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February 9, 2020

– How should I put my feet? It’s kind of like a;
you can’t do cross leg ’cause nobody Because guys don’t like guys that do that. Hi guys what’s going on. It’s Alex from Fitment Industries. And today we’re gonna be talking to you about Falken Tires. That didn’t seem very exciting. So we’re gonna try it again. Mario recut this one. Hey guys what’s going on? It’s Alex from Fitment Industries and today we’re gonna be talking to you about Falken Tires in this
episode of Tire History. So I hope you’re ready to
put up with my beardless face for a couple minutes so I
can teach you some things. Falken Tires was a tire brand
that was founded in 1983. It didn’t come to the
United States until 1985. Falken Tires is a subsidiary
or a partner company of a big boy company called
Sumitomo Rubber Industries. Sumitomo is a rubber industry
manufacturing company that is based out of Japan and is probably the largest
rubber manufacturer industry in the world. And they have always been
involved in just the rubber manufacturing industry. In fact they wanted to
just kind of do everything. I mean why wouldn’t you. They made golf balls, tennis balls, and they just decided that
they wanted to make tires too. Consumers were just like sure. That’s it. That’s really the entire conversation. Sumitomo has just been at the forefront of everything and anything rubber related. And when they decided to start
getting into it more heavily they partnered with any
company that they could. Now Sumitomo originally got
involved with tire manufacturing in 1909 with a company called Dunlop. You may have heard of ’em before. They came from Britain and they wanted to partner
in a company in Japan. Just because the resources
and the workforce was available there at
a much cheaper price. And Sumitomo came on board and said yes. We can do that. And they just decided
to create a partnership. And it worked very well for
them for a very long time. As the years progressed, the two companies essentially
became friends with benefits. They just continued to
grow and intermingle either in Japan or just
throughout the world. And things tended to
get a little bit messy. Because Dunlop started to find themselves getting more and more liquidated and everything got really confusing and Sumitomo was like hey we’ll buy you and Dunlop was like well how. I thought we were like good friends. And Sumitomo’s like yeah
well we just kind of want to have everything. Dunlop and Sumitomo
essentially reconfigured and split partnership ways and Sumitomo turned into SRI. Which is Sumitomo Rubber Industries. And Dunlop still considers to be a brand that they use and develop and produce for but Sumitomo took a really
big bite out of their industry just because they wanted
to continue to grow. Now everything kind of
looked up for Sumitomo until they essentially
had another partnership with a company that you
may not have heard of. That company is Goodyear. Which I actually hope that
you’ve heard of Goodyear before. But I don’t know if that
was sarcastic enough. I don’t really even know if it was funny. But we’re just gonna
continue talking about it. As if the joke was just never said. Because it’s just Mario and I here in a dark room with one light on. So it’s kind of weird anyway. Moving forward. Sumitomo and Goodyear had a pretty long lasting relationship. It lasted about 18 years. Until they essentially
dissolved the partnership in around 2015. But all you really need to know is Falken is part of SRI. And SRI is a huge conglomerate
of a rubber manufacturing industry company that makes tires for probably about six to
eight different tire brands. If you’re looking to argue on if a Falken is better than Ohtsu or Ohtsu’s better than this or something is better than that, they kind of all just trickle
back to the same place. Falken really didn’t enter the market like a lot of other companies usually do. You see when a tire manufacturing company comes into a market they usually come out with like
a bunch of marketing money, a bunch of plans to integrate
into the consumer world, and then just blast the hell
out of anything and everything they can so people just
started running their wheels. On top of that, they’re really just looking for a company that would maybe host OEM application or something like that for you
know your Ford or your Chevy or something in America that Americans enjoy. Falken just didn’t do that. Instead what they wanted to do, is they wanted to find a
way that people would just essentially trust the name Falken before they would buy them. And they did that with the
best way you could possibly get involved in terms of using tires. Motor sports. Falken began getting involved
in any sort of motor sport they possibly could. Now because they really had
a huge company behind them, they really didn’t have a lot of money to just go out and start mass promoting all over every single auto cross or rally or race style event that they could. Instead they started
off with the small stuff and with the stuff that was
local to their business. In Japan they started out in 1985 promoting just different events that ran Falken Tires. And it began to work. Falken didn’t really get
involved in making a tire for a consumer and then
get involved in racing and then kind of reverse engineered it like most companies do. Falken instead just went and they made tires for a race car driver. Or just enthusiasts that
was out you know in the back doing world rally championship style stuff with their old (bleep) car. They would then take that
feedback from the people that actually ran these vehicles, turned them into a tire
that could be used. Then they sold them to consumers. And that’s why Falken is just known as an ultra high performance
you know tire company that just specializes in what they know. Instead of going to try and
make a ton of money right away, they just wanted to focus
on what made a tire good and then went to the consumers and was like yo you should buy this. And the consumer was like, sure. But you’re not really that old. And then Falken was like yeah, but you know, 18s 18. Anyway you get the point. Falken just kind of got
involved in anything that they could. They began distribution in
Glendale, California in 1985. But it wasn’t until 1990, that they actually
developed a headquarters in Ranchero Cucumberino. Ranchero Cucumber o, cucumberino. Cumbero. Ranchero cumbero. I wish I was joking. Rancho Cucamonga. And Falken just continued to grow. They grow naturally with a
lot of the Sumitomo background behind them. They had a lot of history on
how to make affordable tires that just wouldn’t break the bank. And Falken continued to have
a pretty cool point of view especially in the United States and in Japan of being
willing to just kind of do whatever they wanted. Falken wasn’t necessarily
under the microscope on what sort of tires they needed to make so Falken just got to be
the cool younger brother that just tried to see what would work and what didn’t. Taking place in Irwindale in 2003, Falken decided to partner
with a bunch of race teams that specialized in drifting. Now in the USA there’s
always been a little bit of kind of like a give, give, give, take, take, take, sort of mentality. Especially coming from like the
Japan automotive enthusiasts which is where the grass
roots drifting truly started. But in 2013 in Irwindale, it became apparent that this was a sport that Americans would love. And Falken was all over it
when it came to marketing and promotion. They were all over cars. They were all over the news. They were all over marketing
and blah, blah, blah, blah. ‘Cause Falken wanted to figure out a way to introduce their brand to the market of the United States of America. And it worked. That was the reason that Falken probably still exists in
the United States market as a pretty prominent tire
brand in the United States and after that essentially launch, Falken began to grow
in the domestic market. They continued to make
different types of tires for pretty much anybody that needed ’em. And as they kind of got a
little bit more comfortable the belt got looser, they decided to make
tires that weren’t really ultra high performance, but were more all season or
truck or passenger light. A lot of the reports and
reviews on Falken tires, report that most of them are pretty good. Especially in the early
stages of the life, but they get pretty much hell of loud once they get over that
7 8,000 mile marker. Falken really doens’t
kind of talk about why they just really continue to make tires and it works out for them so far. But they do drifty drift things. So that’s pretty cool. Falken on top of that, I don’t think will
really delve into making extreme creative tires because
they just don’t need to. Falken is still a pretty huge
supporter of the drift scene here in the United States and they continue to make tires that work for people if that’s
really what you wanna do. But Falken doesn’t have the
same sort of huge brand loyalty I would say as Toyo or Nitto
or something of that nature. So that is everything that
we have on Falken Tires. Let us know in the comments what you’d like to see next. But of course, please be sure to subscribe. And if you’re looking for tires, we actually have wheels,
tires, suspension, air lift. I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries. We will see you later. Peace.


