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The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.211 : I Cheer on Your Courage [ENG/ESP/IND/2018.02.04]

November 4, 2019

Let’s go. (The twins’ morning is full of commotion.) Hey, we’re supposed to run a race today. Get up. Get up. Get up. (Ringing) – Yes? / – Who is this? It’s Seoeon. Seoeon, it’s Mom. Do you need something? I need to speak to Daddy. What is he doing? He’s in the toilet. Oh, really? (Hwijae is in the bathroom.) – Seoeon, listen. / – Yes? I’m at the store, but I left something at home. What is it? – It’s a red USB stick. / – A bag? No, it’s a red USB the size of my finger. It’s a USB stick, and it’s rectangular. I’ll put Seojun on the line. Okay. Mommy. – Seojun. / – Yes? – Can you do me a favor? / – Yes. – I think I left behind / – Yes? – a red USB stick at home. / – Yes? It has a plastic cap, it’s red on the bottom, and it’s the size of my finger. I think I left it behind on the computer desk. Can you check for me? Okay. (Let’s see.) It should be kind of long. (She said it was here.) This must be it. This here. (Unsure) (Let’s ask Mom.) Hello? – Did you find it, Seojun? / – Yes. – Hello? / – Is this right, Mom? (You’re not on video-chat, Seojun.) – Seojun? / – Yes? I need that right away. Can you tell Daddy to bring it to me once he comes out of the toilet? Yes, we found it. Great job. I knew that you two would find it. – You’re the best. / – Okay. – Thank you, Seojun. / – Mom, I love you. I love you too, Mom. I love you too, Seoeon. I love you, Mom. Okay, you can hang up now. Okay. (He’s very good at hanging up the phone.) Who are you saying “I love you” to? To Mommy. – You guys… / – Mommy called. – What? / – Mom called and I found this for her. She wanted you to bring this to her. She asked me to tell you. Okay, I’ll go drop it off. Play without fighting, okay? We want to go. – What? / – We’ll go alone. We’ll surprise Mommy. – Really? / – Yes. – Can you do it? / – Yes. Last time, you took – the bus to her flower shop, right? / – Yes. Do you remember the bus number? – No. / – I’ll tell you. – It’s two. / – Two. – Four. / – Four. – And zero. / – Zero. It’s the No. 240 bus. And here’s how many stops it takes. You get off at the third stop. The third. But be sure to ask the driver when you get off. Ask, “Is this the police station stop?” That’s when you get off. Who can do it? It’s the twins’ first chore on the bus. Will they be successful? The Return of Superman, episode 211. “I Cheer On Your Courage”. (They depart to their mom’s flower shop.) (He clenches the paper Hwijae gave him.) (Hwijae secretly trails behind them.) Where’s the bus station? There it is. (They discover the bus stop.) It’s over here. (He successfully finds the number.) – Is it right? / – It is. (Gosh, they’re smart.) Where are you headed? I’m on my way to Sinsa Station. (Just then, a bus comes in.) A bus makes a stop. (Is this it?) Is that our bus? It’s not. (When is our bus coming?) (Just then!) (Is that it?) That’s our bus. Over here, please. They successfully recognize their bus. Will they get on okay without Hwijae? (I’m looking after you.) How much is it? – How much is it? / – Just hop in. Hurry in. There you go. The twins get on their bus successfully. (Where do we sit?) (They hop on the back seat with the kind young lady.) You’re all grown now. How old are you? – Five years old. / – Five years old. (Feeling very anxious) (It gets closer to their destination.) Where are we now? We get off at the third stop. Are we there yet? (I’m not sure.) (They should be more alert.) (Next stop is Apgujeong Police Office.) (Did it just say “Police Office”?) (Be sure to ask the driver when you get off.) (They promised to ask before getting off.) Let’s go. (Let’s go ask.) Is this the police station? Where? It’s the police station. (They finally spot the police station.) (They successfully hop off.) – We almost missed it. / – I know. (They feel great.) (They feel very accomplished.) (They might just keep running and running.) (Hold on, what’s that?) – Why? / – It’s a bakery? Bread? Little birds can’t just fly over a mill. They’re feeling great over their success. They shop for bread excitedly. This is mine. (They pick out bread for Mommy.) We should get juice too. Do you know what I bought, Seojun? – I bought… / – Pizza bread, right? Yes. I can tell. You can eat it all. – Okay. / – Hold on. Let’s eat them after we meet Mommy. Let’s eat after we meet Mom, okay? (Is this the place?) Seojun seems to be looking around. (The streets look confusing.) Hey, Seoeon. I don’t know which way is which. What? (It’s an emergency.) Should we call? I’ll give it a try. Watch. (They’re calling somebody.) (They dial without) (picking up the receiver.) There you go. I got this. Why isn’t this working? (Is this where the money goes in?) (Do I place it here?) (I’m not sure.) (A grandpa keeps watch.) Can you help me, grandpa? – How do I… / – How can I help? I’m trying to call my dad. How do I use this? – Who are you calling? / – My dad. (Let’s see.) Did you insert the coins? Not yet. (I have coins here.) I’ll just do it for you. 02… After that, it’s… 548… (Despite what he said before, he begins eating.) – 48. / – 48. Okay, here. Take the call. (Thanks to the kind grandpa, it works out.) (The grandpa coolly leaves.) Hello? Daddy. Yes? Who is this? Listen. The streets are a bit confusing. – Do you see the bakery? / – I do. From the bakery, just walk all the way into a little alleyway. Mom’s flower shop will be on the left. (Payphone, bakery, to Mom’s flower shop) Which side is left again? Look at your left hand. This side? I’m holding the phone. (He acts like he’s video-calling again.) Left hand? Look here. It’s this one. (That’s your right hand.) Is it near the bakery? Yes, it’ll be right inside the alleyway. – Okay, I understand. / – All right. I love you, Daddy. – I love you too. / – I’ll get going now. He’s all grown up. What did he say? He said he loves me. How do we get there? We take the small street near the bakery. