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The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.292 : To You Who Shines Today Part.1 [ENG/IND/2019.09.01]

November 8, 2019

The Return of Superman, episode 292. “To You Who Shines Today.” It’s a sunny morning. Which family is visiting Daebu Island? That’s great. You’re doing great, Sian. That’s great. Isn’t he practicing too hard in the morning? That’s it. Soccer is all about your footwork. You should practice even when everyone else is asleep. That’s the only way you’ll improve. (Flashy footwork) – That’s it. That’s it. / – You’re good. – He’s clenching his teeth. / – Right, he is. (He’s become decisive too.) You should practice even when I’m not looking. Okay. You should practice. I’ll be taking some rest. – Okay? / – Okay. Try this. It warms your eyes. – Do I put it on? / – Yes. It soothes your eyes. (I’m so tired these days.) It warms your eyes. It soothes your eyes. I think I’ll fall asleep. – But his son is… / – His son… – He’s practicing hard. / – Move faster, Sian. (I’m watching. Move faster.) Sian is… Sian, you should rest too. (What?) He saw them. (Are they sleeping?) Are they sleeping? Sian just caught them. This is the chance for Sian to take revenge. Yes, he is! (Tickling) What is this? Why are you sleeping, Dad? I was pondering. – I can still see everything. / – Liar. Sian, among the friends you played soccer with before, who do you miss the most? (The friend he missed the most is…) Seonggong. – Seonggong? / – Yes. – He’s here. / – He is. Who is this? He looks so cute. Sian is excited. – Hi. / – Hello. It’s Seonggong, whom Sian missed the most. Last time, he came with his dad, the former table tennis player. He looks exactly like his father. And he’s here with his mother. – Where is his dad? / – He’s gone to Gwangju – for the 2019 FINA World Championships. / – I see. (Daddy is here.) Let me see. Oh, it’s your dad’s face. It’s the paddle. His dad’s picture – is on the paddle. / – He put the picture on it. It’s Seonggong’s dad. (Hello, Sian.) He’s ugly. Is he ugly? Your dad hasn’t been handsome since he was young. (Wow.) They are here. The second Lion King FC player is here. We can see his determination by the way he enters. – Hi. / – Hi. (Choi Chulsoon is the star defender of Jeonbuk FC.) He’s the ace indeed. Look how he carries the ball. (He practices dribbling while walking.) Right. Jaehee scored the first goal. Jaehee scored Lion King FC’s first goal. Although Sian didn’t show it back then, – he was actually jealous. / – You’re right. (Hey, it’s good to see you, brother.) (They are so cool.) I think there are underlying feelings between them. Do they keep each other in check? They do. They must keep each other in check. Jaehee, did you practice a lot? No, not a lot. – He says he didn’t practice a lot. / – I didn’t. (He’s a model student who pretends he didn’t study.) I did. – They are here. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hi. He’s the basketball player, Kang Byunghyung’s son. – Hello. / – Hello. – Come here. / – Look at him bringing a chair. What is that? (This loyal guy shares candies with his friends.) – Thank you. / – He’s brought some snacks. Thank you. It’s tasty. I’ll chew it. Yoojoon is one loyal kid. I guess Yoojoon enjoyed himself a lot back then. He kept wanting to meet and play with the Lion King FC players. I guess he enjoyed doing things with his peers. (Proud) We should have prepared more thoroughly. And I scored one goal when we played. (Why are you pushing my friend?) (Loyal Yoojoon is so cool.) – Right. / – I remember. It was so cool how loyal Yoojoon was. Moreover, at this one-on-one moment, Yoojoon’s corner kick got them their final goal, which resulted in them winning the game. (The victory was even sweeter as they were together.) I scored too. (What about you, Sian?) (I’ll score one this time.) – He can score this time. / – What is he doing? (Laughing) He’s wearing a mask. A mysterious boy in taekwondo uniform walks in with his mom. I think I know who that is. Who is he? Is he a new player or do we know him? – We know him. / – We know him. Right. You came wearing a mask when it’s so hot. You must’ve been hot. (He still has decisive kicks.) – His kick is decisive. / – Right. