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The Try Guys Play Beer Pong With Gross Drinks

November 14, 2019

– Watch the bows. – Watch the bows, dad,
watch the bows, dad. (dramatic music) – Yes! – It’s like boba, but instead
of boba, it’s pickles. – (groans) – (Whips) – Welcome to Weird Pong,
the game where we play to see who has to drink what mysterious, gross liquid that is in all of these cups. – (burps) – That looks like a toenail. – (gags) – This is just the kind of fun you can have during an episode of, – [Participants] Try Guys Game Time. – I am not looking forward to this at all. (upbeat music) – Basically, it’s beer pong,
but with mystery liquids. – We thought this was a
totally, original idea, then we googled it, shout
out to Fear Pong uncut video, Gross Pong from Rhett and
Link, but this is Weird Pong. – There are 10 different liquids. They are labeled on the
bottom, but of course, we can’t see the bottom
until they’re empty. You all know what are in these cups but we do not, and it smells crazy. – Introduce your team. – We are Team Husbands!
– We are Team Husbands! (laughing) (cheering) – We’re husbands. – Alright, well, we’re team– – We didn’t talk about a name, I didn’t know we were supposed
to have a name, Team Ramrod? – Not married. – That’s not a good name. – Not married yet? – Team Cute Boys, that’s
what we have in common. – We’re not married yet. – Team Best Friends.
– Not married yet. – [Glasses] Here to have fun. – Why did I get with Zach, guys? – Team Best Friends. (bell dings) – So you guys are both
really good at this? – I played so much beer pong in college, my friends put my name on a poster. It said, heroes are
made one cup at a time, and they wrote, Ned. – Once, on spring break, I was underage, and I almost won a beer pong tournament, and I had to lose the game
because if I had to go up to the bar and get the
beer, that was the prize, they would’ve found out that I was 20. – People assume that
Eugene’s the best at this and they assume, rightfully
so, that I’m the worst at this, so we prepared.
– That’s why we’re Team Not Married Yet. – Best Friends. (bell dings) – What’s the rules, Eugene? – Alright.
– Hit me with the rules, best friend. – So the rules– (laughing) Number one, we only have one re-rack. We allow bounces and we allow swatting, but we don’t allow fingering or blowing. (giggling) – And at the end, the
losers will have to drink a combination of all cups on the table. – Get ready to drink, losers. – [Participants] Try Guys Game Time. (upbeat music) – [Zack] I play. – [Eugene] Alright. – (ball clinks) – (buzzer dings) – Nice! – Why’d you have to outlaw blowing? That was a classic blow-and-out scenario. – (pouring) – [Ned] How is it? Is it good? – [Keith] What do you think? – (groans) Tastes like soy sauce and beer. Yes, Keith, (buzzer dings) – Yes, Keith. – Leave it there.
– Leave it! – Oh, I– (laughing) (ball clinks) (sighs) – Well if it’s beer and soy sauce, I guess that’s two of my favorite things, so I should just chug this. – Honestly, that is how I would describe Eugene to most people. – Yeah. – His blood is beer and soy sauce. (upbeat music) – [Ned] Watch that elbow. (buzzer dings) – Yeah! – Oh, that’s mine. – Best Friends! – Alright guys, smells
like an international cola. – A cola. – A cola. What is it? Bacon soda! I was right that it smelled like a cola! – Wait, does it help
keep your fridge clean? (whooshes) – Oh, wow! – Oh, wow. – Dude! – Yes! – Oh, my god! – Oh, god. – That was good, you’re
cute, classic dad move. – Just because we’re competitors doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Watch the bose. (buzzer dings) – Yes!
– Wow. Watch the bose, husband. – I’m watching the bow. (ball clinks) – Oh, so close.
– This is yours. (pouring) – [Zack] Very red. – Oh, I saw it! – Is it blood? – No.
– No. – This is good, I– – I don’t know, I thought it was like– – You could have pig’s blood. – Pig’s blood, yeah. – Like pig, what’s the
meat, fuck, I don’t know. (upbeat music) – [Zach] Alright. – Alright Keith, hit him
with that weird face. – [Zach] Get outta here. (spooking) – Oh, farts!
– Nice. – Oh, dang it. – Dang! – It’s not great. There’s a lot of tomato and a little bit of weird seafood flavor. – It smells like Bloody Mary mix. – Yeah, I love Bloody Marys. (groans) – I do not like Bloody Marys. – Wait, you don’t like Bloody Marys? – No. – They’re the perfect brunch drink. – They’re the perfect brunch
drink, no they’re not. – I mean, yeah, they are. – Bellinis, baby. – Yeah, nothing but Bellinis over here. – Bellinis. Okay, here we go, about to go to town, – Commit man. – about to take the town, – Commitment. – About to take the town.
– Wear the crown! (ball clinks) – Whoo! – Farts! – Fuck! (ball clinks) – Oh!
