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TUTO REVENANT Partie 1 // Mes conseils pour bien débuter

February 9, 2020

Hello villains I hope you are well and above all you were able to test the novelties of season 4 so personally I did not sleep all night I spent eight hours on revenat then all morning to lay this tutorial for you so I have pockets under my eyes the size of the bide in gibraltar but it was clearly worth it I really like this maj as usual there is always a way to criticize small details but honestly it feels good a little new a bit of novelty so we’re going to zap it all today I offer you a first tutorial on returning with everything I could learn last night on this character and you will see there is something to do I would of course do a second tutorial in a few weeks if there are things to add which I think will surely be the case it would be pretentious to claim to have toured a legend in eight hours at the end of the video I will quickly give you my opinion on the few weapons that I could test and I will also give you the program for the next tutorials and videos to come, so make yourself comfortable the little friends and as usual we like the video and we subscribe if it is not already done which I remind you will allow you to heat your wrist and therefore subsequently be more efficient immediately the villains Ok so as usual we will start by seeing a little bit of the different cooldowns and dissected the capabilities of the beast and we will then see how to use it intelligently in game we attack directly with its tactical silence ability so basically you take a little ball out of your arm which you then catapult onto your enemies which will deal 10 damage and prevent them from using their abilities for 10 seconds. at the distance of the jet it goes far enough however we will have to be precise very precise or lucky because the impact zone which will contaminate your enemies is very small and as you will see there you will have to target very closely your enemy (s) to hope to inflict the penalty if you hit them in addition to inflicting them light damage and depriving them of power for 10 seconds wanting to blur your eyesight too then we are far from what we can get with caustic gas or when you find yourself in the middle of the ultimate bengalore for example but it’s always annoying to have this kind of mess on the screen we will not lie Regarding the cooldown of this ability you will have to wait 25 seconds before you can use it again and 20 seconds if you wear a helmet legendary and for those who wonder if you can cross the kernel with wraith when you are in phase without taking the penalty the answer is yes okay now let’s review his ultimate totem of frags so clearly at first I found it a bit rotten and even after playing it for eight hours I find it super fun to play in casual but I have doubts about the use of this character on the competitive scene and you will understand why so its ult allows you to place a totem once this one in place you and your teammates could once close to the totem activate a shadow form a bit like the one found during the Halloween event so this shadow form will give you the possibility to be teleported to the totem if an enemy takes your whole life so on paper it looks bad but there are several disadvantages the first that when you are in the form of shadow if your enemies shoot you they will directly hit your pv, the chest will remain intact and when your life comes to zero you are teleported to the totem with your chest fully down and your life to an hp so basically it’s like taking a classic fight except that instead of losing your shield first it’s life that goes down but suddenly once back on the totem if you heal the enemy will surely do the same on his side and therefore we return more or less to square one so there is of course a way to brainstorm with all this but it requires a quick game analysis and we will come back to that after then what you need to know with the ulti is that once you are in this shadow form you have the same title as cinderella limited duration of the effect which is for 30 seconds after this period the totem disappears and you no longer benefit from the bonus it brings more if you move more than 65 meters from the totem the form for donations therefore do not panic for those who have not noticed this area not to be exceeded is delimited by a line whitish on the ground so stay alert also know that enemies can use your totem is therefore enjoy the same bonus that you missed laughing in the same place they can of course camp the totem pole and wait for you to dispose of it or even destroy it and therefore canceled the effect I made myself well by the way and yesterday evening the first time as you see on this clip I touch the octane which was destroying my totem but that I didn’t know suddenly as a delay I throw myself into the void thinking that anyway if I lose my duel I will be tp and seeing that i touch that slab and that it destroyed my precious one i get washed like a noob with regard to the cooldown we saw it the ulti lasts 30 seconds has a range of 65 meters and it will take three minutes to recharge and 2 minutes 20 if you wear a legendary helmet well before moving on to the game situations we will take a tour of its liabilities tracker like this I found a little so so at the beginning and which turns out to be monstrous if you use it correctly so there are two effects the first is that you can climb higher with a fairly fast start then you climb less and less quickly as you go as you get higher speaking of height as you can see you climb roughly twice as high as the other legends so for those who have seen the tutorial become untouchable you imagine right away I think the number of possibilities available to you for those who have not seen I put you elsewhere the link right now on the screen so you climb higher but you can also