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. She’s the national player. – Hello. / – I thought you were in Italy or somewhere. – I was at the 2019 Summer Universiade. / – I see. – Are you a coach now? / – Yes. Have we ever met on the field? – Yes. / – When? At the 2010 EAFF E-1 Football Championship. I went out to work out in the morning, and you ran alongside me. Please say that louder. (People must hear this.) Did you hear that, Sian? Danwoo’s mom just said I ran early in the morning. – Say it loudly. / – He loves hearing about it. At that moment, a new boy visits Lion King FC. Isn’t he the son of a baseball player? Hello. – Hello. / – Hi. Hello. (Hey, we’ve never seen him before.) (Who is he?) There’s a seat. Take your bag off. Your bag… Your bag is bigger than you. Like this? Why don’t you stand up and introduce yourself? – My name is… / – Yes? Na Jungjae. Na Jungjae. – Na Jungjae? / – Yes. Na Ahjae? Na Ahjae? Jungjae, what is your dad’s name? – Na Sungbum. / – What? (It’s Na Sungbum.) The baseball player? NC’s Na Sungbum is going forth into the major leagues. (Na Sungbum is Changwon’s superstar!) (He’s a promising baseball player for the big league.) He’s a star player who is touted as the next generation big leaguer. He looks cute just like his dad. ♪ Are you ready? ♪ ♪ Yes, yes, Father ♪ – Ready? / – Yes. In three, two, one. (Splashing) Try throwing. Throw it to me while looking at my face. My goodness. – He has good posture. / – Yes. (Do I look like my dad?) How good is he? It must have gone far. Did it go very far? (Where did the ball go?) (He has a peculiar throwing skill.) (He’s only six after all.) Have fun with your friends, okay? It’s time to say goodbye to their parents for a bit so they could get training. Aren’t you going to play? Mom, I miss you. He misses her when she’s there. Goodness. By the way, Lee Yong is like a regular on the show despite being a bachelor. It’s not like they’re going to the army. Don’t cry. – They’re telling you not to cry. / – Like this. (After a tearful goodbye…) After the momentary tears, the kids enter the training school cheerfully. They’re so excited as if nothing happened. Yes. Kids are like that. They’re amazed by the cameras. (Amazed) (Peeking!) Excuse me. Gosh. I guess kids of athletes are all very energetic. (Please capture how good I am at taekwondo.) He’s showing off his taekwondo skills to the camera. (Jaehee does goal ceremony like a true soccer player.) Sian is a veteran. Take a seat. Guess what kind of food I will be making for you. It’s food that will give you strength. – It will give you strength. / – Carrots? Chili? – Milk? / – Zucchini! – Potato! / – Milk? It’s samgyetang. Copy me. Samgyetang. – “Samgyetang.” / – “Samgyetang.” I’ll be making samgyetang for you. – Samgyetang is good. / – Isn’t it? Food that gives you strength… – We have to eat it. / – We do, don’t we? (I wanted to say it first.) Sian… We have to buy groceries. Do you know what groceries are? – Yes. / – You have to go and buy it! He’s a beat too slow. That’s right. I said that in my head. Did you? – Sian was faster in his head. / – Yes. We have to make samgyetang. Jaehee, Sian and Seonggong should go buy some chicken. – Jaehee, can you do it? / – Yes. – Seonggong, you too. / – Yes. Jungjae, Yoojoon and Danwoo should stay behind to help me. – Okay. / – We have to prepare. Lion King FC’s special forces head to a nearby store to buy some chicken. Eight chickens. Have you run an errand before? Of course! I did it for Mom. I only ran errands inside our home. I ran so many errands before. Follow me. Follow me. No, follow me. There’s the store. – Let’s go! / – The store is pretty near. (They arrived at a nearby store!) Welcome. – Where… / – One drumstick… – Drumsticks? / – No, eight drumsticks. They’re in the fridge. (They ignore the tempting snacks.) (They found the goal of their errand, chickens!) Here are the chicken drumsticks! (Let’s buy the amount we need!) – Okay, two packs. / – Yes, two packs. – Three and four. / – Right. – Eight. / – Gosh. Five. – Six. / – Seven. – Eight. / – We’re buying them all. We bought them all. Let’s go. – Let’s go. / – How many are they? Three little kids went to buy eight raw chickens. We’re getting eight. They’re buying something else. What are they buying? – It’ll be too heavy. / – Wait. Move for a second. (What are they trying to buy?) – I got it. / – It’ll be heavy. – What? / – Watermelon? (Struggling) It’s too heavy. Let’s do it together. (The three of them try to work together!) – It’s making me nervous! / – No! – Let’s roll it. / – Let’s roll it. – Good. / – They’re rolling it. Let’s roll it since it’s heavy. They’re smart, but… Let’s roll it. Let’s roll it. – It’s too heavy. / – Let’s roll it. How much is it? The watermelon is 10 dollars. – Here. / – Thank you. This is right. (They were able to pay without a