Top 10 Worst LEGO Minifigures Series!

August 29, 2019

Hello, just2good here, and today, I’m going to be counting down what I feel are the ten worst LEGO Minifigures Series. This is all based on my personal opinion which many of you will not agree with, and that’s okay. Everyone has their own opinion. I made a system that I applied to all LEGO
Minifigures series, where I broke each series down by separating the minifigures with four ratings. B for bad, M for mediocre, O for okay or good, and G for great. Using points assigned to each respective rating, I ranked each series to determine the list. You’ll see a lot of bias here, since I tend to prefer City-based minifigures and new hair pieces over other things, but that preference doesn’t leak into most
series. Finally, this list will only go up to LEGO Minifigures Series 17, the most recent series at the time of releasing
this video. Alright, enough exposition, let’s get into this list. [intro music] LEGO Minifigure Series 2 is starting off this
list. I mean, this one is the only one that is $2 dollars
on the whole list, and that price can show in some of the duds. The include the Circus Tamer who has no circus
animals to tame and just bland pieces that don’t stand out
overall, the traffic cop who also has bland pieces and an indistinguishable design. The mediocre ones include the Witch, who I just wish they did something more with besides the reuse of older witch pieces, the weight lifter where the only interesting
design is the weight pieces, the Pharaoh, especially since the one from
Pharaoh’s Quest was a thousand times cooler, and that line began showing up in November
2010 while this series began showing up in October
2010; but then again, the Pharaoh only appeared
in the biggest set so this was a cheaper, alternate design. But that’s just to name a few of the mediocre
ones. With this list, you’ll see more focus on the bad ones and the great ones of each series, which can really make or break my ranking, and the mediocre slash okay ones don’t have too much of an effect. Speaking of great ones, I always loved the original surfer. I wish they would’ve left it there, with just that one surfer dude. But then we have ended up getting many more, and more life guards, which I thought was just an okay figure of
this series. Another great one for me is the Spartan Warrior, whose printing just blew my mind back in the
day, and I love the metallic gold on the helmet. The same was with the Mariachi, then they remade him twice more, the same was with the Mime, then which they sorta redid, ah well. Anyways, LEGO Minifigures Series 2 is definitely a
good series, with its ups and downs, and that’s something I can say with a lot
of the entries on this list. It’s a little hard to narrow down ten of
the worst, but it’s not impossible, and many of you have requested it. So let’s go onto the next. [transition music] LEGO Minifigures Series 5 came out Fall 2011, the time I was getting back into LEGO after
a year break. I always called this one a weak series in
retrospect without taking a close look back at it. But now that I have… it isn’t as bad as I remember. Alright, I mean, you can see there’s four I think are bad, but then four that I actually love. Huh. Didn’t know I loved that much about this
series. Anyways, for those bad ones, it’s no mystery I wouldn’t like the third
snow sports archetype in a span of four series. I remember pulling a lot of this guy too, because this was the last series where I didn’t know how to feel up the packs. The fitness instructor was way to similar to the Series 2 Pop Star, using much of the same colors and even the same hair piece. The Cavewoman was a gender swap of a figure that didn’t even interest me in Series 1
too much, and much like that series 1 figure, the hair piece is way too ridiculous, I don’t get too much joy from it. This is one figure where I can’t really
find any part on her useful or interesting. And then, there’s the Royal Guard. I guess this one is so niche, I don’t like it, but then again, I thought the Constable of Series 11 was mediocre
but not bad, and it’s the same situation. But, the Constable introduced that sweet baton and I like the hat on him better. For the great minifigures, we have my favorite suit character ever, the Lizard Suit Guy. This one blew my mind when it was released back in the day, and I think the tail piece is still incredibly
useful, and it has never been reprinted. Drat. The original Gladiator was great, with that sweet Metallic Gold helmet, and then they redid him but omitted the best part a helmet… yeah. We’ll get to that later. The Graduate was such a unique design, it was hard not to love it, plus it came with a very useful degree and
sweater print, and the Boxer was great when he came out, and I still see the bruised face is still
