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November 17, 2019

Hi everybody. It’s Dara and I have some gorgeous produce on the island that I got at the farmers market. And I guess I was trying to figure out what I’m going to make, but sometimes I just need to turn on the camera so that we can do it together because then you can see the process that’s involved with kind of analyzing and looking at the ingredients on hand and then saying, “Hey, I can make this with this or how about these flavor combinations.” So, I’m going to share that process with you. So, this video probably won’t be that short. I don’t know what we’re going to make, but we’re going to figure it out together. And I also wanted to show you that the point of the matter is, is that it’s easy and it’s creative and it’s fun and it’s a celebration. Raw food and eating a plant-based diet and following this lifestyle is easy and it’s a celebration. So, it’s the gorgeousness of the baby chard lettuce. So, when I went to the farmers market yesterday, I said to myself; or the day before, I don’t know; I said to myself: “You know what I feel like? I’m an artist going to the farmers market, with a blank canvas and these are my paints.” So, this is my beautiful red paint and this happens to be so sweet and so salty, these tomatoes that really you realize that you don’t need to anything to them other than just eat them. But if you want you could slice them and throw them over this beautiful crisp, chard salad that was singing with such vibrancy. And so, the way that I pick things at the farmers market is I kind of let them speak to me and they kind of; the vegetables just look; they look alive. So, you want to go for the things that look vibrant and speak to you. And so, yeah, it’s kind of like this is my creativity. I mean, all of these little baby zucchinis sitting in a container and you know that these zucchini were picked really soon; they’re not just letting them grow and grow and grow and get big. This is like care and love. This is a teeny zucchini that was just picked at its little sweet prime. So, these are sweeter. And for something like this, these would speak to making them little slices; little round slices. The other night I had these and I sliced them very thin and I put a little bit of olive oil, a little bit of nutritional yeast and a little bit of salt because I was in a hurry and I was hungry and I had a bowl of that and I did sit in front of movie and that’s what I ate. So, if you think that this lifestyle is complicated, it’s just not. If you think that it’s boring try crunching into some of this food and just feeling alive. So, I got these; last time I was at the farmers market, I saw the girl who was working this beautiful farming booth. She was just eating lettuce. Like it was a hot day and I was like, “I want what you’re having” and she said, “Well, I’m just eating this lettuce and it’s replacing my electrolytes.” So, these little tight lettuces are so great for just chopping the end off. You know just eating them, or chopping them up into a little bowl and mixing it; it’s as easy as taking this gorgeous. . . Do you guys remember James Stewart? He was the one who ran the beautiful Rawesome where I use to purchased all of my goodies for a long time and he was so; he is so beautiful and now he’s involved with OliFlix which is this beautiful; I’ve been using this olive oil so I wanted to share this with you. There’s a website. I’ll put the link below. Hmmm, beautiful. So, when I think about raw food and people say, “Oh, it’s so hard; it’s so complicated.” I say, “Yeah, there’s plenty of hard or difficult recipes that are a little more advanced, let’s say, but then what’s easier than taking this; drizzling some olive oil and then sprinkling some pink Himalayan salt, which this kind is really nice. This is Premier Research Labs and this one is a really nice pink salt. Very quality, it has very; a lot of minerals that we need, OK, balance our body’s water level. We don’t want to use iodized salt ever. It’s been bleached. It has anti-caking agents. It’s been stripped of the minerals. So, when you do use salt, you use something that’s beneficial. And so then we have our lettuce and we know that we have our olive oil and we don’t really need to chop this lettuce for now. I have some limes, so I have lime juice. I like to have a brightness. So, for brightness for a salad you could use lemon juice, lime juice, grapefruit, orange juice. If you don’t have any of those fresh vegetables on hand, apple cider vinegar is lovely; a little bit of that on top. The reason we don’t use regular vinegar as often is that they cause acidity in the body and apple cider vinegar does not and neither do lemons and limes. So, I’ll squeeze some lime juice. What if I’m in a hurry and I don’t feel like using a little