problem.) Open the door. Oh, no. – Are they going to roll it home? / – Bye! Don’t we all have experience doing that as a child? We’d buy one on an errand then break it. – No. / – You’ve never done that? I never rolled it like that. Guys! – The plastic bag is going to rip. / – Help me. I can’t do this. It’s so heavy. Let’s take a break. Let’s take a break. (Dribbling the watermelon is really hard.) I said, let’s take a break! I want to keep going. I have jelly. Jelly? (Then I will come to you!) I’ll help you a little. You should go first. Their friendship blossomed while buying groceries. We can sit here too. (Heave-ho) (The trio has finally come together!) (Here’s a jelly!) – Who wants another one? / – Me! They must be tired. I tried this one already. Where did you get it? It was in my pocket. I packed it secretly. (Good job, Sian.) – How nice of him to share it with them. / – He’s nice. – It’s the last one. / – Let’s go now. Me too. He’s already eating the last one. – Gosh. / – He had the last one in his mouth, – but he’s giving it to his friend. / – How nice. Guys, guess what this is. – Corns. / – Corns. – It looks delicious! / – Doesn’t it? Here. Hold one each. Good. Everyone, take one. No, it’s not to eat. You have to remove one by one like this. Danwoo, you’re good. Total 12. I tried doing a few really fast. Jungjae is good. They must be taking the kernels off – to make rice with corn. / – I see. Rice with corn is delicious. Call me when you’re done. – We’ll be over there. / – Keep working on it. Okay. (As soon as the coaches leave…) – They’re eating right away. / – They’re eating it. We anticipated this. If we eat it all, we won’t have food to eat. You’re right. (They’re devoted to their job!) – They’re doing a good job. / – Gosh. (The kernels are building up.) I have 10,000 of them. – I have 10. / – 20. I have 10, 1,000, 10,000, 20, 100 of them. Six-year-olds have their own set of numbers. They have their own number system. (Jungjae is picking up loose kernels.) – What? / – He found something. – What is it? / – I think he saw something. (What is it?) It’s a mantis! – A mantis! / – It’s a mantis! (What did they discuss during their first meeting?) (Can you catch a mantis?) (Even if the mantis is bigger than a house,) (I can kick them.) (I can beat it with six kicks!) (Squealing!) Danwoo, you said you’d kick six times. (Scared out of their wits) He’s running away instead of doing six kicks. (We have to save the corn!) (The long-headed grasshopper is confused.) I’ll be brave and catch it. If you hold its leg, you’ll get poisoned. It might be looking for its mom. – Yes. / – It’s looking for its mom. (I’ll bring up the courage to pick him up…) I’m scared! It’s okay. It’s not scary if you hold it by the front legs. (Jungjae uses a plastic bag to catch it.) Wow, Jungjae’s brave. – Throw it. / – Throw it. Yes! – Yes! / – We did it! (Congratulations on releasing the grasshopper.) Good job. (Good job, my friend.) Good job! You’re such a nice guy. (By the way, when are the boys with chicken coming?) It’s too heavy! Meanwhile, the errand special forces are still struggling at the same spot. (Let’s try lifting it together!) (Crack) It cracked. (The watermelon ended up in a miserable shape.) – At least… / – We can take it like this. I knew this would happen. Let’s take half each. Are they going to crack it? That may work better. It’s opening. It’s opening. It looks delicious. I think it’ll be better to eat this here. That’s also a good idea. (It’s sweet.) (Marveling) (It tastes even better eaten like this.) It’s so cool. Yes, it is. – How sweet that must taste to them. / – I know. They must have been so thirsty. Oh, right. (Did you forget about the chicken?) Right, the chicken. What should we do about this? You should go. Oh, he’s bringing it over. (We should get going now.) The others might have collapsed from being too hungry. Right. (Don’t worry. We’re eating too.) (Let’s get going again.) (We were happy while we were eating.) It’s so heavy. I’ll get going. It’s so heavy. Will they be able to get those home? (Will we be able to go back?) They managed to get it back. Director. – Director! / – Director! What are you doing? Help us, please. Watermelon. Why did you buy a watermelon? – It looked delicious. / – What? – He didn’t ask them to buy it. / – He looks surprised. You bought the chicken. Well done. What’s wrong with the bag? – Because they dragged it. / – What? It’s all torn. Goodness. (I can’t believe you guys.) Did you bring this huge watermelon by yourselves? Yes. They are so cute. Come