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The Secret Society of the Illuminati

August 15, 2019

– This week on BuzzFeed Unsolved we’re covering the Illuminati. Is is a real thing? What the hell is it? – It’s not a thing. – Alright, approach it with an
open mind, let’s get started. – Great. – [Ryan] Shockingly,
the Illuminati actually has a very real historical foundation. In 1776, in Bavaria, Germany, Adam Weishaupt, a German professor, inspired the ideal of French philosophy. Mainly secularism and rational thought, decided to form an organization
to protect those beliefs. Adam Weishaupt considered
joining the freemasons to help propagate his
views but unfortunately, could not afford the admission fee. (laughter) So instead, Weishaupt formed
a secret group of his own. He called it, The Order of the Illuminati. I don’t think they met by the train tracks it was probably a
basement, kinda like this. It was probably something like this. – Yeah, well we’ll bet yeah. – I don’t know why I’m holding that, okay. The Illuminati had an
anti-religious stance and focused on the
goals of self-knowledge, self-improvement, social
reform and free thought. Naturally, conservatives
considered this a threat to the church and by the mid to late 1780s, the Illuminati was stopped
and the active recruiting people into secret
societies, was criminalized. However, Weishaupt and the Illuminati would go Kobe in the fourth quarter. And continue to push on,
persisting with meetings and eventually spreading to France before disappearing into obscurity. But, some people believe, they survived. Here’s part of an interview
I had with an expert. – Well they believe that the
core group was formed back then and has evolve and so back in the 1920s, there were some fascists who
believed that the Illuminati were a group of Jews who
controlled the world. Right after World War II,
extremist anti-communists believed that the Illuminati
were a group of communists who controlled the world and most recently the Illuminati conspiracy
theorists believe that the Illuminati are part
of the New World Order. – [Ryan] Many people
believe the Illuminati seeked to make a dominant one
world totalitarian government, referred to as the New World Order. In fact, in a 2013 national
poll by public policy polling, 28 percent of voters poll believe in the possibility of a New World Order. Some people believe that the
influence of the Illuminati and the New World Order, goes as high as the president of the United States. Here’s an eerie clip from an old George H.W. Bush speech
when he was in office. – We have before us,
the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations, a New World Order, a world
with the rule of law, not the law of the jungles,
governs the conduct of nations, when we are successful and we will be. We had a real chance at
this New World Order. An order in which a
credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision
of the UN’s founders. – [Ryan] All this begs the question, what is the New World
Order and what will it do? Assuming the Illuminati
and the New World Order are one in the same, let’s
hop down the rabbit hole and take a look at some of the theories as to who is in the New World Order. This first theory is from
a man named Mark Koernke. AKA “Mark from Michigan.” A right wing militia
activist and propagandist who believes that the New World Order is made above the U.S. Government, the UN and various other organizations pushing an international agenda. He believes this organization will take away American’s
rights, form an all powerful government and put non-Illuminati members in camps run by F.E.M.A. The second theory is from David Icke who believes that world leaders
including Queen Elizabeth, President Barack Obama and the Clintons are actually shape shifting wizards. These lizard elite, are behind the freemasons and the Illuminati. The lizard race feeds off the human race and occasionally demands human sacrifices. In fact, the same 2013 national poll image an earlier reveal that four
percent of voters polled believe that, “Lizard people
control our societies.” The third theory is
that the New World Order is connected to the anti-Christ because the Illuminati are Satanists. Pat Robertson, a conservative Christian wrote a book on the New World Order, that claims the group is responsible for the French Revolution, the writing of the Communist Manifesto
and the creation of the Federal Reserve, all
in the service of making, “A new order for the human
race under the domination of Lucifer and his followers.” The fourth theory is from Donald Marshall who believes that the Illuminati
are killing celebrities and replacing them with clones,
used to brainwash society. I’ll fuckin’ look it up right here. – Look up Dolly the sheep. – Alright fine I’ll look it up and did she start off
as a little baby sheep? – Yes. – Whatever, okay, apparently
there was a sheep clone. – Oh, apparently. – [Ryan] Purported celebrity
clones outed by internet (mumbles), include
Beyonce, Eminem, Al Roker. And many more, but clone theorists also believe they have video evidence. – Marshall Mathers, some of
you may know him as Eminem but he’s gonna join
the Saturday night crew with a music intro starting
next Saturday night but folks I wanna take
you the world premier… Marshall are you okay? – Yeah sorry– (laughter) Live TV freaks me out a little bit. – Well there you go, live TV
freaks him out a little bit. – Well, here’s Al Roker’s clip. Notice what she’s says, and then notice what his face goes to. – [Shane] Why is this a code word. – Some people believe maybe
it’s like a trigger sequence where his brain’s now receiving instructions and being mind control. – Al Roker’s the Manchurian candidate and he’s gonna kill the president. – (laughs) Yeah. – Like they say in Catholic school, leave room for the holy ghost. (mystery music) – The expression he has on
his face when he’s frozen, is so fuckin’ funny to
me, every time I watch it ’cause I don’t know what
it is, it’s like look. – [Shane] You know what actually, he looks like he just pooped his pants. (laughter) Who’s next? – This is Beyonce, by the way, she did this for so long, I
had to speed up the video. There she is going and then I
