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Trending On TOUR | Rahm-bo, bro hugs with Tiger & Waste Management Rules

October 20, 2019

Guys, I still can’t believe this happened. Climbing up 12 spots on the leaderboard on
Sunday and leading by 1 coming into the final hole, rookie Jon Rahm reached the par 5 in
two. But wait, it gets better. Annc: Really a two-part putt. Left to right all the way. Bobbled early coming out, will it have an effect on the speed? This could be good. His caddie Adam Haze helped him read this. So smart to get behind it too. How about making it!! Yes! Incredible! Yeah, it was nuts! So congrats to you Jon Rahm. This was his first PGA TOUR victory after
turning pro just this past summer. Getting it done! He’s only 22 guys, so guess the first thing
he did after hoisting the trophy? Yep, it didn’t happen if you don’t post
it to social media. Then he went on to sign this guy’s arm. I can’t decide if that’s weird or not. But this definitely is. Check it out, I had the chance to catch up
with Rahm at Torrey Pines earlier in the week and we predicted the future! Ohh my god. Geeze. This is what it’s going to feel like on Sunday right? Heavier then I thought. Jon says it’s heavy. Maybe you do need to do some more bench presses. Maybe I should. Yeah, I’ll tell my trainer next time. Looks like Rahm doesn’t need to lift weights
after all. From the rookie, to the veteran. Tiger Woods made his much anticipated 2017
debut. And despite missing the cut, it was like a family
reunion. Caution: bro hugs. The Big Cat got his reunion with his new best
bud. Jason Day, and even Dustin Johnson, were in
the powerhouse group for Tiger’s return. J-Day was also a part of Tiger’s big announcement
this week. El Tigre revealed that he’s now signing
on with TaylorMade after Nike’s departure from the equipment business. And speaking of the equipment business, the annual
PGA Merchandise Show was this week in Orlando and this was definitely my favorite piece
from the event. I need to get me one of those! Buckle up! It’s another big week on TOUR. The Waste Management Phoenix Open is teeing
it up in Arizona. Which just so happens, to be Jon Rahm’s
old stomping grounds at Arizona State. Lesson number 1. Don’t act like this guy. Lesson number 2. Putt better than this. Ohh my gosh. Ohh boy… You putt like dad! Lesson number 3. Out-dress Bubba Watson’s caddy, Ted Scott. Duly noted, as I’m on the road early this
week in Phoenix as well. So make sure and tune in to social media and
PGA TOUR LIVE. In the meantime, check out the Waste Management Pheonix Open preview show on where I team up with Jon Swantek to break down the loudest
tourney on TOUR. Have a great week!


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