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Trending on TOUR | Tiger’s return, the SB2K16 group returns & Jeter’s golf game

October 22, 2019

Big congrats to Hideki Matsuyama on his 4th
international victory in his last five starts at the Hero World Challenge this weekend in
the Bahamas. That other start, by the way, was a runner-up finish at the CIMB Classic. Very impressive resume as of late for the
24-year-old who has been dominating Tiger Woods-style. Tiger of course, had sports fans everywhere
talking about his return this week. That’s right, the Big Cat is back! The world was buzzing about Tiger’s return. For the first time in 15 months, these fans
could pull out their festive onesies… Some fans were so overtaken by his presence
they were scooping up sand where he walked. Calm down guys… Tiger himself even tweeted about his own excitement
during tournament week. Remember Spring Break 2016? Who am I kidding, how could we forget? Well Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth may have
been playing in the Bahamas this week, but their buddies Justin Thomas and Smylie Kaufman
were back at it again in Baker’s Bay. Yep, they were playing golf in their swim
trunks again — this time calling it Winter Meetings 2016 and celebrating Smylie’s birthday… But don’t worry, Rickie and Spieth weren’t
left out — they were busy partying and playing with some of the best in the world… And that’s not just reserved for golf, even
baseball legends were spotted at Albany. Derek Jeter said he took up golf when he recently
retired from the Yankees and is already about a 10 handicap. Gosh he’s good at everything. But something tells me Jeter won’t be doing
this anytime soon… hole-in-one trick shots is at it again, don’t try this at home kids. Can you believe it, the golf year is almost over?! Just one more tournament before the New Year. I’ll see you on Thursday for The Takeaway,
where I’ll be recapping the Franklin Templeton Shootout. It’s a team event and the LPGA’s Lexi
Thompson will be playing, so it should be a fun event. I’ll see you then and have a great week!

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