useful to this day. That figure was mind blowing for me because he didn’t have regular LEGO minifigure
hands. Sure, we’ve seen this done many times after with fins and gloves, but back then, it was a new concept as far as I can tell, and I love how it looked. Some mediocre choices were the Zookeeper who had the blandest figure but a sweet new
monkey mould, or the Ice Fiser with a decent eskimo parka whose appeal is lowered due to there being a fisher two series before, and some of the pretty good ones include the Gangster which I have no idea how LEGO got away with
the body bag that they just called a violin case, and the Woodcutter who provided an interesting
archetype, a nice new axe mould, cool hat, and sweet flannel. [transition music] LEGO Minifigures Series 12 released in October
2014 to coincide with the release of LEGO Minifigures
Online. It was also the first non-licensed series to retail for $4 dollars in the United States. This made a lot of people judge the series
harder from the start. And, while there were a nice amount of good and great minifigures, the criticism is justified – the clunkers really weigh it down. For the bad apples, there was the third and unfortunately not
last Rocker, who didn’t feel interesting compared to the distinct styles of the last
two. I mean, his hair would’ve been a lot cooler if he didn’t have the printed silver parts, because then it would be exclus- oh wait, it wouldn’t be, because the hair piece came in the 2012 Rock Band Accessory Pack, which is $50 friggin’ dollars second hand. What the heck? Sorry, I try to erase that set from my memory. Then there’s the boring Swashbuckler, which I remember a lot of people agreeing that he was one of the worst of the series because nothing really stands out from him. He’s just a recolor of the Series 4 Muskateer, which I think was a much better archetype
to choose to capture this kind of character. The colors on that figure are more interesting
as well, you don’t see blue on too many historical
CMFs.. And, the Dino Hunter also has uninteresting
pieces, even if it’s a new archetype. Her new hair mould is okay, as is her dual-moulded arms, but it’s just a bland figure because y’know, the coolest parts of the LEGO dino lines are the dinosaurs, and this figure obviously can’t come with a LEGO dinosaur. It was a bad choice. Then there was a gender swapped lifeguard. Being a lifeguard isn’t the most popular
career – one was enough. And since this was a series before Summer
2015, the bathing suit once again has a bare backside. This was acceptable for a $2 minifigure, but not for a $4 minifigure. They didn’t even bother to change the little boogie board color from
red. Come on… I mean, I can’t hide it, some of my favorites Collectible Minifigures
ever are in this series. The Wizard, the Pizza Guy, the Gamer, and the Jester are all so great to me. The rest range from mediocre, like the Genie and Spooky Girl, or good, like the Piggy Guy and the Battle Goddess. [transition music] LEGO Minifigures Series 16 is the seventh worst LEGO Minifigures series
to me, and I almost feel it’s one of the most underhyped series in general. It just sort of came and went, squished between two major series with the Disney and Batman Movie series. Either way, what’s so bad about the actual content of
the series? Let’s take a look at the three stinkers. First is the Kick Boxer, a genderswap of the Series 5 Boxer. And I think she may be one of the weakest
gender swaps yet. They used the same color outfit of the wide release Series 5 Boxer. Y’know, they could’ve easily reused the
blue color scheme of the very rare Team GB Boxer, or maybe a new color like black which is usually used with modern kickboxing, but nope, they just went with red again. WEAK. The kickboxing aspect isn’t very differentiating between the Series 5 boxer and this one, except for a decent shoe print. Whatever. The best part for me was the new colored 2008 ponytail piece, but even that wasn’t enough to save this
minifig for me. The next bad figure of the series is the desert
warrior. No new moulds. And, y’know, this guy was called the Arabian Knight in the preliminary list, and Aladdin was a much cooler figure to fit
that title and he came the series before. To give credit where credit is due, there are four great figures in this series. The babysitter was a fresh idea that gave us lots of new colors and prints for civilian figures as well as an easy way to get the much hyped
baby figure. The Spy was a nice callback to Alpha Team, and had that sweet new hair piece that is useful for many different characters. The Cute Little Devil was my favorite costume
figure of 2016, with useful recolors, two new moulds, and a nice Halloween theming. Look, I love Halloween designs so that’s some favoritism showing through. Alas, the Dog Show Judge not only introduced