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. (Let’s hurry.) (Is this the right turn?) (They turn into the street next to the bakery.) (Daddy said that it should be visible.) Is this the place? There it is. – Mommy! / – Mommy! (They discover Mom’s flower shop.) Seojun and Seoeon. (The twins meet with their mom.) How did you get here? (They show off the bread that they bought.) What is that? – I haven’t eaten yet. / – It’s pizza bread. Really? It looks good. But how did you get here? Where’s Dad? He said he’s home. – Really? / – Yes. How did you get here? – Were you fine coming here? / – Yes. Really? (I’m so proud.) Surprise, Mommy. What is that? (What else? It’s what you requested from us.) What is this? It’s yours. (This?) (Is something wrong?) Is this the USB I asked you to bring? – Yes. / – Yes. – Really? / – Yes. That’s a USB. You said it was red and long. We brought it. Is that so? (Here’s the long red USB.) The description was definitely spot on. It’s red and long, right? But is it also a bit white? Well, yes. It’s clear. – It’s see-through. / – It’s here. Good job. This is also red, long and clear. You came all the way here to give me this? How impressive. Good job. Thank you very much. Is this right? It’s right. Thank you. Okay. (Proud) (She calls Hwijae again.) – Honey. / – Yes? – Where’s the cap? / – I came out in a hurry today and left the USB at home. It was supposed to be a USB? Are the kids there? Yes, they got here safely. They are very proud over this. Could you – look for it for me? / – Sure, I’ll take it. – Okay. / – Thank you. The five siblings are looking dapper in the middle of Gangnam. What day is it today? (A long padded-parka fits this winter’s trend.) (Sian looks chic in black.) Today, we’ll be in fashionable company. We have to be cool with gloves on. (The soccer gentleman looks polished.) How do I look today? – You look good. / – Do I? You don’t look too good. It’s not good? I look the best in athletic wear, right? – Yes. / – Yes. – Hey. / – I look better. – That’s right. / – You do, Sian. (Where are they all headed?) A man awaits the five siblings in a room illuminated by glamorous lights. Who is this? – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. It’s the huge pillar of the fashion industry, Designer Lie Sangbong. There’s going to be a multi-cultural family fashion show. It’s a good chance for the kids to make memories. Especially Jaesi, who had a dream of becoming a model. (A video from 2012) (Five-year-old Jaesi catwalks away.) She’s walking very confidently. All right. Do it right up front. There you go. One more time. (It’s the twin sisters’ very own strut.) Strike a pose right up front. You’re so good. I’ll send this to a modeling agency. You’ll make it. It’s a chance to give them a shot. I made the decision to try coming here today. We dressed up because we heard that you’d be here. – It’s a bit… / – We’re overdressed. (Let me see.) The buttons stick out too much. The suit is tailored. But they become the focus. It’s very visible at the cuffs too. I’ll go right away and replace them. It’s better to tone down the buttons and make the necktie stick out more. – What do you think? / – First, I wore green. But I changed it last minute. Green? But rather than green, – I think pink is better. / – Pink? I see. – The colors complement. / – I don’t have many occasions for ties, so I only have three. Except for awards shows, I have no use for a tuxedo. I wore one last year. We wore these last time. You all wore black. It looks like you enjoy matching colors. (They’re all decked out in black-and-white.) You dressed the whole family in black. I think that’s a bit unfortunate. – It looks like funeral wear. / – Funeral wear? Hold on… We wore funeral wear on a joyous day. Kids, Mom is right. I’m not very good at dressing up. (Is that so?) Here’s the concept this time. You volunteered for – Pyeongchang Olympics. / – Yes. – Right. / – That’ll be the theme. There’s not much time left. We’ll dress them in red, blue, yellow and green dresses. That’s what we’ll do. Sian and you will go with white. – That is what I… / – I like black. You like black? You must be like your father. You’ll end up liking black. We’ll have to measure the kids for their fittings. For you, we’ll… This isn’t it. It’s something – I made before. / – I see. But try out the size and the overall image. This one too. (Try this one on.) (Shall I try it on?) Let’s see how good it looks on you. (This flashy style is hard to describe.) You look great. (He stutters.) – Put it down. / – Do you all disagree? – I’m neutral. / – I only have Sian. Thank you. Thanks, Sian. Yu Jaeseok wore this a while back. He wore this coat? It’s what Yu Jaeseok wore to the runway. Will it look good on Donggook, too? – From back then, right? / – Yes, that’s right. He wore it for “Infinite Challenge”. – It looks good. / – It does. – It’s good. / – That one looks good. (It’s great.) It looks great on Donggook too. (They pull it off a bit differently.) – In one, two, three. / – Three. (All thumbs up) I should wear this. This one is popular. Have you ever walked a fashion show? It’s actually a past that I want to forget. – Really? / – Yes. (Dad was in a fashion show?) It was with the late Andre Kim. (It was none other than an Andre Kim fashion show.) When was that? It was about two fashion cycles ago. I gave it a try briefly. But I don’t remember. It’ll be hard to find. They’ve been burned. It took some effort digging this up. It’s nice seeing him in his younger days. (It’s a past that he wants to burn away.) Then for the first time in a long time, we’ll practice walking with the children. It’ll be a good idea to learn. I’ll make a call to see when they’re coming. – I’ll be back. / – Sure. Hey, kids. What’s most important? It’s your gaze. A special guest model is here to instruct. Who is it? (Gosh.) (Oh, my!) He seems somewhat familiar. (This model boasts a very exotic look.) – Hello. / – Hi. Hello. Hello. He’s a foreigner. – Say something, Jaesi. / – Hello. Hello. Why are you all so passive all of a sudden? Hello. Hello. (Sian is confused.) My name is Han Hyunmin. Han Hyun what? Han Hyun what? – Hyunmin, you’re here. / – Hello. Congratulations by the way. It’s Han Hyunmin, who turns 18 this year. He received a big spotlight upon his debut. (He joined the ranks of top models.) He was ranked among Times Magazine’s “Most Influential Teens”. I was born and raised in Korea for 17 years. I don’t speak English well. They said, “Do your best.” I said, “Swag”. I got cut then and there. How is Times-recognized Han Hyunmin’s walking skills? (Hyunmin, the upcoming show’s representative model) (His nonchalant gaze is fatal.) (An indifferent turn) (He’s so cool.) How tall are you? – Stand together. / – Let’s measure. – Who seems taller? / – Your shoulders are just a bit higher. (Hyunmin’s shoulders are just a bit taller.) – Your height is similar. / – He’s a bit taller, but Dad, your head is a lot bigger. My head? My head is big? Yes, it’s a lot bigger. So your height seems… – I see. / – He seems… When you stand next to