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  • Reply John Siders August 1, 2018 at 12:37 am

    I was looking at new tires for my AMG S-65 and asked my shop about Falken  tires and they just jaw dropped and said NO you do not want them on that car yes they cost less but you are better off sticking with Michelin or Goodyear they  know that I do put that machine to its potential at times 200 MPH + they flat  say those will not hold up !

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  • Reply Man from Nantucket August 3, 2018 at 6:19 am

    My GT came with Falkens when I bought it. Nearly killed me by surprise oversteer once or twice. Car is a FWD so dunno how it did that. Really didn't inspire confidence, so I junked them for some Continental ExtremeContact DWs. Best decision I ever made

  • Reply Randy Purtteman August 3, 2018 at 12:24 pm

    I love this guy. Best entertainment on u-tube. The automotive knowledge that you get is just a big plus. I do have a question though. I have a 2014 Ford with the stock 20 inch wheels that came with it. Does Bridgestone make a Blizzack tire for winter to fit it. I think it's a 265 or 275 tire size. Thanks.

  • Reply Derek Super Strong August 4, 2018 at 2:31 am

    I put a set of falcon tires on my Lexus I S2 50 they are garbage they had knots in the side of them within six months you couldn’t give me a set of falcon tires consumer be where he must be getting paid by whoever owns falcon tires because they should be named shit tires

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    Big Sumitomo and Falken fan here. Pretty much all I run when I can help it. Theie pro 4 g/s all season is a beast in the snow, has good dry/wet traction and price+wear is reasonable. I experience the same with my Sumitomo HTRZIII's as well as my Falken 615k+'s. Good wear good price good performance across their range IMO. Can't go wrong.

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    are there certain summer tires or brand that i should look at for a vw golf r mk7? its awd but the thing is, clearly the pilot sport 4s is the best summer tire ever but i plan on running them only in the summer months so im thinkin those tires will be overkill. if i lived in florida id just run them all year round but since im in kentucky, im having a hard time. i have some pilot sport a/s3+'s for my winter setup but idk what summer tire to get, help?

  • Reply CSOCSO August 20, 2018 at 1:38 am

    I was really cheated by the hype around falken. I had 2 sets of falkens ( something like 452 and 512??) both tires were bald super fast! changed to hankook ventus v12 and lasted twice as long. tire rack tested them as one of the best dry and wet tire for the money. never had anything else since.

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    Your saying the lifespan of a Falken tire is roughly 7-8000 miles, or less than a year. That is the worst tread wear I'v ever heard of. I been a fan of Falken for years, no more. I don't race so I need my tires to last more than a race season. Thank you for the insight and saving me money and possibly my life.

  • Reply mkIIIsupras October 13, 2018 at 1:29 pm

    Running a set of falken ziex tires on the stock wheels of my mk3 supra and they ride great! Very quiet and smooth ride with decent traction. I haven't really pushed the car with them on being they are the tires I use to travel with, but for the price they are a great buy. Run a 245/40/17 squared setup with yokohama advan A048 for the fun stuff. Sticky but LOUD!! Next tires I'm buying are the Falken Wildpeak ATW3 all terrain tires in a 245/70/17 for my 4runner. Heard nothing but great things about them and again a very well priced tire.

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    Falken was a popular recommendation on the online Honda/Acura forums in the early 2K's. I've tried a few different models on my Integra and none of them were overly impressive. The 502's were decent, better than the 512's anyway. I've had the best luck with BF Goodrich, Yokohama and Hankook.

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    That being said the only reason I rarely look into falken is that they aren’t advertised as much and a lot of their tread patterns are resold across the whole sumitomo line up with different names. It kinda lowers the exclusivity the brand.

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    I have to say Falken is a brand I stuck with for at least 5 years. They are mounted on 22'' rims and are holding up well. For the price I feel the tires are just as good as competitors.

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