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U.S. Open Epics: Michelle Wie – Breakthrough at Pinehurst

January 26, 2020

final round of the US Women’s Open at
Pinehurst Michelle Wie is on the cusp of her first major championship they have
not yet found Michelle wheeze golf ball right here in the tree Michelle Wie was
anointed to be the greatest ever this was a prodigy Tiger Woods of the LPGA –
four times in the top three majors at 16 she’s a phenom
but at this time in her career still hadn’t won one let it almost make you
want to cry here was Michelle Wie finally in
position to win the greatest championship that’s always eluded her
but now it’s about to unravel on one hole I don’t know if she can get the
club on it I wouldn’t think there’s any real good thing to do with this she’s
hearing some footsteps maybe the loudest from the number one player in the world
Stacy Lewis Maci Lewis is in fact on the range right now you’re watching it
saying maybe she’s just not meant to win this so Michelle Wie does not want a
major yet from a young age my dream was to be a
professional athlete I just was really competitive and I just really want to be
good at something and so my mom was very busy she took me to ballet practice took
me a tennis practice baseball I still remember to this day this kid hit it and
he came all the way to the outfield I’m trying to catch it ball came able to my
hands and hit me in the face and I came off the field crying so then there goes
baseball soccer don’t know where my feet are so that was it and then all of a
sudden I just kind of started putting all my energy to golf
when I was 10 years old I qualify for the USGA Public Links which is my first
national tournament and kind of since then I kind of just kept pushing the
limits see what I can do and I had crazy dreams we all knew about Michelle Wie
before she ever turned professional and she won our Women’s Amateur Public Links
at a very young age how do you feel I’m happy out of my mind
I can’t speak about it I knew I would win I’ve worked with many young players of
the young 18 I’ve never seen anybody at that age who actually struck the ball
like she did she literally at the age of 13 with hynny at 300 yards Michelle
really stands out for having two impacts on the game of golf that is rare there
are very few people that come to mind certainly you think of Tiger
she was elevated to that superstar status at such an early age
in the 2005 US Women’s Open at Cherry Hills Michele shared the 54-hole lead at
15 years old it’s pretty exciting to think a 15 year old might win the
biggest women’s championship in golf didn’t close the deal today but she’s
just been impressive to watch outside of this day the following year at the US
Women’s Open in Newport she was tied for the lead again after 54 holes question
was this time could she finish his birdie putt she got close but had a 73 in the final
round and finished tied for third here miss four times she’s been in the
top three major championships at 16 you ever get frustrated though you’re not
winning I mean that’s what this game is all about I mean I know she’s only 16
but you wonder when you pile up all these near misses the US Open through
national championship and growing up my dream was being a US Open winner when I
watched sorry Paco in it when I watched Tiger Woods win it
seeing them hoist that trophy up I was just like this is incredible it’s the hardest test of your complete
game you think of a US Open you think of long rough and tight fairways and firm
greens if you win the US Women’s Open that means you beat the best players on
the best courses to win the most coveted title in women’s golf I think – one of
golf courses that has a special place in every golfers heart there’s so many cool
memories from that golf course especially the Payne Stewart and how we
want so fan champion
it’s a great venerable venue and what we did in 2014 it was bring the world’s
best minute in the world’s best women to Pinehurst for two weeks back-to-back
opens there was a one time that the men and women really playing the same venue
I was so in everybody else it was I was obsessed I was this is the coolest thing
ever I came a day early I watched Rickie Fowler play and Martin
Kaymer play which was like flawless parties only having them play the golf
course literally the week before was the most helpful thing ever I asked a lot of
guys for their yardage books and Mickey to do amazing job at filling up and
course while he was playing so it’s almost like I had a cheap guide going in
so it’s really nice to finish in style is a US Open champion
first when I watched and when I remembered looking like this is truly
just incredible that was like oh okay she under par on this golf course and I
think because that was the only thing I saw I didn’t really view it as difficult
as difficult as it actually was the 69th US Women’s Open is underway at Pinehurst
number two Michelle Wie looking for her first major the last year she shot a tee
in the first round sighted at an illness and withdrew from the championship let’s
pick up action at number five just 177 to the hole hole location over on the
right that would be a good distance but it
will be repelled by that Donald Ross screen not exactly what you had in mind your cell phones are a grind they’re
hard golf courses you’re just uncomfortable you’re nervous
this is Rachelle Wiis third shot and that was an absolute skull and Michelle
Wie now for a much needed par from about 4 feet got it just why to the whole what an
ugly six that is for Michelle took five strokes from 177 yards that’s never good
you can’t win the golf term on the first day we can certainly lose golf term in
the first day I was kind of putting pressure on myself but then I stepped