Hyunmin, your legs look shorter too. (Double insult combo) – Give it a try, Jaesi. / – Hold on. – Try it. / – You dream of being a model, right? – Okay. Try it. / – We’ll begin. You can do it. – I want to try too. / – Me, too. – Everyone go in. / – Let’s all go. Go out one at a time, okay? Okay. Here they come. (That’s a nice rhythm.) (Jaesi seems awkward with people around.) One more time. You’re next. (Strides) – It’s my turn now. / – She’s lengthy. Next. It’s my turn now. (He smiles like a proud father.) (Next up is Seola.) (She gives an adorable wink.) Pose. Pose. (Her Highness Sua makes an entrance.) (She has a serious and edgy strut.) – Your gaze is piercing. / – Stop. Okay. (Her pose is stable.) Stare. That’s good. (Walking down the runway is nothing.) You saw that, right? Sian, give it a try. Sian, you are the last. – Go. / – Sian, go. (He walks with swag.) Sian. Sian, let’s see your expression. All right. (He shows his charisma.) Then you turn around and go. Don’t run. My goodness. It’s okay. – Don’t run. / – It’s okay. (You embarrass me.) (The five siblings are excited.) His face turned dark. (Sangbong is having a lot of thoughts.) Sir, you can tell us honestly if we will be a hindrance to the show. They are good. The question is if Sian can walk alone. They are doing pretty well. Why don’t you walk like your children? You should give it a try. You will go last. I am nervous. Music, please. (Why did they choose this song?) Come on out. (His steps are sure.) (Donggook marches with confidence.) (He looks like…) (Donggook still has it.) (Nameless Fashion People: Rules of Retro) (His pose is old-fashioned.) I look to the right and left. (Even his nod is old-fashioned.) Then turn. (Sian is a fan.) I want to go again. (Embarrassed) I can’t stop laughing. Please make it more natural. This is hilarious. Everyone did well. I just hope you would walk a bit more confidently. During the show, you can look at the camera in the middle. Walk with your eyes on the camera. With that, you will be the best. Walk with your eyes on the camera. (I will remember that.) The five siblings practiced hard. They will do well at the fashion show, right? Who can tell me why we are here? – We will be models! / – Models! Sian, walk like a model. This is the place. – Let’s go in. / – My goodness. You will debut as models. Dad, there are a lot of people. There are a lot of people. (A fashion show to help multicultural families) This is the runway the five siblings will take on. Will they do well at their first fashion show? (Will Donggook and the children do well?) This is the runway. What should I do? What should I do? (Seeing the actual runway makes them nervous.) Jaesi, what do you think? How does it feel? Hello. – You are here. / – Hello. (Sangbong is rehearsing.) This is the runway. – Come on up. / – Go up. You can come up through here. (They set foot on the runway.) (My gosh.) – Try walking. / – You come from… – It’s really long. / – Of course it is. There are too many people. – It’s okay. / – I am worried. – Are you nervous? / – I’m nervous. I’m very nervous. – What should I do? / – Sua, are you nervous? It’s okay. We will have fun. – Her hands are sweaty. / – Sian, are you nervous? – Don’t be. / – Jaesi. Jaesi will start the show. Then Seola will come out. If your younger sibling makes a mistake, come out here and walk with her. Seola and Sua will do well. – Yes. / – Let’s practice. Walk confidently. – Pose here. / – Pose. It’s better to face this direction. Then this arm will come up. All right. Walk. Walk in the middle. You will fall if you go to the edge. – To the middle. / – All right. Pose. Pose. Pose. – How pretty! / – Turn around. Sian, what will be your pose be? At the front… There you go. Do you want to pee? Do you want to pee? I think you do. Do you want to pee? Can you hold it in? You are nervous, right? You are nervous about taking the stage. (Smiling) Let’s practice once. You will go alone. – Look in front of you. / – Look in front of you. Don’t be nervous. Look in front of you. Face forward. Pose. (He has the gaze down pat.) All right. Turn around. (Will he do well in front of an audience?) – All right. / – Turn around. – They’ll each go once at the opening. / – Okay. – Three times in total? / – No, two times. Then he will mark the finale. It’s very important to go upstairs to change right away. In how many minutes do they need to change? Three minutes. – We go upstairs… / – Yes. (Three minutes?) Sian, you have to do it in three minutes. Can you change in three minutes? (The biggest challenge) – Come here. / – Let’s see. These must be our clothes. These must be our clothes. They are pretty. – Where is Sian’s? / – Mine is red. The five siblings’ outfits will mark the opening and ending. (Each of them will wear two outfits.) Are these mine? (Donggook’s clothes are colorful.) He is here. They finally put on the clothes. Sian, did you do weight training? Are these clothes small? – He gained weight. / – Did he gain weight? How will you change in three minutes? You will manage. He was adamant about wearing a tie. – No bowtie? / – You want a tie instead. All right. (Staring) (Sian stares at Sangbong’s head.) (Fascinated) You are bald. Bald? Hold on. Am I bald? You became bald. Let me just fasten this. (Don’t say that.) I don’t know how I raised my children. It’s okay. (He puts on a jacket.) Sian. – You look handsome. / – Give him a big hand. (He is a young gentleman.) Sian, you look cool. (He poses.) You look cool. – Do I look cool? / – You are the best. – Look in the mirror. / – Do I look cool? – You look cool. / – Go look in the mirror. He always wears long johns at home. (You can do well on the runway, right?) It’s William and Sam’s second day in Japan. (William just woke up.) William. William. (Wriggling) (He tries to escape the bed,) (but fails.) (Struggling) (Sam holds and William struggles.) (He manages to escape.) (Sam is still asleep.) (Squirming) (Squirming) (Tickling) William is tickling Sam to wake him up. (Dad, wake up.) (He won’t budge.) (Won’t you get up?) (Won’t you get up?) Cheeky boy! (He knows how to wake his dad up.) Food. Food? (What catches William’s attention?) Isn’t that dried laver? (Give me dried laver.) Say thank you. (He eats the dried laver.) Is it good? He eats dried laver as deliciously as Ha Jungwoo. (Eating) Mom. (Mom) Mom. What? Mom? (I miss my mom and brother.) All right. (He video-calls his wife.) Hello, William. Did you sleep all right? (It’s Mom and Bentley.) How did he get so big? He eats a lot. (28 days old) (29 days old) Bentley