move faster by being too bad so at first glance it’s not crazy since when you rock the enemy it is generally that you are there and we are rarely on a gameplay of assassins to affect legs but this is what i noticed yesterday I let you compare the speed at which I move when I scop then the speed at which I move when I scop and I’m squatting and magic in addition to having a smaller silhouette we are faster so it’s clearly on fire you can spam crounch without experiencing slowdown but also just playing you squatting duel like a real little cancer so I still need a few hours of play to see if it’s really worth it but clearly the more mobile we are we are easy to touch add to his hitbox reduced by half seeing that you are crouching and it clearly becomes an ultra op mechanic so I tested with several souls it’s very obvious on the wingman or the R99 and it’s a little less so on the flatline or the r301. At snipe like this it’s light but it’s still quite a bonus I also tried to heal myself and compare the distance traveled by me heal standing and squatting and as you can see we don’t win much for once In terms of the speed of movement I also let you compare with another legend we go much faster and where it is very strong is that these mufflers not totally but since the sound in apex and coded with the butt and still way to pass unremarked which will be very practical for the end of the zone where you are solo to play and where your goal is therefore to make you discreet until the last moment I have also recorded the difference between coming back running and coming back progressing squatting and you’ll see that it’s much more discreet and yet almost as fast So just before posting the video I saw a clip on reddit of a guy who was crouching but backwards and go as fast as his friends who ran unarmed so I didn’t have time to test and even if I don’t really see the concept of running backwards I invite to go try for yourself to see if the info is good one last point on the trip which on the other hand made me sad these are the walljump. With revenant finished the walljump I do not know if it is done on purpose or if it is a bug related to the fact that there is a mechanic climbs well to him but the walljump looks like a messed up move and I hope it will be fixed later well now that we have toured the basics we will see how to use the game, and that’s where it gets fun so spoiler alert neurotic rusher you will love this character we saw it passive allows you to be very mobile to take breaks relatively high quickly and without making it too rough which can be very strong for your opponent’s side or to put you in safety I have two clips for you which represent what we just saw the first I reach corner safe super quickly for better he cushy and on the second you can see that I have just finished a fight is while i heal a guy started to turn me on at snipe well if i was a smart guy i would have just jumped in below for me heal at first shot but as I am a small troll who likes to stupidly grid I start to chamber the agent 47 and ended up sending me my medkit dancing and then to show you how much you can take poses interesting I tried to climb on the roof of the station I let you admire the view and especially the broken windows which gives shooting angles to the ultra interesting snipe finally remember that you can spam or keep crouching during your duels as we saw earlier which will clearly give you an advantage and you can also dislodge enemies at height without them noticing you if you arrive sneaky I then have his assets so as we have seen you should not miss out on the first parts I imagined the much larger impact area and when i enter the station and i see all the group pierrot enemies and below i balance my capacity tactic that I’m going to wash everyone’s hands in their pockets in the end I didn’t touch anyone which allowed the caustics to swing their wraith ulti to leave on a tp and plus what makes me wash by the ghost … too bad to avoid this kind of loose this is how I advise you to use this ability try to swing it and when you are in a duel and when I say in a duel it is when you are very close to your enemy whether it is at the very beginning to be sure that they are not barred so practice on a pathfinder or a wraith for example or in middle of fight when you reload otherwise you can also use it on octane or bangalore to avoid them from escaping you so it’s strong but it’s not phew and it will especially help you to avoid your opponent escaping you when you have already started the fight well of course if a caustic or a wattson is entrenched in a building the top on you will have come to touch it or at least launch your silence close enough so that he or she cannot refresh his traps be careful though watson’s ult will make your ability disappear just like grenades so if you don’t have a visual on your multi and you don’t want to spoil your asset stupidly, a little trick is to throw a grenade in the house where she is camping and if the grenade does not fart it is because it has its ultimate and in this case there is no point in balancing your tactical ability although we finish his ulti so for the moment I found or two big ways to play it more or less defensive and offensive if you play solo and you tend not to wait for your mates to rush know in 1 that it’s not good and most of the time you will stupidly die but with returning if your emails are not far away you can put your tp in security and to engage them in the fight with a little success you could put a ko by the time your mates arrive and therefore facilitate the fight and take advantage if it goes wrong once tp to your totem you can heal yourself cuff while waiting for your friends or just turn back for those who play as a team you have a lot possibilities you can for example the totems before atp which will allow you to come back very quickly in the fault that once you are