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Top 10 Facts – Australian Open

August 20, 2019

40.000 tennis balls are used every year in this tournament. This mega tennis event dates back, way back to the late 20th century and was first introduced in 1905. The Australian Open which is held in January every year is actually the summer season in Australia. The day time temperature can rise up to 45 degree Celsius which is well above 100 degree in Fahrenheit. The 2007 tournament is regarded as the hottest playing season which recorded unbelievable high temperatures. The 2012 Australian Open Men’s Singles Final between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal was the longest Grand Slam final in the entire history of the sport. Martina Hingis is the youngest woman to have won the Australian Open at 16 years and 3 months. She also holds the record for the youngest person to have ever won a Grand Slam singles title. Over 4.700 rackets require restringing each year. That’s over 35 miles of string. Over 160.000 ice-creams and 37.000 barbecue sausages are consumed by spectators on a yearly basis. The Australian Open was actually played in different countries. In 1906 and 1912 the tournament was played in New Zealand. More than 720.000 was the attendance of the 2016 Australian Open. After twenty years of playing on ‘Rebound Ace” the courts were changed to “Plexicushion” marginally faster surface.

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