grows bigger each day. (30 days old) He has well-defined features. Grow up healthy so you can travel with your family. Did you do well yesterday? Of course I did. (Bragging) I did very well. Did William see him? Yes, he did. (He met up with Mark Hamil.) – He must have been happy. / – Yes. Where are you going today? We are going to a place Sayuri told us about. I plan to sightsee with him after work. Do you have any recommendations? Foreigners like Asakusa. – Asakusa? / – You can buy gifts there. It’s a nice place to visit with children. There is a lot of delicious food. (Thank you for the recommendation.) Have a good day. – I will call again. / – Okay. Bentley, bye. (Dad, bye.) – Bye. / – Say bye to Mom. “Bye, Mom.” Bye, William. I’m hanging up. Okay. Take care. Bye. William, let’s go. Here we go! William. The sun is out. Did you see the birds? Look at the birds. There are so many of them. Do you like the birds? What’s over there? William, what’s over there? (Ducks) Ducks go, “Quack, quack.” (Quack, quack) It’s going to fly. Where are we? Tokyo. I worked hard yesterday. So today, I will play. William, let’s eat something. (They will tour after eating.) (This one looks tasty.) What do you want to eat? (Let’s take a look around the convenience store.) Convenience stores in Japan have everything. There are high-quality dishes you can have for a meal. My mouth is watering. (Sam puts items in the bag.) Look at this one. – This one? / – Food. Do you want this one? (William gets water.) Do you want yogurt? Where did you get water? Did you get it here? Okay. I will buy water. (William gets everything in the convenience store.) (They pay for the items.) Look. Sam, you bought a lot. (Omelet Rice) (Cod roe pasta) It’s a full course meal with even dessert included. Do you want this? Food. (They eat cod roe gimbap first.) (Humming in approval) Is it good? Look at this. (What is this bread?) – Bread. / – Bread. You tried it at Uncle Jiwoong’s place. Do you want it? Are you happy? (It looks like high-quality bread.) (This is the taste I wanted.) (What’s the next menu?) I really like cod roe. (Slurping) Do you want some? It’s tasty, right? (Eating) – More? / – More. More? (His tongue is ready.) You are eating cod roe well. (He licks the cod roe sauce.) You are eating well. You are my son indeed. My goodness. (Loyalty!) William, there are so many buses. Which bus shall we take? (I like that one.) Which bus do you like? 982? Yes. Yes. There are so many buses. Yes! Yes! Yes! Let’s go to the bus! Yes! Yes! Yes! Let’s go to the bus! (They get tickets.) Korean. There is Korean, William. There is English, too. Hold on. Where are we going? Asakusa. Asakusa. A child? How old are you? (A child accompanied by an adult rides free.) William, you get to ride free. Okay. (Come on out, ticket.) Take it. (I will guard my own ticket.) Hold it. Run! Run, run, run! Run! We are late. Run! Run! Run, run, run! Run! Run! Give him the ticket. (They are almost there.) We are almost there. Run! Let’s go ride the bus. (Is that the bus?) It’s a unique water bus to Asakusa. It makes you feel like you are on a spaceship. It’s a convenient mode of transportation that lets you enjoy the scenery of Tokyo without any traffic jams. Shall we get going on a water bus? (Dancing) William, isn’t it like a spaceship? Where shall we go? (Let’s go to the galaxy.) William, guess what I bought at the convenience store. (Fruit-flavored jelly) (Gulping) I will eat jellies. (You will give me some, right?) Do you want one? (He gets a jelly with his doe eyes.) (I fooled you.) (Dad, give me one.) (It’s sour.) You don’t like it? (You can have it.) It’s yummy. (I want something sweet, not sour.) (Sour) What is this? (He gives up.) Why? – Water. Water. / – Water. I will give you water. (How nice!) After a while, they see Tokyo Sky Tree in the distance. (That means they’ve arrived in Asakusa.) They finally arrived at Asakusa, their destination. This popular area of Asakusa is the Insa-dong of Tokyo, Nakamise Shopping Street. (Nakamise Shopping Street) There are lots of traditional dishes and items to see in this shopping street. (Hello.) William, we must buy gifts for Mom and Bentley. (That’s a good idea.) What should we buy? (What?) – Hello. / – Can we take a photo? (William stands out anywhere he goes.) In one, two, three. All right. – Thank you very much. / – Bye. (Bye.) What is this place? Bread. Bread. (A ningyo-yaki store) (His eyes are fixed.) Do you want it? Excuse me. (He uses body language.) – One piece? / – Okay. – It’s very hot. / – Okay. Thank you. (Hurry up and give it to me.) It’s hot. (He eats a piece that is cooled down.) Is it good? Yes? Do you want another bite? (What?) (What catches Sam’s attention?) Is it bread? It’s a snack with dried laver. William can’t pass by dried laver. (Dried laver is tasty.) (He orders another skewer.) Shall we eat that one? Is it ready? Hold this. (He readily takes it.) Can I get one, please? – Is it chicken? / – No, rice. Rice skewer. (Nure okaki is sticky rice cake on a skewer.) How does the rice skewer taste? (Nure okaki is sticky rice cake on a skewer.) This is really tasty. Let’s eat something else. (Sam is busy eating.) Let’s eat something else. (He’s enjoying himself very much.) (Sam stops once again.) William, look over there. Mochi? Mochi. It’s soft Japanese mochi. It looks so delicious. You must eat mochi when you come to Japan. (Humming in approval) It’s really tasty. (He looks for another dish to eat.) William. By the way, William doesn’t look happy. (What’s wrong?) What’s wrong? What is it? (What happened to William?) Do your legs hurt? Do they hurt? What should we do? Noah. – Noah. / – They are baby shoes. Baby shoes. Past the entrance is the living room. There are items for babies such as mats and toys. Whose house is this? Noah. Who is that? Where are you, Noah? Whose voice is that? (Let’s go out and check.) Whose voice is that? Yang Noah. Hello. She is my friend. