Tumbbad | Official Trailer 2018 | Sohum Shah | Aanand L Rai | In Cinemas Now

October 2, 2019

Sarkar is dead. There is nothing left for us here. We are leaving Tumbbad. Why? Don’t we inherit the mansion now? And the treasure hidden in the mansion?
Isn’t that ours now? Sarkar looked all his life
but found nothing. What about the old woman? I’m sure she knows where
the treasure is hidden. Not everything you inherit
should be claimed If I won’t,
someone else will. You’re a greedy bastard! That’s the only quality I have. It’s just a single coin. There’s a treasure waiting for us.
Let’s turn the boat around. 16? Father has kept you
as a mistress… But when I grow up,
I’ll marry you. How old are you? Even a mention of
the treasure brings bad luck. Treasure. Do you want it? Come now. Treasure. Scared already?
We haven’t even begun yet. HASTAR! Father, what’s in Tumbbad? Is that God the same one… “Sleep or else Hastar will…”
-Shh… He appears even if you
take his name?

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