mini Cuisinart and I want to just make something quick. Drizzle this, drizzle this, some salt, some seasoning; mix it up and go sit down and enjoy yourself. That’s how easy it is. Now, you can get more complicated. You can throw some tomatoes in. Wooooo! We can cut some zucchini and put it in. We can decide to chop up some fresh dill for digestion. Ah, dill is so calming. I love dill. Dill is nice with a creamy sauce; like if you wanted to blend some dill and some hemp seeds in a little bit of water and a little bit of garlic. That’s really nice. We have cilantro. Sometimes I just like to chop up herbs, throw them in my salad and keep the salad dressing really simple. So, we can do that, because everything is filled with so much flavor on its own that it’s really not necessary to do too much to make things too fancy. So, for me, simpler is better. In my home, in my relationships, in my life, in my drawers, everything is simple and then you can breathe and you have room to have more creative ideas come to you. When we’re so clogged with stuff in our bodies, stuff in our homes, we become overburdened. Weighed down. And so, we want to lighten our load and this is a light salad. So, I was thinking what I do sometimes is I think, “Well, these tomatoes are so delicious, but they’re almost too delicious to blend into a dressing.” Sometimes when the tomatoes are beautiful in color and they have some flavor and they’re good, I can blend them in my mini processor and then they’ll make a nice base for a dressing. But these are so incredible, they’re like candy on their own, that I would almost rather just put them into the salad as is or save them for later and eat them when I need a snack. I also have figs and these figs will be delightful sliced up, but I would decide probably between; I won’t do both of these. I won’t do the combination of figs and tomatoes; I would choose tomato dill, you know herb, or I would go for a fig and maybe take the olive oil and a little bit of honey and some walnuts and make that kind of dressing. So, which do you guys want? Do you want; I’m using the walnuts from Ron Teeguarden and these are amazing because they’re skinned. And sometimes I find that when I eat walnuts, that are; have the skin on them I don’t digest them as well, but there’s something about Ron Teeguarden Dragon Herbs;; their walnuts, that just process easily and they look like little brains and they’re good for your brain. So, even if you’re following a low-fat raw vegan diet, you don’t want to eat to much fat, a little bit of avocado, a little bit of walnuts. I do have avocado and avocado can go in here too. So, I’m thinking that I’m going to go. . . I’m going to go the savory route. I’m going to not do the figs in this one for some reason. I might do the figs with arugula. I have arugula in the refrigerator. Arugula with pine nuts as the parmesan; I chop up crumbled parm. . . pine nuts and put pine nuts and olive oil over arugula and then some little pieces of fig. That can be really good, because the bitter of the arugula calls for some sweet. So, we need to balance it out. There’s no bitterness here, so we’re going with a little of this and this is how easy it is and how pretty and how happy and how fresh and how. . . beneficial to the senses. It’s almost like you could be pictured sitting under a tree on grass with a picnic blanket and having this gorgeous, fresh salad and then getting up to play. So. . . I’m just deciding to everybody that it’s really all that we tell ourselves. You know, I’m so fixated on this because I’m more with Dara, we’re having a, what I call a party. It’s called “A Raw Party with Dara,” and I am going to be nine days supporting everybody in being 100 percent raw and I am not calling it a challenge because that sounds unfun to me. Why set something up as harder than it really is? Positive languaging is part of our; part of our program here. It’s part my joy to think of ways to tell myself. . . to make the better choices easy and. . . I don’t know, this is much more sensual than getting something processed. Something from nature instead of something from man. Right? Which, if your food had been touched to many times by man and packaged too many times, and it’s sitting in; in plants and factories and then in boxes and plastic and sitting on the shelf somewhere; where is the life force? And I’m looking for life force because we are what we eat. Yup! So, we got lime juice. . . and. . . I’m gonna chop up some dill and some cilantro and we’ll have some tomatoes and we’ll look forward to the next. . . dish. Later: arugula. When you crumble up parmesan, oh my gosh, when you blend parmesan and make it crumbly and put a little nutritional yeast and salt, you have a parmesan; I think when you blend up pine nuts, I meant, you have a parmesan to put on top of romaine