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. (Noah’s mom, Kahi) She is the charismatic queen of dancing who used to be a member of After School, Kahi. (She is the queen of dancing.) (She was a tiger trainer in an audition program.) How about a week? A month? A year? Will you be able to do it in a year? She got married in 2016 and gave birth to Noah in October. He looks strong. Noah has always been chubby and healthy. He is growing up as a charismatic baby. Noah, it’s nice to meet you. In 1998, I was the MC of “Music Bank”. She was in 12th grade then. She was in the corridor because she didn’t have a waiting room. I helped her have a meal inside the room. We share a deep friendship. When we had the charity bazaar, she sent me a lot of good items. I wanted to thank her. Hwijae. Welcome. Welcome. He just woke up. You did? Your sons grew up a lot. – Seojun and Seoeon. / – Hello, Noah. (It’s nice to meet you.) Thank you so much. – Don’t mention it. / – I sold them well. Noah, high-five. I sold them well. High-five. – He is happy. / – He is in a good mood. – He loves older boys. / – Really? I have a nephew who is five years old. – He follows him around. / – Can he stand up already? – He hugs him. / – Can he stand up already? He hugs him. – Can he stand up already? / – He can walk and run. He’s already standing up? You just had your first birthday. You just had your first birthday. He is fast. He walked when he was 10 months old. He is so fast. He looks like he is three years old. (I am not three years old.) – He is like a president. / – He is. Mr. President, how are you feeling? You are not even crying. Noah, may I play with this? Noah, may I play with this? Yes. He said, “Yes.” He said, “Yes.” High-five. High-five. (Should I do it or not?) (He high-fives freely.) He fooled me. (What is that?) (Let me touch it.) What is that, Noah? He is surprised. (He turns around.) (There is another one.) (The camera follows Noah.) (Fascinated) (This is strange.) (Who are you?) Hey. Hey. Noah. (He can’t take his eyes off of the camera.) He likes the cameras. It’s in his DNA. He will introduce his parents now. He will introduce his parents now. Good. Seojun. Is she a sister or an aunt? – A sister. / – She’s a sister? – Really? / – She’s a sister? What do you think she used to do? (Thinking) – Can you guess? / – Sing. Sing? – How did you know? / – How did you know? How did you know? In the past, she was singer, a choreographer and a girl group member. Now she is also Noah’s mom. I’m a housewife. It’s the happiest time of your life. Do you feel the happiest now? – Do you miss it? / – The feelings are mixed. It’d be a lie to say I am the happiest now. Her specialties were singing and dancing. – Dancing? / – Yes. I’m the same. – I’m the same. / – He says he is the same. – Really? / – Let’s see it. (Seoeon moves to the music.) He likes it. (He shakes his shoulders.) (He shows amazing steps.) Noah. (The president dances, too.) Seoeon, do you know this song? (This song is…) (He dances enthusiastically.) (Here I come.) Noah. Look at him. (He is starting a chainsaw.) That’s good. (Pick me, pick me) (He is asking everyone to pick him.) My goodness. Noah. (He doesn’t stop.) (What is this atmosphere?) Noah. (Let’s have fun together.) Hello. You kicked backwards. Seoeon. Am I good at dancing? Do you want to be good at dancing? Yes. I think you have a great sense of rhythm. (What’s my score?) Out of 100… (Nervous) You get 99. (Congratulations.) (I agree.) Tickle, tickle, tickle. (It tickles.) Tickle, tickle, tickle. (When he falls down…) Seoeon, help him up. – Like this? / – Not like that. Grab his shoulders. He can get up on his own. (Thank you, Seoeon.) (It’s time for Noah to eat.) Noah. – Is that Noah’s milk? / – Yes. – Is that banana milk? / – No. – Is it white milk? / – It’s baby formula. – Baby formula? / – Yes. Before he can drink white milk, he drinks this baby formula. Are you going to hold it for him? Thank you, Seoeon. (He smells the baby formula.) There you go. Thank you. (He feeds Noah a bite.) (He holds it until Noah comes back.) (But Noah is going somewhere.) (Noah, where are you going?) (He follows Noah.) I have to change Noah’s diaper. Do you remember when you wore diapers? You do? – Is that how you do it? / – Yes. Noah, left foot. (He even helps her change Noah’s diaper.) Pull up his underwear. Pull it up. Let me see yours. (Glancing) He’s only a baby. – This is a gift. / – What is it? What is this? You didn’t have to get me a gift. Thank you. My gosh. Noah, this is a tracksuit. My gosh, are you happy with stripes? It’s a bold tracksuit with stripes. Will Noah look great in this? – Hello, Chairman Yang. / – Goodness. (Chairman Yang’s home outfit is completed.) My gosh, what is that? (Even his mom laughs.) If he wears the stripped slippers… – He’ll be a test-taker. / – A test-taker? (I can do this!) Noah, stay healthy. I have a feeling you’ll get a sibling soon. That’s what I think. Exactly. Exactly. That’s right. After the shoot, she announced she was pregnant again. Congratulations. Let’s pray for her so you can get a sister. Listen to your mom. (Noah, let’s meet again.) Various makeup and hair-styling tools will help five siblings look pretty on the stage. How will they transform? (Make their eyebrows look sharp) (and their lips moist.) Please make me handsome. Make me look more good-looking. Don’t move. You have to stay still. Hold on. Pout your lips. There you go. (I’m scared of the hair dryer.) (He’s transforming into a handsome kid gentleman.) Look in the mirror. (Looking handsome) Show them a handsome side of you. Work your eyes. You are the best. The empty auditorium is all filled up now. Let’s practice our pose for the last time and go. You can do it twice. – I’ll do this. / – Okay. (Jaesi will do cute poses.) – Do one more. Okay. / – I will… Okay. Next. – Move up. That? / – That’s mine. Jaesi. Jaesi! That’s my pose. He said that’s his pose. Do another pose. We are going to start now. Look at the time. Everyone is leaving. We must get ready now. – Please stand by. / – Okay. Let’s go. (The turn is nearing.) Are you nervous, Jaesi? No. Ask him for advice. He’s on his phone. He’s not nervous. Ask him. Ask him how you should do your walk. Do your best. Everyone, let’s bring it in. Go for it. Let’s do a good job. One, two, three. – We can do it! / – We can do it! (The opening concert kicks off the show.) With the opening concert, the charity event for multi-cultural families has begun. (The audience has gathered for a good cause.) (Jaesi is nervous as she’s the first model.) How many people came? How many? 500 people. – 500 people. / – 500 people came. Sian, you can do a good job, right? (It seems Sian is slightly nervous.) All right. We will begin the fashion now. Please give them a warm welcome. What am I going to do? Gosh, I’m really nervous. Please save me. What should I do? Jaesi’s very first walk. Will she do a good job? Jaesi. You’re up now. Hey, we’re starting. Sua. Seola, we started. (She starts walking with confidence.) (The audience cheers at her appearance.) (She walks step by step while feeling nervous.) (She does her pose shyly.) (Jaesi is doing