back and I was like don’t profession yourself just like go out there and just
like try hard and then at the end of the week no matter what happens just know
that you tried hard Michelle we a little bit of trouble here at seven well she
kinda laughs at it a little bit in the past I just get angry at myself and then
just it was like a snowball effect and I just didn’t want that to happen in 2014
and show.we from about 20 feet for par she’ll give one back there at 7:00 you
just hope you’re not gonna really have many flawless rounds I would make
mistakes but I didn’t let it get to me I didn’t get angry it was all about
recovering it was being in the right spot at the right time yeah Michelle we
know surveying a long birdie putt at 10 she made a conscious effort that week
for sure to really stay loose I think she really felt good about the whole
Horan atmosphere at Pinehurst she’s now got at the height of gosh this is almost
30 feet so somehow she gets re attends whole
with do it it’s the whole a 30-footer like
that she’s in pursuit of Stacy Lewis she was terrific today give a golf course
that just demands precision and we saw a perfect perfect round of golf by Stacy
Lewis bogey free 3-under par 67 and the lead for the number one player in the
world Stacy Lewis I was excited felt like all eyes were
kind of on me yeah it’s added pressure but I think
that’s what you want I mean that’s a position you want to be in I think for
the casual fan there’s two things you notice about Michelle Wie at Pinehurst
one is it kinesio tape she wore on her left leg she says that’s been like an
impersonal craft session every morning it’s a pretty cool tool as different
psychedelic colors that we she has a mild strain in her left leg and no cause
for alarm that is purely precautionary not a lot
of people knew but I partially torn my meniscus
it wasn’t bad enough where I had to stop but it was my left leg so I definitely
felt it the second thing about Michelle was the tabletop putting that very
unusual to look at this is the budding style that seems to have steam power the
table you could set a drink on her back and if
you wanted to anybody that coffee is this I better have that chiropractor
handy because it looked painful she came up with this lot of suggestiveness I had the yips think
heavenly of making new kind of crazy things we have so many players who are 5
feet they’re 5 – and then we have the Michelle wheeze of the world and they
want to plump like those players that are 5 feet tall and that’s our making
everything I was like huh this is gonna actually work I don’t really care how I
look I finally felt like I couldn’t make putts and that was the most important
thing for me we’re back live at Pinehurst number 2 and birdie putt for
Michelle Wie shall we – 1-under par it’s really this
part of the game that has improved the most and I think it’s given her a lot of
confidence into her entire game 25 putts through 17 holes today for Michelle this
one would get her within one of the lead to under 68 within one of Stacy Lewis so
and we’re starting to see the game we’ve been waiting for perhaps since she was
about 10 or 11 years old the US Women’s Open is truly open
whether you’re young or old professional or amateur anyone who enters has a
chance to win this title and get their name on the trophy one of the highlights
of the championship Luci Lee at 11 years old playing in the championship American
flag shirt eating ice cream in her press conferences missed the cut but really
was the darling of the championship my dad likes to play he’s actually pretty
good can your dad beat you from 198 yards now at 14
how could she hit some fairway woods that’s great Gangu playing the youths
open this is a lot of fun what’s your plan for the rest of the day eat some
more ice cream now I have seen Lucy Lee and it is darn impressive but I still
say at age 13 I never saw a boy or a girl as talented as we shall weep you
met Lucy yesterday what was that like uh yeah I mean I the first thought that
came into my mind was I I was like I wish I looked that cute she was so cute
but yeah I kind of just put me back you know to definitely walk back to memory
lane they always team up against me now he’s to beat that stuff when I first met
Michelle she was relatively sheltered and understandably so 11 year old who
was an incredible talent but also 11 years old
Michelle was under a level of pressure that I don’t think many people would
have understood she was anointed to be the greatest ever as a teenager so I
think the pressure that she felt it was unlike any other woman golfer I’ve ever
seen this match was so intense wasn’t it was
in others you can breathe and mean I was so intense yeah
there was no rulebook how to really develop a prodigy and I think everybody
just got carried away you know just thinking to the well you know what can
she achieved I mean maybe she could win a man’s torment playing the men’s public
wings I lost in the quarterfinals but I have a lot of great memories in play
men’s tournaments I definitely did feel a lot of pressure at the same time I was
just so young and I was just like oh this is so awesome like I get to do this
this is cool let’s do look at the bright side you got
here and I’m making it to the quarterfinals you’re exempt to come back
next year I am no yeah so that’s it you don’t have to qualify you’re back in
this championship next year next year that Michelle had climbed so
close to the mountaintop and all before she could even drive but she had
injuries injuries that really prevented her from fully getting all the way to
the top I try to play through pain for over two years and it was hard there was
a couple of years where I didn’t make the cut or I would play really badly and