he be careful however, it will be necessary for wraith to take your totem before even putting its portal if it wants to see where is what the zone of the ulti is you can also trapped your totem with bottles or watson barriers to prevent other enemies from using it or simply to have a safe area once you do your tp but the must for me and use this ultimate to teleport in the middle of a fight as we have seen you lose your life first then your shield so an interesting option that allows you to play in an unpredictable way and simply put your tp very close to the action the best being an author of course so that once dead you are in contact and can according to the situation reengaged the fight without taking the time to do it which for the enemy will be very destabilizing and this for two reasons the first is that you can come out of nowhere and the second is that your opponent will not even be sure that you will come back all immediately if he has not seen your totem you may be heal or flee the totem may be far away above or below so it’s going to confuse and as you can see right now you’re giving huge fight opportunities it’s a bit like if you play your own backstab so there are a lot of possibilities with this move and keep that in mind that your totem must be close to be able to engage very quickly but preferably with a different angle than that which you used the first blow for example to pose your tp on the top of a building come down and play guys downstairs and if you die you will just have to fall from the top and surprise your enemy with your brain and playing with your opponent and honestly I can’t wait to go take a nap and go back to try more and more aggressive fights with trajectories more and more twisted here are the friends I think I have done the tour of all that I could learn this night on returning as I wanted to say I try to make as quickly as possible to get you out a tutorial sufficiently complete so that you can already take your marks quickly with this character but I will surely do a second part in a few weeks once I have taken a little more and especially that I should test in ranked. At weapons level I was able to test the sentry who looks monstrous the shoulder super fast tap super strong and above all there is almost no bullet drop travel times so basically the ball goes very fast and it drops very little. So we’re on a kind of awp for those who played CS I will surely sand it a lot in the next few days I was also able to test the R 99 which for me is still as strong despite its small nerve the Lstar meanwhile became completely freaked out I found that very strong and I put two sacred laser each time I had in the hands the havoc became completely rotten since we can no longer put turbochargers in the ass the g7 scout is in my eyes always strong since we can always put it once twice 4 the buf of the prowler is promising in short a lot of changes but almost only good in terms of weapons or even too good Obviously I will soon release a tutorial on your gun for the sentry and lstar and other tutorials on season 4 I also remind you that you can sign up for a replay analysis or for the new category to come control your mate I put you for that right now on the screen the link to the video where I explain all the manipulation I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that with goldstar we are looking for a mate for the ranking of this season so ideally someone who has been a predator previous seasons and for the rest of the details I let you send a mp to gloldstar on discord or respond here in the comments here are the little friends if you have any questions you want to add info on today’s tutorial as usual do not hesitate to do so in comment I remind you that you can support for free on youtube by viewing some ads or use my creators code or a gaming stand I hope that this tutorial will be useful to most of you and that you will take pleasure in rocking in all directions with this character for my part it is time to leave you and I find very quickly for a new tutorial and now I wish to low range to all chao


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    Rip Gibraltar

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    Gg pour les sous-titres

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    A 1:17 vous sortez une petite couille de votre bras 😂🤣🤣

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    J ai eu cette légende aujourd'hui j'ai déjà une bannière légendaire et un skin legendaire gratos 😂dans mes packs en plus sa exp beaucoup en se moment

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    si tu cherche un mate , je suis dispo j'ai aps fait enormement de ranked mais si op si besoin 😉

  • Reply _sUper gAlil_ February 8, 2020 at 11:43 am

    Tuto octane mdr (c'est ma légende préférée 1600 kill avec) j'aimerais me perfectionner avec lui

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    Tu pourait m' ajouter sur apex on pourait faire une seule parti mon psd terax gaming sinon supert video continue comme ca

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    Est-ce que le silence cancel les passif

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    En gros faut être bien vicieux pour jouer revenant Bon bah les bourrin et les campeurs Ça sert à rien de jouer sette légende !!!

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    salut l'ami, je perdure sur se jeux, aurait tu un combat agressif avec la peacekeeper

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    6:20 asmr revenant

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    Team Mirage qui est avec moi ?

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    Au même titre que Cendrillon j’en peux plus 🤣🤣

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    Sinon c’est une excellente vidéo merci beaucoup 🙂

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