well.) (She successfully makes her debut as a model.) – Good job. / – Hurry. Go up the stage now. – Go up now. Hurry. / – Hurry and go. (Sua is the second one to walk.) (She’s confident as if she’s done it before.) (Staring) (My gosh, she’s adorable.) (This is a chic pose by Elegant Sua.) (Next up is Seola.) (Looking adorable) (She looks composed with her hand gesture.) (She stops accurately at the marked spot.) (She does a cute pose.) (Her gestures captivated the audience.) (Turning) (You thought I was done, didn’t you?) (Jaea is next.) Let’s go. (Jaea sets out.) (Her walk exudes confidence.) (This tennis player swings her arm for her pose.) It’s your turn now, Sian. (It’s time for Sian’s walk.) (Am I shaking now?) (Pit-a-pat) Go now. Sian, let’s go. (Today show’s dark horse, Sian ventures out.) (Looking adorable) (The audience cheers for him fervently.) (Walking slowly) The youngest model, Sian wins over the audience as he walks slowly. I’m so proud of him. (He’s doing well.) (He does his cool pose indifferently.) Even his last pose is perfect. (Sian successfully does his walk without his dad.) (Looking confident) (The next catwalk belongs to Donggook.) (They exchange a high-five smoothly.) (It’s been a while since he’s been on a catwalk.) Wow, you did so well! You’re the best. (He does a shooting pose.) (He wraps it up with Sian’s cool pose.) (However, they are not done yet.) Let’s go. I’ll lift you. Let’s go, Sian. We must be back in three minutes. Let’s go. (The biggest challenge is to change in three minutes.) Let’s hurry. Sian. We must hurry. – Dad, give me my outfit. / – Okay. Where is it? – I don’t see it. / – My outfit. Sian, take off your clothes. Sian, hurry. – 30 seconds. / – We don’t have much time. Has it been 30 seconds yet? Hurry, Sian. – Hold on. / – Sian, faster. Come on. Your head. Hold on a second. Sorry, Sian. Give me a second. (They are busy dressing the younger ones.) – Wear this first. / – Please hurry. Sian, wear this. – Jaea, you must hurry. / – Help her. Help her dress. (Is this a song to take the edge off?) What does “hurry” mean? Hurry? (Screaming) You’re done. (Where is this scream coming from?) Are you all right? Open your eyes. Hold on. Jaesi. Hold on. What should I do with her? – This is stuck. / – One, two, three. Girls, hurry up. Hold on. How are we supposed to do this? Hold her. Hold her for me. Hold her for me. (Sorry for not being able to keep this from airing.) Wait. Don’t force it. Hold on a moment. – No, no. / – One… – Do we have scissors? / – We don’t have scissors. There’s none? Seola, it hurts, right? – Loosen it first. / – One, two, three. (Seola is in the air.) – Hold on. Wait. / – We can do this. – Seola, don’t do that. / – One, two, three. Goodness. – Good girl. / – We can do this. Hey, it’s working. – Ouch. / – We got it. We got it, we got it. (It’s out!) It’s okay, it’s okay. (There is no time to cry.) – Good job. / – Don’t cry. – It hurts. / – You did well. – Good job, Sua. / – Here. Good job. Just a moment. (Sian is wrestling with a jacket.) Meanwhile, Sian is wrestling with a jacket. (Floundering) (Jaea helps him.) (Now he has to button up.) (It will take him until tomorrow.) (He’s buttoning with his face.) – Sian, you’re cool. / – Don’t cry, don’t cry. – You’re doing so well. / – Hold on. Look. Sian, go downstairs first. (Sian looks great thanks to his sister.) While the five siblings are battling, the fashion show is moving smoothly. Will the five siblings get to the stage in time? (Their turn is coming up soon!) (They need to hurry down.) Those who’d changed need to go down. – Sian. / – We should go down. You have to take the kids. – We can’t. / – Okay, you go first. Sua, hurry! (Seola, hurry up!) Dad, hurry up. We’ll be late. We’re going to be late because of you. Okay. – I got ready fast. / – Even when thinking fast, – you have to act calmly. / – I was fast. Yes, you were fast. Let’s go, Sian. I’m ready to go. Your hair… Let me see. – Is my hair okay? / – Let’s go. Yes, it looks cool. Let’s go, let’s go. – We look the same. / – Yes. (Jaesi and Jaea are already on the catwalk.) (They’re confident since they’re together.) (Rushing) We’re not late, are we? (Next up are Seola and Sua.) (Seola is a professional.) (They’re making a heart together.) (They were off-beat, but they made a heart.) – Go together. / – Am I going too? No. Let him go first. Go together, then let him walk alone. Go up together, but have him walk alone. Here? Hold on. – You will go together. / – I will go with you. You will walk together. – You can go now. / – Okay. (They’re finally off!) (Donggook and Sian are here!) (His walk is stable.) Sian! (Relaxed) (His cuteness dominates the room.) (Shall I start?) (He’s giving them a look.) (Sian is so cool!) (He’s doing an impromptu pose.) (The crowd doesn’t scare him.) (Donggook and Sian walk together.) Sian. (They’re a good team.) Let’s go. (Now, the highlight of the show!) It’s today’s finale. All five siblings are on their way. (They’re wishing their best for the Olympics.) Their first fashion show was a success. I was worried at first, but they did better than I thought. It’s such a good memory. I’m glad the kids had the opportunity. It feels good as well since it’s for a good cause. (What should we eat next?) William. (He’s looking gloomy.) (What’s wrong?) What is it? What? Are you tired? Are you tired? – Are you tired? / – Yes. What should we do? (Sam was busy eating instead of buying a gift.) For young William, it was hard to keep up with Sam’s speed. What should we do? (My legs hurt!) I’m sorry. I didn’t bring your stroller. What do we do? We don’t have a stroller. (Sam picks him up.) You’ve gotten so heavy. – What do we do? / – Dad. Dad. Okay. You must be tired. Why didn’t I bring your stroller? (He’s moaning.) How will Sam get out of this predicament? (Stopping) William. (Why are they going into a bag shop?) (What is Sam trying to buy?) Isn’t that a cart? (What are you going to do with that?) (We’ll make do with what we have.) (The cart stroller is off.) Sit down. Sit down. You can ride this instead of a stroller. (It drives smoothly even on curves.) Sam’s idea is pretty good. I should try that when I go on a trip. (Sam is full of ideas.) (I didn’t know you could do that.) This is almost the same as a stroller. (I’m comfortable too.) What should we buy for Mom and Bentley? (William spotted something.) What is this? What is this place? – Hi. / – Hi. – What’s your name? / – Sam. Sam? S-A-M? Yes. (What is this?) My gosh. What is that? The highly skilled worker made Sam’s name tag. It’s so cool. (Amazed) It’s for you. Thank you. My gosh. This is mine. It’s my name. (She’s amazing!) (They decided to go into the store.) Wow! William, that’s so cute. It’s cute. Okay. Great. One of these. Yes. Blue? Blue, please. And one of these. In blue. (Thank you!) (They will do the embroidery on the spot.) It’s yours. (Transfixed) They’re getting their names embroidered. These are one-of-a-kind gifts. (They purchased the gifts!) Yumi and Bentley will love these. