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The Ref Show – 12th February 2018 (Part 2)

August 31, 2019

Welcome back to The Ref Show, I dare say
we’ve got some meat on the fire, some fish on the menu aswell. Yeah we’re
going to talk about Carlos Carvalhal he’s like a discovery for the national
media at Swansea with all these colourful sayings that he comes out with a very
charismatic and likable person as we know and has absolutely transformed
Swansea’s season, now Carlton Palmer is a former Sheffield Wednesday player, I see
a lot of Sheffield Wednesday and of course Carlos Carvalhal lost his job
they’re just before Christmas. Two or three days later goes
to Swansea, it’s one defeat in 11, he’s unbeaten in 9 and he’s back at
Hillsborough in the fifth round of the FA Cup on Saturday. Yeah I mean it’s a difficult one,
I mean Carlos did a good job at Sheffield Wednesday and nobody will deny that I
he had to go at the time but the problem that you’ve got is where the
problem the inherent problem is and the inherent problem is the chairman wants to
control the Football Club Carlos took the job under those circumstances
so therefore when the results weren’t going and Wednesday weren’t in a position to
challenge he had to go. The new manager comes in, he’s taken that job under those
same circumstances there is a lot of problems at Sheffield Wednesday, the playing staff need as you know aswell Alan, Carlos wanted to
change around the playing staff right. That was the rumour. He needed to
freshen things up with the side. First of all they weren’t fit but secondly you
know there were players there that they took a gamble on that if they
got promotion in 18 months those would be they’d have done the job and they
could roll them on. As I understand it that the Chairman didn’t want and the manager doesn’t have the say in when when these players can be sold.
Having said that Carlos was very grateful for
the commitments of the chairman financially and said that he was the
best chairman that he’s ever had. Well of course because he can’t say anything
different because once you sign on the dotted line and you’ve agreed to work
with the Chairman then you can’t turn round and say the chairman hasn’t
backed him, the chairman’s backed him in terms of finances and backed him in all respect and you can’t argue with the
chairman in terms of the money that’s he’s put in the football club. But when
you don’t know about the game of football which he doesn’t know and I’m being
respectful here, he doesn’t know about the game of football and I can give you a
parallel example, QPR. Tony Fernandes who came into the football club, it’s only
now that he’s appointed the right people in the football club who are advising
him correctly that they’re managing to straighten things out. So it needs a
turnover of players, has needed a turnover of players for a while now to
freshen things up in your view. And he needs somebody to advise him
who hasn’t got a vested interest in an agency or whatever who knows about the
game of football. What about Carlos Carvalhal’s starts as Swansea manager, the
impact he’s had, just briefly? He’s had a tremendous start and I think also you’ve got to
be a little bit careful for this right, I think Carlos was given the job on the
back of he could get them promotion out the Championship. So they are playing
without fear and that’s a different prospect, if he was brought in
as a manager to keep them in that division right and the pressures that go
along with that I think you’d have seen a different scenario. I think he was
brought in, nothing to lose and so with that he’s been very.
I’ve never seen Swansea play two or three times now I’ve never
seen him play that adventurous when he was at Sheffield Wednesday, in their last few games and by the way I’m not going to digger
Carlos I thought he did a fantastic job right but in the end he became negative
in his approach, he’s been very positive with his approach with Swansea and
that’s because he’s got nothing to lose and it’ll be interesting when it comes
down to the last few games right whether he still continues with that positivity
because if he does they’ll stay up. If he reverts back to what happened at
Wednesday they’ll go down and that’s when the pressures on. Well great credit
to him anyway and cracking cup tie. Andre Marriner was in charge of
Swansea’s 1-0 win over Burnley at the weekend. Yeah no problems for Andre, steady. Yeah he’s refereeing well this season is Andre, one of the experienced ones, one of the guys you know regularly on team sheet week in week out. That completes our
look at the Premier League, some big Championship action started on Friday
night with our old friend Neil Warnock whose Cardiff City side drew one each at Millwall, he wasn’t happy he was fuming
that Sol Bamba had a late goal disallowed the referee had just signaled
for a Cardiff free-kick on the edge of the area. Yeah I mean love him or loathe
him I would imagine Neil would have been straight in that referees
dressing room like he’s been in my dressing room a few times after the game
but having a good laugh with him. But he’s absolutely spot on, I think you know Keith Stroud’s a very experienced referee and he always comes up with these you
know controversies, we had one last season remember at Newcastle when he
gave the penalty encroach and then give an indirect free kick which he was
wrong in law and I’m very surprised that Keith has not allowed the advantage I
mean looking, I’ve watched the game and you can see that the
Cardiff players gone down it’s a foul, he’s holding the whistle, he’s holding the whistle, was it Bamba? Yes Sol Bamba puts the ball in the back of the net, the referee
blows the whistle then brings it back and gives a free kick outside the box.
Neil was absolutely spot-on the referee should have allowed, poor poor refereeing
from Keith Stroud. All right so he’s got, he’s entitled to his gripe. Absolutely but I’m not sure whether he’d get an FA charge for calling them a