inside now. – I’ll take it. / – They did – a great job. / – You’re right. (Herbs to energize the Lion King FC players) I’ll put this. We can let it boil. (Be tasty.) He uses the kernels the boys prepared to make corn rice. – Is this done? / – Just press the button. Something looks off. You didn’t turn on the power. We almost starved them. (What would I have done without you?) It’s a special healthy summer food for the players. Samgyetang and rice with corn are ready. They look delicious. It looks delicious. – Thank you for the meal. / – Thank you for the meal. It’s a meal the boys worked together on. – That’s right. / – I like it. I like this too. We bought this. Right. I calculated well, didn’t I? (Sian, you’re the best.) (Whatever. Let’s just eat.) He’s got the drumstick. (It tastes even better since we bought them ourselves.) (Let’s eat a lot and win today.) They eat so well. They must have been so hungry after running the errand. It’s so tasty. (When Sian eats dried seaweed…) Me too. (Seonggong copies him.) (You cute little thing.) (Will you copy this too?) They’re hitting off quite well. How nice, Sian and Seonggong live up to their names. (They are Sian and Seonggong.) Goodness. They find each other cute. I cut it, Sian. – I cut it. / – Which one? They have great teamwork. The players must have gotten energized. Now let’s meet Jam Jam who’s already busy this morning. (I’ll make some breakfast.) She took out the disposable gloves. (I forgot the disposable hat.) (Pushing) She’s acquired the disposable hat. Hygiene comes first when you cook. You’re the chef today. Sit here. It’s done. She rubs them against each other to separate them. – Where did she see that? / – She looks skillful. (You must wear disposable gloves for hygiene.) (You must wear the disposable hat too.) Cooking is like a game for her. You look so pretty. I’ll make a lunchbox. This is for Daddy. A lot. – “A lot for Daddy.” / – “A lot for Daddy.” (She adds rice in her lunchbox too.) Rice is white. Did she say “rice is white”? Give me anchovies, please. (Is it tasty enough?) (Mom’s anchovy dish is the best.) Good. (She puts lots of tasty anchovies.) A lot. Give me eggs, please. What is she making? (She puts one each.) – Give me meat, please. / – Meat? Meat. Is she adding meat too? For Daddy too. She puts lots of meat for her dad. Aren’t you giving me too much? You’re fat. (Will you be like this too?) Daddy is skinny. Daddy is fat. She’s so honest. She’s so cute. Give me potatoes, please. – Do you want potatoes? / – Potatoes. She’s meticulous. She tastes everything – before putting them. / – It’s white. She adds a lot of things. Sausages. Okay. Sausages are here. Enjoy. – You can put it there. / – Sausages are pink. She’s so cute. Is it tasty? Are you cooking or eating? (She puts as many sausages as her love for Heejun.) (A pile of sausages) Oh, gosh. Cooking is done. See you again on Jam Jam Cooking TV. (Jam Jam’s lunchboxes) These lunchboxes are definitely filled with love. Let’s shake it. – Shake it, shake it. / – It’s the old-style lunch box. – We used to shake them. / – Right. Shake it, shake it. She’s copying her dad. (Be careful. It can make you look ugly.) – It’s done. / – It’s done. (Ta-da) It looks great. (It looks delicious.) I made it. It’s so tasty. It’s tasty. (Her hair is annoying her.) Jam Jam, your hair keeps falling forward. He should be tying her hair. Why is he undressing her? We don’t have a hairband. Wait. I’ll help your hair not come down. You look so cute. – That’s a good idea. / – She looks adorable. Let’s eat like this. This is better. Mom. Mom? – Yes. / – Do you think you look like Mom? Right. Mom always has her hair like this. Mom. He must find her adorable. Cheers. (Gobbling) (She fails to put the whole egg in her mouth.) (It’s tastier because I made it.) (Heejun’s appetite is back.) Jam Jam, it’s so tasty. (She could be Ha Jungwoo’s rival.) She eats as much as Ha Jungwoo. You’re eating so well. (Am I the best?) – It’s the best when kids eat well. / – You’re right. – This. / – Now – she’ll dance to digest the food. / – Shall we try it? – Yes. / – Yes. (What kind of dance will Jam Jam show today?) (We can tell she’s excited from her footwork.) (He’s also excited.) They suddenly got too excited. Cha-cha. Cha-cha. It’s fascinating how she copies the dance exactly. – Look. / – It’s the same. She’s better than her peer at catching the key moves. (Focused) Cha-cha. (This is the key footwork.) (Now comes the climax.) Okay. Goodness, isn’t it done yet? It’s the Pororo microphone. – Are you going to