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (He sits down automatically.) – Thank you. / – Thank you. After purchasing the gifts, Sam heads somewhere else. Where are they going now? This is Asakusa’s iconic location, Sensoji Temple. On the way to the main hall is a huge incense burner in the middle. Legend says you can get healthy from the smoke. (You will live long if you go close to the smoke.) (He’s bringing the smoke close to William.) (However, it’s too far for little William.) (What should I do?) (Sam is working hard for William’s health.) There. Hello, Sam. Hello, Sam. I’m a huge fan of you and William. – Thank you. / – Hello. William, say hello. Hello. Gosh, you’re cold. Yes. He has cold hands. Oh, my gosh. I’m a huge fan of yours. Really? Thank you so much. – Could we take a picture? / – Sure. Stop looking at me. One, two, three. (We welcome pictures anytime.) All right. Do you happen to know what this place is? It’s a place to make a wish. I see, okay. All right, thank you. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Okay. Thank you. Bye. William, say bye. It’s too late. She already left. William, it’s the new year. We should make a wish. Shall we ask for a healthy and happy family? How about asking for a little sister? (I want a daughter.) Are you hungry? I’m starving. – Food. / – Yes. What do you want? What should we eat? (Thinking) (He chose white noodles.) That one? (He chose white noodles.) Excuse me. Yes. Excuse me. Soba? – Soba? All soba? / – Yes. (All he says is “soba”.) This one is the most popular. (What?) Where am I? You’re in Tokyo, Japan. Why are there so many people who can speak Korean? I love Korea so much, so I taught myself. Why is this color different? (William chose white soba noodles.) It’s white because we don’t use the husks. We’ll try one of these first. Some fried food. (Fried shrimp and duck meat) – We’ll try the duck. / – Okay. Do you have baby chairs? – Yes, I’ll bring you one. / – Thank you. – Where… / – Right next to me. William, let her pass. (It’s easy to set up.) – Does it work? / – Yes. (That looks easy.) Shall we sit down? Thank you. Thank you. Sit down. Wow, William! This is really nice. Here is your food. Here you go. Food! Yes. Thank you. Today’s dinner is white soba noodles and shrimp tempura. (Noodles and tempura) There is also some duck meat. This will melt away their exhaustion. Food. Sit down. (He’s putting the noodles in the sauce.) Here we go. What is this? (Oh no.) (His hands are fast.) It won’t taste good that way. (You’re right.) (Should I eat it properly?) (What is this mysterious taste?) (Hurray!) – What is it? / – Yes! (Yes!) You like it? Is this softer than regular soba noodles? More. More. Okay. Don’t. I’ll do it for you. (Please hurry.) (He’s eating the ones that fell on the table.) (Do you want to try?) (It’s so tasty!) Is it good? You’re so excited. (I’m going to eat it all!) (He finished all the noodles.) (Give me more.) You finished it. You ate it all. When we have noodles again next time, we should get one each. I didn’t know you would like this so much. From now on, one soba noodles per person. Okay? (I’d like that.) Guess where we are. Where do you think we are? Hello. (Where are they?) I made an appointment under Ko Jiyong. – For a creativity test? / – Yes. – You can go inside. / – Okay. I tend to be blunt and straightforward. I’m scared I might influence his creativity. Let’s hit it up to here. Then it will become an ant. It looks like a rainbow. You’re a smart boy. Mr. Giraffe, does your neck hurt? Okay. I’ll treat you. (Seungjae has abundant imagination.) (On the other hand, Jiyong…) They won’t eat it because it’s a leaf. It’s too dry. They won’t like it. (Jiyong is always spewing out facts.) Personally, what do you think about Seungjae’s creativity? I think he’s pretty creative. What about yourself? I think I’m ordinary. – Ordinary? / – I’m pretty average. When we check for a child’s creativity, we also check the parents’ creativity. It’s necessary. Do you want me to open it? The doctor will study how they normally act. Are you going to draw? What is that? What did you draw? – It’s your clothes. / – What? I don’t think I’m wearing blue. It’s another shirt. It’s a white one. You can’t see it. White on white won’t show. Jiyong won’t stop stating facts. Are you still drawing my clothes? What am I wearing? – Colorful clothes. / – Colorful clothes? Something colorful. There are stripes like a zebra. That means you will become a zebra. – I’ll become a zebra? / – Yes. I can see that he has a unique way of thinking. I think he’s very creative. – I’ll become a zebra? / – Yes. That means I can’t be your dad anymore. Then I will use magic to turn you back. Will you use magic to undo the spell? This is the magician’s broom. A magician’s broom? Seungjae is young right now, so he can express his creativity well. But if he continues to be brought up this way, it’s possible that Seungjae’s spectrum of imagination won’t be as diverse. That’s why Jiyong and Seungjae did a test. Five-year-old imaginative Seungjae versus fact-based Jiyong. (Seungjae versus Jiyong) How will they answer to the same questions? (What if I was a…) – Do you like animals? / – Yes. How would you feel if you were a lion? I would be sad. Why? Why would you be sad? Lions need fences. Seungjae met a lion behind bars at a zoo. (Seungjae thought it looked sad.) He must have felt bad for the lion. Then what about a star? What if you were a star? I want to come out in a dream. Why do you want to come out in a dream? I want to see dinosaurs. – To play with them? / – Yes. I see. You should try to be as creative as you can. Tell us how it would feel to be a rooster. (Cock-a-doodle-doo.) (Roaring) Twinkle, twinkle… Okay, well done. (What if objects made sounds?) What can you hear? A dolphin. Can you hear a dolphin? – I think it’s a shark. / – Is it? As we all already know, the sound of the waves? Why does an elephant have a long nose? Elephants lived a long time ago. When there was a volcano eruption, the elephants became scared and covered up their