– Oh, shit! – Whoo! – That’s my husband! This is my husband! – [Eugene] This one straight up looks like tapioca pudding, it’s thick. – Oh, oh, yeah, you know. – Oh, I hate this. I’m Asian, I should like it. I just don’t like it, it’s
not my region of Asia. – Oh, it smells like vomit. – (gags) Yeah, it tastes
kinda like a dead body. – (gasps) It’s durian. – Yeah, it’s durian. – It’s durian.
– What is durian? (whips) – [Narrator] What is Durian? Found primarily in South-east Asia, but durian is regarded as the most disgusting fruit in the world. The pungent smell and taste
have been described variously, as rotten onions, pig dung,
gym socks, and raw sewage! Hang on to your noses! – I am only aiming for that cup. – No, no.
– Oh, no. – You’re alright, you got it, you got it. – Somehow, it’s worse than the fruit it’s trying to disguise the flavor of. – Like when you walk into a
room that someone pooped in but they sprayed a little bit of vanilla. (laughing) – No. (dramatic music) – Oh man. – Be careful. – There’s so much of it. – We gotta do the whole cup. (sighs) – So strong. – Oh, oh, there’s so many gulps happening. – [Ned] Eugene’s so strong. – Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp. – [Ned] Eugene’s so strong. (upbeat music) – I did that. (ball clinks) – Dammit! – Oh, we’re messing with
your depth perception. – Just know with that liquid durian, you’ve awakened the beast. – Don’t get in the durian. (buzzer dings) – Oh.
– Yes! – Oh, my god, farts. – But it’s it’s own, – That durian made me mad. – it’s its own nightmare. – Oh, this is a new one, huh. – Yeah, This is, oh no. (laughing) Oh no. – [Ned] What is it? (pouring) – [Keith] You’re gonna know what it is as soon as I taste it. – Oh, no. – Go for it, baby. – [Zach] Oh, no. Oh, no! – What, is the worst one for Keith? (laughing) – No, no. Think about Becky, think about Becky. (groaning) Do it for Becky. (laughing) – Oh no! (screams) – Oh no! – So sour and hot. – Can we do a guess shot,
but like, literally. – Nope. (coughing) (clapping) (screaming) – Ah! – Ugh. – You look like the crab from Moana. – Shiny. – [Keith] So we got three
perfect little triangles– – [Ned] Are they winning? – [Zach] A little triangle for you, no triangle for me.
– They are by one cup. – [Ned] Damn! (whistles) – Oh, I liked it, I liked it. – Damn, that was so close. (ball clinks) – [Ned] Yes! – [Keith] Nice. – That one looks foamy. – This looks real foamy. – Oh it’s that one. – What the fuck is it? – [Eugene] There’s no dairy in this? – Yogurt. – Yogurt. – I can’t. (burps) – I just, this will put
me out of commission. This will make me shit for
days and days and days. – Farting for days, my,
Zach, that sounds weird. (cheering) – Yogurt mixed with something, it smells like melted
strawberry ice cream, but with something sour in it. – Why are there such big chunks in it? Do you see that? That’s a huge chunk.
– Yeah, no, it’s big. There’s, like, a donut inside. – Start sippin’ and guessin’. – He loves it. – He loves it. He really loves it. – There’s mayonnaise in this? No, what is that sour taste? – [Zach] Is it fermented? – Why am I getting all the nasty ones? – What have you done? What have you done to my best friend? – Sounds pretty nasty, Eugene, but you know what’s not nasty, is our new color line hoodies, only available at Now you too can pick your
favorite one of the Try Guys (gags) and wear it on your body. – It just tastes like
yogurt that has chunks of, I don’t know, meat in it. – That’s right, if you
have three, four friends, buy the whole set, and get
one for all of your friends. – Wow, that’s legitimately disgusting. – Okay, mothers (coughs) need fathers and wives need husbands! (ball clinks) – Whoo! – Whoo! – Oh, no, Oh, no! There’s a thing floating in
here and I think it’s a pickle. – That sounds like a children’s book. There’s a pickle in my drink! – I severely hated the smell
of pickles when I was a kid. – So this is an exciting
opportunity for you. – This is a growth opportunity. Oh, boy. What the fuck is going on, man? (laughing) – What’s that voice, Zach? – What is this thing? There’s only chunks in my mouth. – [Eugene] Oh, there’s pickle chunks? Yeah, chuncks like boba but
instead of boba, it’s pickles. – Aw, I wish I had boba. – It’s not boba. – Ooh, pickle boba. – It’s not boba! – Can’t believe no one’s
never thought of that before. – It’s not boba! Oh, god. – Stick it in there. (screaming) You sound like when cats try to talk. (groans) – Oh, my god. (upbeat music) – [Ned] Team Not Married Yet. (buzzer dings) – Wow! – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Mmm, I’m actually kind of into this one. – I feel like like I can
get used to that flavor. – I love pickles and just a little tasting of chocolate on top is
quite lovely, actually. – Not boba. – Lets do a re-rack,
and we’ll do a diamond, and then the one in the front. – It’s called diamond dick. – Diamond dick. – I’m sorry, I didn’t realize
