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Top 10 Most Beautiful Moments of Respect in Sports

October 19, 2019

Hey Youtube, Jim here! Welcome to Top 10 Archive! Nothing brings us together as people more
than sports, until the alien invasion comes, that is. On top of that, nothing makes better headlines
than beautiful moments in sports. Whether it’s children on the field, compassion
between competitors, or even cameos by animals, these beautiful moments in sports are going
to melt your heart. So grab a box of tissues, get comfortable
and let’s watch the 10 most beautiful moments in sports! But before we get started, why not become
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history! 10. No Fighter Left Behind
Let’s start out with this Sambo fighter. His name is Stsiapan Papou and he’s from
Belarus. During this fight, he was up against Amil
Gasimov, a fighter from Azerbaijan. Things went a little bit different than expected,
when Papou noticed that Gassimov couldn’t get up. Victory may be sweet, but there’s nothing
quite as bitter as seeing your fellow opponent down once the fight is over. Sure, some choose to gloat, maybe walk away
even, but not Papou. Instead, he took Gasimov on his shoulders
and carried him out of the ring. 9. Danny The Gull King
Danny Vukovic, a Sydney FC goalkeeper called out to the referee during a match. Not because someone had fouled him, not because
he needed to address something related to the state of the match, but because there
had been a terrible accident. During play, the ball had struck a gull that
was flying over the field and it fell. Vukovic was not about to continue as if nothing
happened and requested that the game be paused until he had carried the bird to safety. Needless to say, everyone, including that
gull, ended that game with a massive crush on Vukovic. 8. The Olympic Spirit
There’s something about the Olympics that kicks everything up a notch. For some, it’s the intensity and competitiveness
of the sport. For others, it’s the spirit of companionship
and love for the game. For Nikki Hamblin, a Kiwi athlete, it was
the latter that led her to sacrifice her own race to help an American runner after she
fell and injured herself, causing her to fall as well. Hamblin didn’t think twice about it, she
stood and helped D’Angostino to get her bearings and once the race had ended, they
embraced with tears of joy. 7. Kan Got Your Tongue? Gusev’s story is a total nightmare. A Dinamo football player, he’s used to some
rough play, but when he was accidentally hit by the goalkeeper upon attempting a goal,
no one could have predicted what was about to happen next. Immediately, he was on the ground. He lost consciousness and swallowed his tongue. Things could have been over for him in minutes,
but Jaba Kankava, a player on the opposing team, ran to him within seconds, quicker than
the crowd could even figure out what had happened, and saved his life. Kankava took it like a man, stepping away
once Gusev was out of danger and being super humble about the fact that he had just saved
a man’s life. 6. More Crying In Baseball
If you ask me, baseball is one of the sports that isn’t emotional enough. We need more crying in the batter’s box. I think you’ll agree after seeing Cal Ripken
Jr.’s final appearance to the plate during a game against the Red Sox in 2001. The Orioles crowd went so crazy for him, continuing
to cheer and thank him for his 21 seasons devoted to their home team. It was so much that the ovation drew him,
and me, to tears. 5. The Best Way To Reach The Finish Line
Meghan Vogel is the person you want at your side when you have a problem. For real, if she is this good to her fellow
opponents, she has to be the best friend in the world. See, athletes sometimes forget that they’re
showing the world not just their skills during a sports event, but also their integrity,
and boy did Vogel show us her true colors in the best way. During a race in the 3200-meter finals, she
carried her opponent Arden MacMath across the finish line after a collapse. Vogel decided she wouldn’t come in last
place as a result, or rather, that they both would. 4. Messi Wins Again
Listen, Messi is to winning like Lebron is to balding. They’re doing it all the time, we love them
for it, and they lift us up as human beings. One thing that Messi does better than many
soccer players though, is show humility. He saw a young Afghani fan wearing a plastic
bag with the number 10 on it, resembling his jersey and home country and he couldn’t
help himself, I mean who could? The cuteness! He had to send him a real jersey, and little
Murtaza Ahmadi got a signed Barcelona jersey from his real-life hero. 3. Michael Jordan Comes Back
When our favorite athletes suddenly decide to switch sports, we get thrown off. “You’re a basketball player, you can’t
switch to baseball, you don’t have the body!” Well, that’s what happened after Michael
Jordan’s father died in 1993. He had an epiphany and decided to retire from
basketball to pursue baseball instead. We never did see him get in the game, but
after the time he took away from sports, he came back better than ever in 1995. When Father’s Day rolled around again, Michael
made a big statement when he won his fourth NBA championship. Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Jordan. This has to be the most moving footage of
a grown man sobbing that I’ve ever seen. 2. Olympic Dad
Derek Redmond, a British sprinter at the 1992 Olympic games in Barcelona, had trained just
as hard, if not harder than the rest of them. It had been years of effort, long hours, and
sacrifice. He was a crowd favorite and was likely to
win gold in the 400-meter sprint. However, Redmond injured himself during a
semifinals heat. Determined to finish, he winced his way through
and suddenly, his father joined him on the track, helping him make his way to the end
of the race. 1. A Tragic End To A Championship
Possibly one of the hardest moments in soccer history, on the night of an important Sudamerica
cup finals only one of the teams was present. The match was never played, and the bleachers
sang, drummed, and honored the guest team. Why? Well, the Colombian Atletico Nacional team
and the Brazilian Chapecoense were set to have their match in the Colombian city of
Medellin in November of 2016. Before flying, team members had uploaded videos
of the players in a great mood, and optimistic. One of the players had even received a gift
from his wife, a positive pregnancy test. However, upon flying into the mountains of
Colombia, just moments away from landing, the airport delayed them due to high traffic. The pilot had not refueled the plane enough
and didn’t declare an emergency landing out of fear of losing his license. Soon after, the plane crashed and almost every
player died. On the night of the match, tens of thousands
attended the stadium regardless. They dressed in white and green, the colors
of both teams, they lit candles, they sang, and cheered to the team that had never made
it. All remaining teams in the cup requested the
Chapecoense team be honored with the title, which they were on December 5th, 2016.


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