended one early, thanks to Doug Smith putting in a rebound just under the crossbar. With their lead trimmed to
three, the Oilers offense tried to heat back up, but when
their chances weren’t snuffed out by the Kings, the
goalpost made the stops. Gretzky would take a stick
to the face, skaters paired up and it looked like
momentum was done swinging in L.A.’s favor, as the
Kings gifted the Oilers a five on three advantage. But the Oilers offense was
stymied just long enough and with under five and 1/2
remaining, the Kings made their final push. It started with a steal in
the Oilers end, which led to Charlie Simmer sneaking
one in from behind the net. Less than a minute later,
the Kings broke out off a Gretzky turnover and
Steve Bozek hit a wrister for L.A.’s second four on
four goal for the game. With under a minute to play, now down one, an Oilers penalty plus
an empty net gave the Kings a two-man advantage. The final 15 seconds had
both teams scrambling in the Oilers end before
the puck reached Hardy at the point. – [Sports Announcer] In
front, to the blue line, to Hardy, he shoots, save, rebound, score! (crowd roaring) I see it and I still don’t believe it. – [Narrator] With five
seconds left, Bozek put in the rebound and after one
last face-off, the teams headed to overtime. In extra time though, it once again looked like the Kings magic
had run out, 20 seconds in and Lessard’s attempt
to corral a shot, sent him sprawling. The puck found Messier, who got a chance at an untended net, but he sailed it wide. After some back and forth
play, the Kings were able to establish possession
and Doug Smith threw in a shot that Fuhr
grabbed and hung on to. Which brings us to this face-off and despite all the scoring
that’s happened tonight, one of the Kings on the ice is
still looking to make his mark. In the 1980 NHL entry draft,
the Kings took Daryl Evans in the second to last
round at 178 overall. Evans spent most of 81-82
with the Kings AHL affiliate in New Haven, before getting called up for the final month of the regular season and his first games in the majors. He made just over a dozen appearances, but went mostly unnoticed
before this series began. Just a few months removed
from newspapers misspelling his name, Evans was
looking to give them reason to get it right, but so
far tonight, he was yet to show up in the score summary. And as the forum waits for the face-off, no one knows what’ll come next in this already miraculous comeback. The Kings have battled
back just to get here, while the Oilers had to scramble to regain their composure and now hope to put an end to this improbable night. All the names you’d expect
have been involved and have given brilliant performances, while an unheralded rookie
waits in the wings, looking to cement his spot in the pros. Unknown to them, it would all come down to this final drop of the puck. Welcome to a moment in history. – [Sports Announcer] On the
draw, shot by Evans, it’s good! Oh!
(crowd roaring)


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