fast forwarded the video here. She’s in some weird trance, I actually don’t know what she’s doing. – [Shane] She’s writing
Lemonade in her head right now. (laughter) – [Ryan] Whether or not people
believe this clone theory, many conspiracy theorists agree, that major celebrities
are in the Illuminati. They point at clothing
choices and hand gestures. Mainly that of a pyramid, which is seen as an Illuminati symbol, as proof that certain celebrities are in the Illuminati. Beyonce and Jay-Z have been known to make a pyramid like
symbol with their hands. Although, this is also
similar to the symbol for Jay-Z’s label, Rockefeller Records. – Right (laughs). – But the flip on that,
perhaps there’s a reason why he chose that symbol,
see what I just did there? – Yeah, you did it right.
– [Ryan] I did it. The name of their child, Blue Ivy, has been interpreted to stand for, born living under evil,
Illuminati’s very youngest. (laughter) – Wow, I can’t believe they
would name her something with so obvious of a
secret message in there. – [Ryan] However, both stars have denied their affiliation with
the Illuminati in songs. Here’s a excerpt from Beyonce’s Formation, “Y’all haters corny with
that Illuminati mess,” and here’s excert from Jay-Z’s
verse in a song Free Mason, “I said I was amazing,
not that I’m a mason I’m red hot, I’m on my third six, but a devil I’m not.” Other celebrities include Kanye West, who owns a necklace containing the symbol of the eye of Horus,
which is associated with the Illuminati and also
seen on the dollar bill. Which by the way, the Fed, dollar bill, there it is right there,
it’s pretty obvious. Kayne’s interruption of Taylor Swift at the 2009 video music
awards was said to be a method of initiating Taylor Swift into the Illuminati by
humiliating or hazing her. However, here’s a quote from
Kanye on the Illuminati, “I’m tired of people pinpointing musicians as the Illuminati. That’s ridiculous. We don’t run anything; we’re celebrities.” Other celebrities that have been accused of being in the Illuminati include Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Madonna and Katy Perry just to name a few. She what you just did. – Jesus Christ. (laughter) I’m sorry Kobe. – The whole room is shaking right now. Oh my God, I think we
just had an earthquake. – I’m sorry Kobe. – [Ryan] Keep in mind
that it’s pretty easy to make a claim that somebody
is in the Illuminati. Hell, quickly perusing my co-worker Quinta Brunson’s Instagram feed, I could see several
references to the Illuminati. – [Shane] Really? – [Ryan] Just looking
through the pictures. Yeah, there’s even a
picture where I myself make the Rockefeller sign,
in one of her pictures and it was quickly
called out by a comment, Illuminati confirmed. She also seems to be absent
from her desk quite frequently. Perhaps to attend to Illuminati affairs. What if you’re in the Illuminati? – Look, I am not in the Illuminati. – Wink. – I am not in the Illuminati, Quinta’s not in the
Illuminati, you may be. – It is pretty hard to get into. And on that note, I’d like
to point to a website called and on that site, there’s a page called join the Illuminati. A very fascinating proposition indeed. So I reached out for an interview and here’s what I got back from their public relations director. Here’s what the alleged
Illuminati PR director wrote back in response
to my interview request, “Unfortunately members
of the Illuminati are not currently available for
on camera interviews.” She also mentioned, “There
are many misconceptions about my client’s organization,” and referred me to the
website’s beliefs section. Which, is abstract and quite
interesting to say the least but let’s visit the
professor one more time. I guess the last question would be, what percentage would you put on that the Illuminati is
actually a real thing. – Well it was a real thing, back in 1780 but it’s not a real thing anymore. I would say 100 percent,
it’s not a real thing. Most of the conspiracy
theories make this crazy leap at some point, where you’re
following the trail of evidence and it makes sense and it
makes sense and it makes sense and suddenly, it’s crazy. – I could see a world where
sometimes things go beyond science or fact, that leap of faith is what you need to make,
to get to the truth. Maybe that’s just the
crazy person inside me. (laughter) – I like how you just
out yourself as one of the crazy people that
she finds exhausting. – Here’s the thing, I
saw the look on her face when I mentioned that, she
did not looked pleased. Am I gonna say outright the
Illuminati is a real thing? No, I’m not gonna say
that but, is it possible? Yeah, it’s possible, why not? The fact that there could be some, all knowing organization under everything. – Are they Skyping, how are they meeting, where are they meeting? They’re like, oh let’s just
meet in Toledo this year (laughter) at the Radisson. – We’ve angered them again. – Yeah. – Don’t talk about Toledo. (laughter) The point I’m saying is,
nothing’s impossible. Sometimes you just gotta look at something with an open mind, it may
seem crazy on the surface and I will admit, this all looks crazy. – So it is possible that
there’s an organization founded by lizard people, who regularly abduct
and clone celebrities. – I’m not saying saying there’s lizard, ah fuck that is what I’m saying. – Say lizard people out loud. – [Ryan] No.
– Yeah. – No (laughs). – Own it Ryan, say lizard people out loud. – We could sit here and
talk about this all day but regardless, the existence of the Illuminati will remain unsolved. – Well let us know in the comments if you think Ryan’s in the Illuminati ’cause now I’m sold. – (laughs) Okay. The good news is, you made
it through this episode. The bad news is, this is the
last episode for this season of BuzzFeed Unsolved
however, double good news, (laughs) Double good news. – Double good news is– – Double good news is
there’s a new season kids. And if I’m still alive in October, the new season will begin. So hopefully I’ll see you
there and I’ll be breathing. If you aren’t murderer and all
the people that I’ve slided haven’t killed me, the
Zodiac or the Men in Black or the Illuminati or of
course, Quinta Brunson.


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