a useful new hair piece, but also a new dog breed, with the scottish terrier. For the other figures, most were just pretty mediocre, which is what I think of the Banana Guy. I mean, he’s the best of the food costumes, but that is not saying much. Y’know, for once, it’s a food character based on a part that DOES exist in LEGO at the time! I mean, it isn’t designed to look like a
LEGO banana, as those don’t have a black top or bottom but it’s close enough. But, what just ends up killing the piece for
me is the unnecessary print on the banana. Like, if you didn’t know what the costume
was, they put an annoying sticker design with BANANA! Printed on it. Is that necessary? However, there is use outside the banana outfit, with the dual moulded regular green arms and the face print that has multicolored sun
glasses – I like that. Other mediocrities include the third sombrero
man, third pirate, and a gender swapped spooky boy to name a
few. [transition music] LEGO Minifigures The LEGO Movie Series was one I was iffy about from the start. Honestly though, I think I’ve liked it a little more with
time, but I still think it still deserves the title of the sixth worst LEGO Minifigures series. Particularly, the worst comes with the robots. Each have like, one interesting piece, and then a very similar face to each other and the super secret police, which were the goons of the LEGO Movie sets and end up making all of them pretty interchangeable. The designs for each aren’t enough to make the figures stand out on their own, either. Not even a new hair piece can save two of
them. When compared to all the other wacky figures
in this series, couldn’t they have thought of a better idea than including three robots? I dunno. The only other bad figure to me is Marsha
the Mermaid, who would’ve been a much more interesting
figure if they didn’t release a Mermaid collectible
minifigure a year before that, and a Merman collectible figure half a year
before that. Sure, she has new colors, but stuff like her would be awesome blue hair
is ruined with the inclusion of a starfish and seaweed
print on there. Really limits the use. For the great figures of this series, I always liked Hard Hat Emmet, as the hard hat design for Emmet was prominent in the start of the movie and a lot of the
marketing, and it was a cool piece with its hair and
hat combination which only came later in one huge set. The accessory is funny as well, getting LEGO instructions as a printed piece. I like when they make the main character in a minifigure series but bring a unique
design to it. I mean, sure, the torso and legs are the same in most sets, but the hard hat really separated him from
the rest. I also loved Larry the Barista. We never had a LEGO Coffee Shop worker before
then, plus his new hair piece was super useful along with the new coffee cup piece. And, finally, Abe Lincoln was an awesome figure. This was probably the first and last time we’d ever get a US president
as a LEGO Minifigure, and I’m glad they chose an instantly recognizable
one. Some of the mediocre ones to me include Wild
West Wyldstyle, whom fails on the reasons hard hat emmet succeeds
– lacking any new moulds or interesting accessories, and it was a design not really seen much in
the movie. The same goes with President Business, where yeah, you get a cheap way to acquire the main villain, but he may be a bit too similar to the one
in the set, save for an angrier and tussled shirt. The accessory is just an Octan Cup too, it ends up feeling like a poor choice. For the pretty good figures, I like the Panda Suit Guy fine, especially since he’s one of the few animal
suit figures to include an accessory, and Scribble Face Bad Cop would be bland like the Wyldstyle and President Business
of the series if it wasn’t for that FREAKY scribble face and awesome iPhone-like print. This was an interesting attempt for a LEGO
Minifigure Series based on a single movie, and it wouldn’t be the last. I like to think LEGO learned from their faults in this series and improved upon them with the LEGO Batman Movie series. [transition music] LEGO Minifigures Series 17 takes the fifth
spot, and it tied with the LEGO Movie Series in
points. I’ll say this one is worse because it was priced one more dollar, but I guess you can interchange the two spots. You’ll see this concept reappear in a later
entry on the list, but LEGO Minifigures Series 17 had to have something to spice things up because the figure selection is very weak. So they added the Highway Man, a mystery minifigure. I mean, now that the dust has settled, he’s a pretty mediocre figure. Another western type design with no new moulds. However, he isn’t with the worst of the
series. Those spots are taken up by a second weightlifer
CMF, who uses a pretty useless new mould with a