or arugula and it’s absolutely beautiful. So, you can rub this on your skin. Anything we eat here is good for our. . . Oh, the aroma. You just already know that you’re doing something good for yourself. This is really good for digestion if you’ve any bloating or issues like that. They say dill is good for insomnia as well, so I think its good for our nervous system. It calms us. My mom really liked dill. She would be happy with this right now. I’m going to say it again: Don’t worry about giving up what it is you think you love or you need; just add some of this first. So, it’s not all or nothing; although eventually it probably becomes all or nothing because you just want to feel good all the time, but it’s not about that; it’s not about depravation, it’s about celebration. It’s about feeling so incredibly lucky. And these are easy to grow, these herbs. You can grow these at home. Cilantro. Cilantro is known; people say funny things, they say like, “cilantro pulls out heavy metals,” but really in actuality it helps our body to detoxify the heavy metals. Our bodies are detoxifying all the time and we just want to help it along. We want to not eat the sludge; it gets caught in there and we eat the things that are fibrous and pull out stuff and recharge us, regenerate us; that give us vitality. We’ve some work to do, you know, there’s some work in this. But the thing that I do is I make it fun. How can I find the most beautiful produce? What’s going to make me happy? What can I have here that will be satisfying? Have it on hand a lot. If you rely on having to drop in places while you’re on the go there’s going to be probably some issues, because the things on the go aren’t the things that are going to move through and fuel our bodies efficiently. OK. We got our cilantro. I’m going to do a little bit of zucchini. There’s a lot of folate, a lot of vitamins and minerals in zucchini. I have to say that if you ask me what’s my one favorite food that I can do so many different things with, I’d have to say zucchini is up there. It’s so hydrating. It’s filled with so much water. It can be flavored so nicely in a Mexican way, in an Indian way. It can be sliced. It can be made into pasta. It could be blended into my no-bean humus. Aren’t I making zucchini sound like so much fun? So, here’s our little slices and; so, as far as seasoning, you know red pepper, cayenne, habanero, some red pepper flakes. And we’ll put some tomatoes in. We can. . . do all kinds; I’ve been known to put cinnamon in salads; it’s fun. Tomorrow I can or later on today in my parmesan; that could be fun with the cinnamon and the figs and definitely some honey or some coconut nectar. So now where are we at? Where we’re at is all we have on so far is olive oil. We didn’t put any salt, we have olive oil and lime juice and that will be enough even really to just do that. But, where’s my salt? Ah! So, now you see how the process is done and sometimes it’s nice to see somebody going through the process instead of just seeing like, “Oh, they’ve already decided.” Sometimes my brain doesn’t work that way. I have to just kind of feel the vegetables and they kind of; I decide what I want them going and that’s fun too. Avocado! I’m putting some avocado in for fun and I’m working right now with someone and we’ll eat something and I’ll bring some down to Herbie, who is my 85-year-young dad who went organic vegan and is now pain-free. He’s about to watch the Rangers game. So I will bring him some beautiful salad to make him happy down there. This is so beautiful. How can this be depravation? This is like raw food as butter. OK. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I didn’t even use any; I could put a little cayenne in to give it heat. This is my Espelette pepper. It’s like a cayenne. Give it a lot of heat. So, at “More With Dara,” on my membership site, we are doing nine days raw. It’s a celebration and what I’ve noticed happens during these things that we do over there is that there’s so much intelligent, intense, supportive, inspirational content that gets posted not by me. So, somebody might post a picture of something and you’re like: “I didn’t think of that. What a great idea.” And then you do something like that and it’s just; it’s like a level of accountability, like, “Oh, I’ve got to post today because I want to be part of it and I want to be able win a necklace;” one of my raw charms, and you want to be part of it and you want to show everybody what you’re up to and that you’re doing it and we really, I have to say it’s just an extraordinary experience, so if you’re interested at all click on the link “More With Dara.” OK. So, here we have it. It’s gorgeous. Everybody, do get your greens on. Keep it simple. Keep it happy and I will see you really soon.

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