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The Time Roger Federer and Marin Cilic Went 1-on-1 in the Jungle | The Players’ Tribune

November 16, 2019

– After 2017 season, I went
with my wife to Maldives, to one of the beautiful
islands over there, and when we got there, me
and her played some tennis. And she’s also lover for
tennis, and she plays with her own friends, with her
sister, and anytime they play it’s always intense. They play very fiercely,
and so before we came there, she had some losing streak. And she said, “You know when we are
here, we gonna practice, and we gonna practice every single day. And you’re gonna teach me
well, so I can come back home and start winning some matches.” And so after couple days, Roger calls me. He heard that I was on the
island as well, and he said, “You know, listen, when you
are here let’s try to hit. What do you think, that we go play out tomorrow some tennis?” And I say, “You know, why not? Let’s give it a shot.” And my wife was, “I mean what’s going on? This is my off-season, I
need to train this week. This is my time. For you
guys, this is vacation, but for me this is serious
stuff.” So she was not happy about it, but she let me play with him. But as long as I had energy
for to practice with her too. I would wake up in the
morning, get some breakfast, would get a coffee with my wife. After that me and Roger
would take a boat to take us to the island across,
which had tennis court. The practices were quite easy. I mean it was incredible to
have those practice sessions in Maldives in the wild forest
surrounded by palm trees, surrounded by bats as well. Just it was incredible scenery. Also with having real coconuts,
drinking them on the side of the court and what we
enjoyed as well is our minds were completely free,
completely stress free, just hitting tennis balls and
enjoying the time together. We would practice there,
and my wife would come after the session of me and Roger. I would have the second
session, which second one was completely serious and very dedicated. And I had to be a coach so
it was long days for me, practicing two sessions
in a day with tennis. But it was worth it, make wife happy. That’s most important. Roger called me up next day
and again, I then he said, “Well gotta do this again. It was great. Let’s hit one more time.” And my wife goes, “Well
this is my off-season. This is my preparation period. I gotta get better. Roger, you’re not having too
much of your career left, and my career is just starting
so I need to practice.” Then Roger was saying,
“Well I can warm up Marin so he’s ready for you.” So that was the thing, and
she ended up having enough of training that week and
getting to the winning streaks after we came back from the
vacation. And I guess I ended up playing really well in Australia, playing with Roger in the
final and Roger winning. So I guess Roger should thank
my wife for letting him play with me, and actually that was
the start of a great journey for him for winning in Australia.


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    Two good Guys

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    He seems really sweet!

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