one piece barbell, a third surfer, which is a figure nobody asked for. I mean, did anyone even want a second surfer? They didn’t even add a new hair piece, or an interesting face. There’s just an… okay surfboard design, but this summer is like the summer of LEGO
beach sets which come with many surfboards. It’s the wrong time to release another collectible
minifigure surfer. There’s a second WACKY Collectible Minifigure
instructor, and this time instead it’s a dance instructor, which looks like the fitness instructor, who looked like the pop star from Series 2… eugh. Also, another gladiator. This one that is coming six years later is a complete downgrade. The only good part of the whole figure is the Finn hair in brown. And, unpopular opinion alert, the Corn on the Cob guy is definitely a bad
figure to me. He perfectly captures the problem with the food costume minifigures for me. The main piece is so specific, and LEGO just sells them on the big costume
piece and not much else. No new accessories or other moulds, not even any printing on the t-shirts, legs, or anything. I mean, yeah, they don’t need printing underneath but I like when LEGO goes above and beyond. For mediocre figures, some include the Connoisseur, where you get a great new pug, but the rest of the design is like an update
of the mime, one of my favorites from Series 2. Unlike the Gladiator, they redo the printing here as an improvement, but still, it just feels like a weak choice overall. Anyways, I’m glad they’re sticking to one unlicensed series a year because the last two non-themed entries make it seem like they’re running out of
ideas. [transition music] I’ve always said LEGO Minifigures Series
10 was a weak series. And, this is not factoring in Mr. Gold, who was the seventeenth figure of the series with a limited 5000 production run that ended up ticking off many collectors. I mean, I guess this was a good way to spice up the series much like Series 17 because many of the figures here are bad. The third minifigure from the Native American
culture is just a boring reuse of pre-existing pieces, even with the use of the Tomahawk piece, just released a month prior in the Lone Ranger
line. At the time, I’d say Comanche Camp gives a more interesting
look at the Native American culture than this tomahawk
warrior. The Mechanic is just as boring, with the only interesting part for me being the tattoo on the right arm. I mean, the sunglasses guy with a beard design was tackled many times before, and the accessory being the extremely common
black wrench and the hat being the common older style bandana just adds to the blandness. Then there was the Warrior Woman. I love how they couldn’t even assign this to any historical warrior design, they just gender swapped the archetype as
a whole. No new pieces here, it’s another spear and shield warrior. I do like that hair piece in black, though. The Sky Diver was also one that was just undesirable
for many. I remember people would always end up with a Sky Diver figure trying to get Mr.
Gold. He was extremely common and just an odd archetype that they took a
standard approach with. Really, the only part I like from him is the
back pack. The series did have two of my favorite CMFs
ever, the Trendsetter and the Old Man. The Trendsetter was a weird civilian design that I feel will never appear in LEGO City
sets. She’s too… contemporary, and I think that idea was translated well onto her clothes and overall look. She has the first civilian girl face with
sunglasses, and the new hair piece was incredible. The new Chihuahua mould was so cute too, and the printed cell phone looked great. Again, a very modern concept. But other than that, the rest of the series was just filled with mediocre to decent figures, nothing too exciting in my eyes. [transition music] This one sorta came out of nowhere when I was calculating each series. Series 13 is a flunk, with a -3 rating using my calculations. For some reason, LEGO never provided a decent quality version of the front main picture for this series. Either way, looking back, there were a lot of failures in this series. Like, you already made an incredible Wizard in Series 12 with new moulds, incredible printing and all, why release this far inferior evil one with no new pieces and much more drab printing? I mean it’s neat to reference flash gordon
but still. Most of the failures come in the form of gender swaps of previous Collectible Minifigures. From the Disco… Diva, as if the Disco Guy from Series 2 wasn’t
niche enough, to the female samurai, a gender swap of one of the weakest Series
3 characters, and worst for last – the female Cyclops. My gosh. This is the laziest, most useless collectible minifigure I’ve
ever seen. I don’t think anyone asked for a companion
to the Series 9 Cyclops, and any usability is ruined by the lipstick
