TOP 10 RICHEST YouTubers in the world | PewDiePie, DanTDM, DudePerfect, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye

September 12, 2019

Lots of people on social media are curious
about how much money youtubers make. The reason for that is pretty obvious: they
became influencers, entrepreneurs and most importantly millionaires after gaining popularity on YouTube. They are getting millions of views every day
which works out at thousands of dollars. With that money, they buy cars, houses and
live a life of luxury. Their current life styles definitely show
they are earning fat paychecks but how much exactly? My main resource was the Forbes Magazine. Forbes dropped top 10 richest YouTubers list
for the first time in 2015 and kept making this list by the end of each year. It was easier to learn all time richest by
looking at the last four years because the total amount top 10 earned, increased tremendously
every year. For example, 10th youtuber of 2018 earned
almost the same as the 1th of 2017. Additionally, the estimates I’m gonna show
are their YouTube revenues, brand deals, clothing lines and sponsorships combined so when you’ll hear me saying this youtuber got 10 billion views which brought in 50 million dollars
don’t get confused about their cpm. That money doesn’t come from his YouTube
revenue alone, it actually comes thanks to his billions of viewed channel. So lets get to the list. Coming in at the number 10 spot is the youtuber
known as Jacksepticeye. Seán William McLoughlin is the only Irish
youtuber on this list. This 29 years old youtuber uploaded his first
video ‘’War Has Changed’’ on 12 November 2012. Towards the end of 2016, his channel started
to pass it’s peak. In August 2016 Jacksepticeye got his most
monthly views at over 260 million and nowadays he is getting around half of that. He is an energetic gamer but he does also
make sketch and vlog videos. He is the 75th most subscribed channel at
over 21.9 million subscribers and the 62nd most viewed channel at 10.9 billion views. With that being said McLoughlin was signed
to create original programming for Disney XD, a TV channel marketed toward children and teens. He also serves as a host and stage personality
for a number of live events and tours in Europe and North America. Jacksepticeye’s net worth is estimated to
be 25 million dollars and it is definitely not less than what he deserves when you consider
he uploaded over 4000 videos. At the number 9 we have Smosh. Comedy duo Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla ,who
started Smosh, was one of the first YouTube sensations. They became well known for the their slapstick
comedy videos that parodied video games and pop culture. Ian and Anthony uploaded their first video ‘’Power Rangers Theme’’ on 19 November 2005. This actually shows they were not only pioneers
of the YouTube sensations but also of uploading videos on YouTube because of fact that YouTube
had been activated just a couple of months ago. These two American youtubers kept making videos
together till Anthony left the channel in June 2017 to start his own youtube journey. Smosh channel got over 24.2 million subscribers
and 8.3 billion views. They recently passed 1000 video uploads on
the main channel and 5.3 billion views on their other channels. The views their channel gained and sponsorships
it brought, earned these two 31 year olds 26.7 million dollars. This is the estimate earnings of the channel
Smosh only so, they probably earned a few million dollars from their small channels
as well. When it comes to this channel’s monthly
views, it has gained stable number of views for the last three years. Moving into number 8 at 27 million dollars
we got Logan Paul. This American youtuber has been uploading
videos on youtube with his brother since he was a kid. However he wanted to make a change in his
youtube career and started his everyday vlogging schedule on 12 September 2016 with his first
video named ‘’ My first vlog’’. Being energetic and creative in his videos
and doing it every single day, pulled over 18.9 million subs making his channel 105th
most subscribed channel in the world. He also got a large amount of views at over
4.3 billion which is an insane number for only 600 video uploads. When we take a look at his last three years’
view statistics, we see that he reached his peak in August 2017 at 420 million views. The major amount of money he earned predictably
didn’t come from his channel. His merchandise company Maverick, became so
popular among teens and probably turned into his main source of income after several months
he started it. Additionally, he is just 24 years old which makes him one of the youngest youtubers on this list. At the number 7 we have another gaming channel,
VanossGaming. Evan Fong is the only Canadian on this list. This 26 years old gamer uploaded his first
video called ‘’It doesn’t matter’’ on 27 June 2012. Since then, he has been uploading gaming videos
pretty frequently. What sets his videos apart is the quality
of his editing. He posts montages that compress his hours
of gaming into one compact video of funny moments. Fong has also branched out into a personal
clothing line and self-produced music. He gained 24.4 million subs making him the
51st most subscribed channel on YouTube and pulled over 10.7 billion views which brought
in 32.5 million dollars. Unlike most of the big gamers, he uploaded
less than one thousand videos at just over 900 videos. However it seems like he also got affected
by the decline of the gaming video views, he is getting around half of the views he
was getting three years ago. The number 6 spot on this list is the youtuber
known as Ryan ToysReview. Ryan was born on 6 October 2011 when some of the channels on this list were already on YouTube and making videos. The boy’s parents began documenting his toy
reviews on 16 March 2015 with the video called ‘’Kid playing with toys’’ and have
now amassed more than 18.9 million subscribers. More importantly, Ryan’s channel is 4th
in the ranking of most viewed channels at 28.7 billion views on it’s 1300 videos. While Ryan’s follower base isn’t as large