disgrace after the game but I mean Neil I mean love him, you love him to bits. I’ve
work with him you know many times on TV and he just can’t help himself it’s passion yeah. Well the one thing about Neil Warnock let me tell you something, I can’t say I’m his biggest fan and I can’t say I don’t like
the bloke because he’s always been whenever I’ve met him and his wife he’s
always been very polite and whatever but one thing you cannot deny about Neil Warnock that it’s here, coming from here. (hand gesture) It’s his passion and his desire to win so
for that I don’t fault him. No to be fair I think off the
field he’s a lovely guy you know he’s loving but it’s about passion, it’s his passion
and his frustration he’s showing us you know. Well I was at the big Yorkshire Derby at
Bramall Lane Sheffield United edged Leeds by 2
goals to 1, Billy sharp getting a couple of goals they’re good to see that
over 200 League goals now for Billy Sharp. A few gripes I’ve had via Leeds
supporters on Twitter so I promised them that I would run it by the oracle here Mark Halsey So you mean I’m gonna get all the
abuse? You’re gonna get all the abuse that I won’t get any but it’s not my
fault. A first half yellow card for Lee Evans challenge on a (Ezgjan) Alioski,
some said it should have been red, for what it’s worth I didn’t think it was, what did you think? No I agree I think he’s got that just about right I
mean they’ve both gone in for a challenge and when you have that sort of challenge
you’re gonna get someone come off worse than the other. What do you think about the card? I thought yellow card, good caution, reckless challenge. It was reckless to say the
least I don’t think it was red card. A yellow was right. I mean your talking about local derby, emotions are
running high, it’s difficult. I think it would have been harsh to give the red
card. Yeah I agree, was he out of control, was it excessive force, did he endanger the players safety. Yeah I mean they both endangered each others safety
the way they went in so yeah listen I I think he’s got that well,
I think Andy Madley refereed the game very well and he should be
refereeing in the Premier League, I don’t know why he’s not because he’s one of the you
know best referees outside the Select Group 1 And the big call well he seemed
really well placed to give a free-kick engineered a challenge from
Eunan O’Kane on John Fleck there’s a view among Leeds supporters that Fleck
went down very easily and that it shouldn’t have been a penalty, must say
from my side on I thought it was a penalty you’ve seen various angles what
do you think? Yeah I think it was a penalty, he’s tried pull out and he’s just caught him
but the gripe I have is when a player is fouled in the penalty area just go down
naturally why do they have to throw themselves and do a 9.5 dive just go
down, if your fouled just go down. Yeah if your caught, if your genuinely caught all you have to do look at the world’s best player without an
argument look at the world’s best player, Messi. When he
goes down you know he’s gone down. because he doesn’t dive so the referee knows you’ve seen him when he’s been pulled he’s
pulled he’s pulled and he’s not gone down, stay on your feet if you
get caught and you get a reputation for staying on your feet the referee knows
if you’ve gone down you’ve been caught end of story but if you’re going
to go down lightly and the referee all referees are the same ,they watch
football, they see things, they read the news and you’re simulating that the
referee is always going to offer doubt in his mind anyhow. Well I remember refereeing Liverpool v Man United game at Anfield when Ronaldo was at Utd, unless we walks out on ready to start the game I just walked past him and I says don’t you be going down
easy today because you’ll get nothing out of me. Right well very very quickly, and he didn’t. We’ve got to mention a family member of yours in a moment. Lee Probert Barnsley 1
Sheffield Wednesday 1 without major talking point. Peter Banks was in charge
of the bid Midland’s derby Aston Villa beat Birmingham by 2 goals
to 0, seemed to handle it well. You know they’re looking at him, one for
the future. Another up-and-coming referee and just
finally Mark’s nephew George Miller four goals in four games with his former club
Bury on loan from Middlesbrough including scoring in the 2-2 draw at
Bradford City on Saturday which you saw. Yeah I mean I was there I
was on the game on Tuesday against Wimbledon he scored a you know a
goal, I wasn’t there on Saturday because I was working but following it on
Twitter and we’re all proud of him you know his attitude and his
worth ethic is fantastic and I think he’ll score goals at
any level. You’re bringing him up wrongly though because I’ve just had a look at his
record and he hasn’t had according to the record I saw on soccerbase he hasn’t
had a single yellow card or a sending off for that matter in his career. Well
because I’m telling him to behave himself and get on the referee’s side because you
get decisions that way so he’s doing he’s doing very well but having that
I’ve never seen him put in a tackle either. Well when he does maybe, I’m so surprised to see that. We’re all proud of him so he’s doing
very well, great stuff long may that continue. Thanks chaps, pleasure as always. Carlton and Mark, Do join us for another Ref Show next week, we’ll see you then, Bye.


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    Where is part 1?

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    Who is in charge of Huddersfield v Man United on Saturday?

  • Reply Wickerrman February 12, 2018 at 11:23 pm

    "Without major talking point" he says. Even though for the penalty, the barnsley player spins Joao round and makes no effort to go for the ball. Should've been a red card, simple.

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