a diamond dick was an option. I would definitely take this as a rack. – Like this, or the opposite? – Like that, that’s great.
– Diamond dick, diamond dick. – [Keith] What is this
non-standard bullshit? – It’s a diamond dick! (upbeat music) (blows) (ball clinks) (laughing) (video rewinding) (playback slows) (laughing) – [Keith] This smells
like the cleaning vinegar and it’s chunky, this can’t be healthy. – Just know that Ned did this to you. – [Ned] That looks real bad. – It’s vinegar for sure. – [Zach] Keith, these cups
just have a way of finding you. – I don’t know what, there’s so much, like, white in it, look at it. – I see it over here.
– Do you see it? – I don’t want it.
– It’s gross lookin’. (groans) – Oh, this is another one that
Keith should not have picked. – You can tag out. – I can’t tag out. – They tagged out. – We’re husbands. – You’re right. – We committed. – Oh yeah. – Yes, there we go. (upbeat music) – [Ned] Alright, we would like
to use our re-rack, please. – [Zach] What would you like? – Three and then two, to the left of it. – It’s like having a
three-two-one on it’s side. – Alright, here we go,
new re-rack, new win. – New year, new me. (ball clinks) – There it is. – [Zach] Fuck! – Oh, what the fuck. – Hmm. – Do you like it? – It tastes like when you scrape the icing off of a Cinna-bun, lick the Cinna-bun, and then mix it with cardboard. – Do you have any more of
that pickle and hot chocolate? – Miso broth and Yoo-hoo! I love miso broth and Yoo-hoo! Yoo-hoo, also, definitely dairy. (intense music) – [Ned] Alright it’s tied
up but they have the ball. (ball clinks) – [Keith] And that one was nasty too. – Oh.
– Yeah! – Oh. (upbeat music) – I’ll take it, I’ll take it. – This is just flat soda. – That’s so much onion. – Oh, it smells awful! – Oh, fuck, that, my god! (laughs) – We are down to one cup
each and it’s the same cup, we have no idea what’s in the cup. – [Keith] Yeah. – No matter who wins, no matter who loses, I think we can all agree,
that these hoodies are great, and you can get ’em at And as a special gift
for making it this long, you get a mid-roll ad. (upbeat music) (dramatic music) – I would say I’m doing this for Ariel but she would probably recommend that I don’t do half the stuff we do. – [Keith] You’re doing
it for today’s husband. – [Ned] That’s right. – This husband. I’m doing it for you, husband
– Today you’re my husband, I’m doing it for you! – You’re my husband. – You’re my husband. – You’re my husband. – We’re doing it for everyone who hates what’s happening right now. (dramatic music) – Hey, I just wanted to get
another good look at you. You’re my best friend. (laughing) – Now fuckin’ nail that cup. (intense music) ♪ You’re my best friend ♪ ♪ Best friend ♪ (ball clinks) – Oh, wow, that was close. – Right at my nads!
– That was close. – Oh. (ball clinks) – Oh, no! – [Keith] It’s not over
yet, it’s not over yet, Ned. – I’m also Eugene. – Alright, so they have rebuttaled, that means one of them
has to get in the cup, otherwise we win. (dramatic music) – [Eugene] Work. Oh, my god. – (groans) – I overshot it, Ned. You can do this Ned. – I’m freaking the fuck out, man! – You’ve never won a game of this? – I’m freaking out! I hated this game all my life. Now it’s my favorite game. This is my favorite. (intense music) (laughing) (ball clinks) (yelling)
(cheering) – My husband! (yelling) – Best friends! – You know how the one
thing that gets me close to all the weird, intimate
shit you try to make me do? Winning competitions. (groans) (laughing) – You’re my favorite husband. – No, you’re my favorite husband. – [Eugene] This has miso,
Yoo-hoo, beer, soy sauce, durian, clamato, kefir,
onion, hot chocolate, pickle juice, lemon, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar, lactaid, bacon soda. (groaning) – Oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, it’s bad. – Thanks so much for watching. This has been – [Participants] Try Guys Game Time! – Oh Ned, stop, you’ll
hurt yourself later. – This ain’t that bad. (upbeat music) – Hey, Keith, I allow you
to give us a good miso pun. – Oh, miso horny. (laughing) – I meant about the tasting experience. – Miso-horny, right, do you get it?


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  • Reply dark water November 14, 2019 at 10:08 am

    Boo durian is soooo good u guys suck try guys more like suck guys

  • Reply Howling Claw November 14, 2019 at 10:42 am

    No fingering and no Blowing.. Yeah… sound right

  • Reply Howling Claw November 14, 2019 at 10:47 am

    Wait.. When Durian is a really good juice in your country even though it smells bad… Thats me right there.. PHILIPPINES man.. But im in AMERICAAAA ??
    It literally tasted to me like its a sweet juice.. I dont know maybe because durians in philippines are actually good?

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