legs. – And? / – The nose covered them. – That’s why elephants have long noses. / – I see. The nose acts like their hand. Maybe it developed to use it – more freely. / – Okay. Good job. Wow, it’s full. It’s filled with water. What do I do now? Now take this water and move it here without using your hands. Will Seungjae be able to use his creativity? You have so many tools. I think you can do it by yourself, – so I’ll step out. / – Okay. (The test is starting!) What should I use? This is… (No, not this.) Which tool will he use? – Here. / – Goodness, is he going to use a sponge to do it? That’s amazing. Let’s try it. (He’s using a spoon to speed up the process.) (He’s looking for other tools.) (He moves the sponge to the other side) (and uses a fork to squeeze out the water.) (He’s using a spoon for the remaining water.) (Could there be a better way?) Hold on. Seungjae is thinking. He found something. (Wait a minute!) (It’s a stopwatch.) What are you trying to do? What? Yes? What? You’re at home? Hold on. I’m getting on the taxi. Hello, Jiyong. (He’s acting like he’s Jiyong’s friend.) What did you say? You’re drinking? I should come with you. (I will come drinking with you.) (Right, I don’t have time for this.) I’ll do this. (He chose a pencil case?) (What did his eyes see?) (It’s a towel.) (Is he getting rid of the remaining water?) It’s gone. I’m finished! (He successfully moved all the water.) First, out of the tests that Seungjae had, when Seungjae said he would be sad to be a lion, and I asked him why. He said it’s because they’re in cages. Seungjae is very good at sympathizing and empathizing with others. It also looks like he’s someone who would think twice about other people’s feelings. You should give him enough feedback to satisfy his emotional needs. Secondly, we did a test to see how well he would use the objects around him. He didn’t end with just the sponge. He used various tools. That shows that he thinks outside of the box. He takes other things into consideration and has the ability to think flexibly. It’s looking good right now. We had you and Seungjae take the same test. We’ll look at the result. It’s called Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking. It tests and checks how well you can use your creativity. Overall… (What is Jiyong’s result?) You’re in 99th place out of 100. You’re in the bottom one percent. – I’m almost last. / – Yes, that was the result. As for Seungjae, he is very young. This test itself could have been hard for him. When taking his age into consideration, he’s developing at a normal speed. You can assume that. One thing he was exceptional in was abstract thinking. (This is a whale!) It’s a carp. (The whale is trying to catch the carp.) (He expressed in creative and abstract ways.) He was exceptional in his abstract thinking. He’s probably in fifth place out of 100 people. – That’s very high score. / – I have a question. If he thinks abstractly, when he reaches his teen, people might think him odd. When he grows up to become an adult, would he become someone hard to socialize with? Just because he thinks abstractly, it does not mean he will have trouble socializing. You won’t have to worry. He’s very developed and emotionally stable. There is no need to worry. From now on, even when you’re at home, you should show him your creativity. How you react to him could cause a big impact to his imagination. If you just keep that in mind, he will grow up with a richer mind. Thank you. They’re back home that afternoon. (Is he going for a walk with his dinosaurs?) He was playing fine when he suddenly ran out. (Why are you at the vegetable garden?) Why are you going outside without your dad? Cover it. I hope you grow fast. Give me a lot of fruits. What are you doing? I just planted a chocolate. (What?) Did you plant a chocolate? Did you plant a chocolate like a seed? (Seungjae planted a chocolate seed.) I planted it right here. – Did you plant it here? / – Yes. The chocolate tree will grow tall like this later. Tall, tall, tall… – That high? / – It will grow that tall. – Really? / – Yes. That will be so much fun. (That sounds like so much fun.) (Tapping) If you plant a chocolate, will a tree really grow? – That’s right. / – It will? Yes. There will be 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 chocolates. – There will be 10? / – Yes. (Hurry up and grow.) (Okay.) You should go check on your dinosaurs. – I’ll keep watch. / – Okay. (All of a sudden?) Go check if they’re okay. (Suspicious) Normally, I would just take it away. I was reminded of what the doctor said. So I decided to make a tree. Come here. (The mission is starting.) This is… (He doesn’t know what to do.) (Will he be able to do it?) (Struggling) I have never done such a thing. (He’s putting chocolates on a chili plant.) When I was young, I wanted to get married to a candy shop. To the owner of the candy shop. Will he believe this? (The chocolate tree is finished.) Seungjae, come out! Come here. (What is it?) (What?) There are chocolates. (How will Seungjae react?) There are so many! There are so many. That’s right. (My dream came true!) It’s chocolate! It’s chocolate! I’m going to become really rich. There are 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9… There are 10! There are 10? That’s what you said. Hold on. You should have one too. (Seungjae is having one too.) How happy are you? This much. Which do you like better? A regular chocolate or a chocolate from the tree? A chocolate from the tree. – Does it taste better? / – Yes. There is chocolate everywhere. Is it everywhere? It’s funny. What if the tree grows all the way to the sky? I will have to climb up to eat it. You’re going to climb? – I’m cool, right? / – You’re so cool. – Will you give me some? / – Yes. – I’ll give you this much. / – Give me a kiss. (Kissing) (Proud) Let’s plant a jelly tree! (Plant a jelly tree for me!) (Seungjae’s imagination will reach the sky.) Do you want a jelly tree? Yes! (Seungjae’s imagination will reach the sky.)


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    38:00 Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) by Robert Palmer
    38:33 I Want You Back by The Jackson 5
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    40:55 Silly Love by 유하정
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    47:10 My Type by Saint Motel
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    52:18 Believe by Lee JinAh
    53:36 With Or Without You by U2
    53:57 Let It Shine by Yozoh
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