as some of the other top YouTube stars’, his growing influence on the toy industry helped
him increase the total income tremendously. Ryan ToysReview was one of the several YouTube
brands to partner with Bonkers Toys to create a new line of licensed toys and books featuring
YouTube stars. Additionally, the Ryan’s World toy line was released in partnership with Walmart and Target in 2018. He got so many views and started a huge toy
line and due to that he is estimated make around 33 million dollars. Coming in at the number 5 spot is another
American youtuber and Logan Paul’s two years younger brother, Jake Paul. Just like his brother’s channel, Jake’s
channel blew up in summer 2017 and got over 400 million views monthly. He uploaded his first video ‘’Jake Paul
Vine Compilation’’ on 27 March 2014. Jake recorded himself literally everyday that 500 of his 700 videos were actually uploaded consecutively. Jake Paul is tied with Ryan ToysReview at
33 million dollars. Like Logan, Jake Paul’s earliest internet
fame actually came from the defunct social-media network Vine. After Vine was shut down, he started to play the role of Dirk in a Disney Channel’s comedy series. Jake left his role and thrived so much in
the YouTube ecosystem that he was the 2nd most earned youtuber of 2018 at 21.5 million dollars. What brought this all money is his channel which have 18.5 million subscribers and 5.6 billion views. In addition to that, by using the momentum
his channel created he started his famous merchandise company which, in his words, sells
like a god church. The number 4 spot goes to DudePerfect. Dude Perfect is a sports-focused channel having
more than 200 videos, featuring hundreds of amazing trick shots and stunts. The channel is owned by five American men: twins Cory and Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney. Having a sports channel which has 41.2 million
subs making it the 14th most subscribed channel, provides many advantages like working with
athletes and big brands. To DudePerfect’s credit, they’ve worked
with notable entertainers, Hollywood stars, athletes in various sports such as tennis,
basketball, American football, volleyball as well as football. Their YouTube videos have garnered over 7.6
billion total views and promoted their mobile app, television show and merchandise. These various businesses they undertook are
estimated to earn them 34 million dollars in total. When it comes to their channel stats, they doubled their monthly views they were getting 3 years ago. Now we are at the top 3 and DanTDM ranks the
3rd among richest youtubers. Daniel Robert Middleton is the only British
youtuber on this list. This 27 years old youtuber released his first
video ‘’Minecraft: Pokemobs Adventure Mod’’ on 28 July 2012 and now he has more
than 3000 videos uploaded on his channel. Middleton’s earnings skyrocketed thanks
to his Minecraft videos but as of 2016, he has allocated part of his channel to playing
other video games, such as Roblox and Fortnite. DanTDM is the most viewed gaming channel with
14.6 billion views making his channel also the 30th most viewed channel on YouTube. He is a great example for why youtubers’s
views don’t show their exact earnings because in 2017 he was getting half of the monthly
views he had been getting in 2016. However, Daniel was ranked first on the richest
youtubers of 2017. Nowadays, he is getting one-third of the views
he was getting in his peak year 2016. DanTDM is the 80th most subscribed channel
at 21.6 million subs which worked out at over 35 million dollars. At the number 2 we have another gaming channel Markiplier. Channel’s owner, Mark Edward Fischbach,
is a 29 years old American gamer who decided to share his gamings on YouTube and uploaded
his first video called ‘’Amnesia Reaction Compilation‘’. He is the youtuber with the most uploaded
videos on this list at over 4300 videos. Like many gamers he also uploaded vlogs, sketches
and animations but his 23.6 million subscribers and 10.9 billion views, came mostly from games’
fanbase. Mark told Forbes he had a tumor removed from
his adrenal gland, broke up with his girlfriend, and was laid off from his job before he decided
to start his channel. It seems like he did a great thing by starting
a youtube channel as he was in the top 10 richest youtubers lists of last three years and estimated to earn 35,5 million dollars in total. Like most of the gamers, his views are around
the half of the views he was getting in 2016 but his main income is probably the clothing
line ‘CLOUD’ he started with his buddy Jacksepticeye. Finally… The champion on this list is PewDiePie with a huge earning gap between the number 2. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is the only Swedish
youtuber on this list. This 29 years old guy focused on games at
first but perhaps realized the drop in the channel’s views and started to touch a different
audience by making reaction videos. His reaction type is not a common one because
he doesn’t only watch videos on YouTube. He reacts to memes, news and bunch of funny
stuff. His channel’s statistics are by far the
most interesting one among the youtubers on this list because his views increased incredibly
in the last couple of months. Everything between him and T-Series started
with the video he uploaded towards the end of August and his channel PewDiePie got on an uptrend afterwards. Felix uploaded his first video ‘’Minecraft
Multiplayer Fun’’ on 2 October 2010. Since then he has gained a little over 300
million views in some months. However, things changed a lot after he had
picked T-Series as a rival. He saw 500 million monthly views on his channel
and this rivalry still gets him a great many views. Anyway, let’s get to his total views, subscribers
and videos. PewDiePie has over 21.1 billion views on his
3800 videos and won 94.1 million people’s subscription. These data also make it the 4th most subscribed,
11th most viewed channel in the world and most earned channel at 54.5 million dollars. So this is the end of the richest youtubers
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