on the figure. Like, LEGO, I know you love putting lipstick on most female
figures, but does a FRIGGIN’ Cyclops need to have
one? And, for some reason, she’s wearing a tube
top, showing off her belly. Just overall a useless figure. I do think the face print underneath is adorable with the eyelashes and smile, and I wish in general that was the printing on the “mask” piece. It would look a little more subtle and natural to fit with the fantasy situation. Though, even for someone like me who isn’t
exactly a fantasy guy, two of my favorites are fantasy archetypes. We have a King who is definitely in my top
picks for non-licensed Collectible Minifigures, and a great looking Goblin whose hat piece was later used for the first LEGO Green Goblin
minifigure in years. And, of course, the cute cute Paleontologist is a fresh CMF
design that is also in my top CMF picks. So I’ll give credit where credit is due, but still, as a whole, LEGO Minifigure Series 13 is filled of major
missteps of uncreative and bland designs that sink
the series. [transition music] In my opinion, the second worst LEGO minifigures series is LEGO Minifigures Team GB, which was released only in the United Kingdom to coincide with the 2012 London Olympic games. This is actually tied in its point rating with the number one choice, but I gave it a leg up from that one because this one has less minifigures, and while I’d say this is a bad thing, they’re pretty limited on choices they can
do. I’m glad they didn’t do, like, different swimmers for the four different
aquatic sports from the 2012 Olympics. It would get redundant. Actually, that’s a word to describe this
series. Redundant. We had a swimmer and a tennis player in the
series before this – series 7. We had a Karate Master in Series 2 that is a lot like the Judo Master, a weight lifter in Series 2 as well, and a Boxer in Series 5. But, the best part of the series are the exclusive recolored casts of pieces. The Superman hair on the archer in that orange
color is incredible, since that hair piece never gets recolored. I actually adore the Blue Boxer, and people seem to agree with me because he goes for $30 plus dollars. Crazy. But the blue looks even better than the red design from Series 5. What’s funny is that one of the original
figures of the series, the Horseback Rider, is my least favorite. I think she’s incredible boring with no
horse included, and just a reuse of a rubber LEGO Friends
hair/hat combo. [transition music] LEGO Minifigures Series 3 comes in as the worst LEGO Minifigures Series
in my eyes. I mean, this has always been my least favorite
series. Like some other series, there’s four bad figures, and I think they’re some of my least favorite Collectible Minifigures ever. Another Snowboarder immediately after the
last series? A recolor of Squidman, who already had a recolor in 2010? Another Native American type figure after the boring Series 1 figure? Then there was the samurai, which seemed weak with his water downed and neutral colors compared to the oriental
warrior figures Ninjago, which came out at the same time of this series. At least they gave the Mummy a little bit of a distinguishable look compared to the Pharaoh Quest ones. The only great figures of this series are the Rapper and Hula Girl, which funny enough, were both reprinted and slightly redesigned in the case of the rapper in separate sets. Huh. Actually, a lot of figures in this series
were reprinted. There was this weird VIP set that they released a year later of the Top
5 minifigures, and you know it was just LEGO trying to get
rid of old stock because they were all from this
series. I doubt kids really thought the Mummy and
Fisherman were interesting enough to warrant a reprint. Not only that, but this was the first series to raise the
price to $3 dollar, and to me, the printing quality still seems like something from the $2 dollar Series 1 and Series 2. There’s a lot of mediocre ones in here, whether it be the Fisherman, which did introduce the beard piece to the
world, but the overall design wasn’t very interesting
in general without a fishing boat included, which isn’t possible, or the aviator, whom I can say had the same problem with the
Fisherman. Some nice new prints but just a boring design
without, say, a plane included which obviously can’t
be done. Some of the okay ones included the first costume
character – the gorilla, or the elf, in which both had some nice prints and interesting new moulds over their heads. But this series just fails to stand out, with a lot of mediocre and bad designs. And with all of that considered, that’s why I think LEGO Minifigures Series
3 is the worst LEGO Minifigures Series to date. Do you guys agree? Let me know in the comments below. Anyways, that’s it for now. I’ll see you guys later. Peace out. Bye.

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