sing? / – Yes. (I want to sing.) “Moon Heejun’s Music Show.” Today’s guest on “Music Show” is Jam Jam. (It’s Jam Jam.) The title of the song you’ll sing… (“My Brother with Curly Hair”) Will you sing it for me? Set, go. (My brother) (Has curly hair) (My brother is a mischief) She sings half a beat late. (She’s born with an exceptional sense of rhythm.) You can only do that when you know the whole lyrics. (Which one is real?) (This is the proper way of saying “I don’t know.”) (And this isn’t.) – ♪ I don’t know ♪ / – ♪ I don’t know ♪ Well done. (See you next time.) After an exciting time, Jam Jam and Heejun are at a subway station. You’ve never gotten on a subway, right? Let’s try it today. Jam Jam calls it a “chitty chitty bang bang.” She loves trains. I think she’d be ecstatic to get on it. – Here. / – It’s Jam Jam’s first-ever subway trip. What adventure will she experience? – Train. / – Look at the train. Jam Jam, we’ll get on the train now. – What? / – Let’s go. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Hi. It must feel so fascinating and unfamiliar for her. (They are on the train at last.) – Hello. / – Hello. Let’s take have a seat. Goodness. Do you feel awkward? Her round eyes are even rounder now. – I guess you’re filming a TV show. / – Yes. Do you know the show, The Return of Superman? – I love the show. I love Naeun. / – Right. – Do you like Naeun? / – I like Naeun. I also like her brother. – I see. / – You should mention Jam Jam too. I’m a big fan. I enjoy Naeun and William on the show. – I see. / – Ma’am, what about Jam Jam? You kept mentioning Naeun and William. – I like them. / – So you’re a fan of the show. – My daughter is on the show too. / – I see. – She’s your daughter, mister? / – “Mister.” Yes. – Mister. / – He became an old guy. – Mr. Moon. / – She’s been on the show. I’ll take an interest in Jam Jam’s clips too. Okay, okay. Thank you. – Please watch her clips too. / – Thank you. – Hello. / – Hi. – Hello. / – We’re her fans. – Hello. Thank you. / – I saw you on TV. She’s so cute. – We’re her fans. / – They are her fans. – Hello. / – Say hello to them. May we take a photo with her? – A photo? Sure. / – Thank you. – Let’s take one with them. Hello. / – One, two, three. (It became a fan meeting all of a sudden.) – She’s so cute. / – Thank you. – Okay. / – Thank you. – Are you going somewhere? / – We have to get off now. – Sure. You should get off now. / – Bye. Bye. – They couldn’t get off. / – They couldn’t get off. – It’s because of the photo. / – They couldn’t get off after taking the photo. Gosh. – What will they do? / – They couldn’t get off. (We’re still happy, though.) My youngest daughter was your fan. – Your youngest daughter was? / – Yes. – Do you know our group, H.O.T.? / – Yes. – She’s our fan. / – I lined up to get tickets for her. – Did you line up to buy her tickets? / – Yes. She remembered it all of a sudden. She did it for her daughter. – For your youngest? / – I wanted her to study. – You wanted her to study? / – Yes. Which member in our group was she a fan of? Please. Please. Did she like Tony? (Can I say this to him?) It’s been fun. – So she liked Tony. / – Yes. How is she doing these days? – She got married. / – He must be proud when he hears their fans are married and doing well. – Say goodbye. / – Bye. – Say goodbye. “Bye.” / – Bye. – Let’s go. / – They’ve arrived. – Look at the uncle. / – Yes, look at the uncle. – Oh, no. / – What happened? – That’s her toy. / – They need to get off. The door is going to close. (Hurrying) – My heart is racing. / – I almost didn’t make it. – Gosh, how dynamic. / – I almost didn’t make it. Bye. (Bye, train.) Bye. (See you again next time.) Let’s ride that again next time. Jam Jam, you and I will go somewhere really fun. Are you happy? – Let’s go! / – Let’s go. It was Jam Jam’s first train ride. Where is she headed to? (Part 2 will air shortly.)


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    Lee yong uncle being a regular on the show despite being like single IS SOOOO FUNNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and cute

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    Sunday is the Lee Family's last episode, now that they're leaving 😭😭😭 I've loved the Lee Family for so much, I've watched all the Five Siblings grow up 😭💖 I hope you all the best in the future 🥰

  • Reply Hamed Shmary October 12, 2019 at 8:15 pm

    I Likt

  • Reply Jennifer Pesico November 3, 2019 at 10:34 am

    The guy with sian appa is handsome omo!

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