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Tim Henman – from India to Wimbledon

November 21, 2019

Wimbledon is like a dream for me. I love Wimbledon. I want to play there. Wimbledon’s
the most important tournament. All legends are made there. I’ve been involved with
the HSBC Road to Wimbledon since 2002 and that’s been based in the UK. But we really felt
that there was an opportunity to spread the word of Wimbledon
overseas. I’ve been playing tennis for six years and I like
the physical fitness in tennis and to be healthy and I want to be a professional player. When I was small, I joined a school
where there were a lot of sports and I started
liking tennis the most. I’ve been playing tennis since I was
five and I practise four hours a day. I played well, even when I was small. I’d be very excited because I’d be the girl from India
who is going to play at Wimbledon. Since the kids
started arriving this morning, they’ve been really excited
about coming out here and getting to meet Tim Henman and meet Dan Bloxham,
the Head Coach at Wimbledon. It’s just been
a fabulous experience for them. Murray’s grip is here
and del Potro has a big swing, OK. But what they have in common is
they have full commitment to the shots. Working with the kids
has been one of the highlights because it’s their energy, their
enthusiasm and their desire to learn. He is a very good coach. I learned that the most important thing
in tennis is to be fit. I learned a lot,
so now when I go to my academy, I’ll improve my strokes
and play better. I’ll do what they told me. They’ll use what they’ve learned
to help their tennis get better. They love the game of tennis and hopefully this initiative can really benefit Indian tennis
in the long run.

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