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TORE ANDRE FLO’s Greatest Chelsea Starting XI | William Hill Football

February 6, 2020

I thought that we need some proper height
in this team so I’ve gone for myself! Who’s in between the sticks? I’ve gone a little bit with friends as well as very good players on this one. I think
it’s important to have a very good chemistry within the team so in goal I actually have
Frode Grodas I remember him, what a legend He was also very, very good for Norway when I played with Norway. And he’s a very good friend. Right back? I have Dan Petrescu. Maybe not the quickest
player but a very smart player. He was one of those who could give you a great pass as an assist for goal. Always when he had the ball I was looking to make good runs. Who’s your first centre-back? I have gone with two French players at the back. I’ve got Frank Leboeuf – one of those
who had a great passing foot, probably the best long pass that any player that I have played with had. He just used to zing them, didn’t he? Yeah his foot went straight through the ball and [he hit it] directly for 40, 50, 60 yards Who’s alongside him? Marcel Desailly – probably one of the best
defenders ever. He was quick, he was sharp, he could tackle, and he could pass the ball. Basically, he could do everything. For the big games, he was ready for them. Who’s got the left-back spot? On the left is Graeme le Saux. Mr Consistent Yes, one of the players that you could always trust to do a good job. He was also good going
forward, had a lot of experience, played a lot of games for England, and was in general a very good player. Gus Poyet I’ve got on the right. Never stopped talking. Never stopped talking. For the first game I ever played, I was away at Coventry and I was sharing a room with him. He didn’t speak any English at the time but he still spoke to me all the time. I think it was in Spanish but I couldn’t understand anything. I think the energy that he came onto the pitch with transported to the rest of us. Always energetic, always in the situation, and very good at scoring goals. Who’s alongside him? I have Dennis Wise. He needs to be in my team. He is the leader and the captain. He was very
good and, I’ve said this many times, he was the best captain I’ve had. He got everyone
with him and if anyone out there didn’t do a proper job, you were told properly. Who’s alongside him? I’ve got Roberto di Matteo alongside him. Also a very smart player, also an eye for
a goal… And scores very quickly sometimes Very quickly. In big finals, he can score very quickly He was more of an all-round player, in my opinion. That was his strongest attribute,
that he could deal with any kind of situation and do well. Who’s taking the left spot? Well now we’ve got a number 10 role… So it’s not really 4-4-2, is it? It’s a diamond kind of thing [laughs]. This player needs to be in an offensive role
– Gianfranco Zola. Probably the best player I have ever played with and also a true gentleman
outside the pitch as well. I learned a lot from him. Who’s playing up front? Who are the two
strikers? I have Vialli as one of the strikers. I had him as a manager as well, for a couple of seasons. Great personality, good fun to hear
him talk in team meetings. He always had something to make us laugh as well. And who’s alongside him? I thought that we need some proper height in this team so I’ve gone for myself! [laughs] I have a lot of people to choose from. I had Ruud Gullit himself – one of my childhood
heroes who didn’t make the team. Hasselbank I played with, Gudjohnsen I played with, but when I’m the manager myself, I feel I have to put myself in there. What was your best game for Chelsea? The game I remember the most is a home game against Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-finals. I remember walking in at half-time, leading 3-0 against Barcelona, and I couldn’t
believe what I experienced that day.

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