I should get so frustrated with myself but when I was going to Stanford it was
very easy to be completely away from golf I was in such a protective bubble I
kind of had the best of both worlds I still got to be normal and go to school
and then also play golf as a freshman all you know I won twice while I was in
college I graduated but now my life was fully engulfed but I didn’t know how to
handle that I had no real escape like all my friends are interns just go and I
was just like oh my god I’m playing golf now like this is the one like first time
I’ve truly realized like I’m a golf professional like this is adults it’s
hard the transition to becoming an adult is not easy and I guess I was living the
adult life being a professional since I was 16 but I didn’t really feel like
that it was kind of scary 2009 and 2010 got a couple wins in the LPGA Tour
but then she dropped outside the top 50 of the world rankings in 2012 and 2013 a
real disappointment everybody’s there watching let’s see how
much shells doing she was built up to such a level and then as it is when you
even get that bit people are very quick to knock you down and say well she’s the
flash of the pattern I was just like really not happy like I was just like
miserable on the golf course then you have the pressure of the media on top of
you so it was a lot I think there were a fair number of people who thought that
she would burn out all of a sudden I was sick of being miserable sick of
complaining about my life so fed up with how miserable I was the mindset that I
had going to 2014 is that I was gonna enjoy myself I just gonna have fun it is
another hot and humid day in Pinehurst North Carolina where second-round action
in the US Women’s Open Championship is underway while we were away Stacy Lewis
has drifted back to even par for the championship and Michelle we began the
day just one shot off the lead he’s now from the beam her ninth hole today after
she began play from the 10th we’ve been waiting for a long time Steve
Michelle we reach her potential that might be happening Michelle we for
birdie I think we all love to see that desire that she had as a young girl
really coming back to her is going out there and just try to play the best I
can you know being contention this is so much fun so you know I’m just really
grateful for the opportunity that I have this a long second at the tough part 4 8
everything kind of clicked that day for me it’s like it was pretty easy
wow this is pretty fun yeah I think I like this covers a lot back at 8 now
birdie putt for Michelle Wie the golf course she talks about having fun I can
tell you the way she’s playing is why she’s having so much fun at 9 now back-to-back 68 and this could be her
time she has a three shot lead at the US Women’s Open it’s another weekend at Pinehurst number
two for this third round of the US Women’s Open
back in the day there was spoke about Raymond Floyd having the eyes to be able
to sort of Loomis just control Balmer’s with his mind then social Michelle
really had that it’s hard to explain something you know a player so well as
sometimes something just maybe a little bit different to what you normally see
in the third round she really had that look about her she really had that focus
and that look and that determination and the confidence that she used and she
thought this was her time at the par-3 9th in the lead is three for Michelle
Wie she’s reeled off five straight pars since a bogey at a birdie in the first
three holes Michelle’s got a 7-iron here and home located on the left rear
portion of green upper level and the wind coming a little left to right some pretty good line should release now he moves it to 5-under up to 15 or
stacy lewis has this for par stacy going the wrong way today and there is we have
the temple artists a beautiful Michelle Wie for birdie I didn’t want to be too
comfortable it’s one of those psyche tournaments where if you have the lead
just got to get more of a lead and just be more ahead that’s kind of the mindset
that I was in Michelle Wie the leader by four at the Women’s Open off the tee and
11 is left immediately deep into the pines whoa what has happened I just
hooked it really hard amidst the pine trees and just really
doesn’t have any chance to weave it through this forest haven’t hit a shot
that went that far off line all year I was truly rattled after that one shot
now over to the fourth shot for Michelle Wie
eleven just trying to salvage of bogey somehow this one gets away that Shawn 11
was so bad but you’re just like trying to hold on to like a good feeling again
China like get back to like neutral danger of dropping to here double bogey for we and that is gonna
drop the leader to 4-under and that moves everybody a little closer and then
because the ball went so far left on the previous hole I just overcompensate it
with 12 this is to the right blocked native area I believe maybe even pine
trees Golf is a crazy game having a lead means nothing in major championship play
especially here’s Michelle Wie now for a long par save yeah nicely and then
except for a double-bogey no looking to maybe give away another stroke here
really kills momentum Roger does it look like Michelle ever
looks at the leaderboard oh yeah I’m I’m a looker like I’m a looker but I wasn’t
panicking I wasn’t freaking out I just knew that it’s US Open stuff like this
happens I think I’m just gonna move forward from here but I think 14 was
like the real test we trying to flight this ball down see
if she can land it short and skip it back that’s not a very good shot could
have easy got away from them hit so Michelle we had it to 6-under just a
few holes ago but then plus four golf double at 11
bogey at 12 another birdie at 14 the southern lead is gone she finds herself
trailing how do you stop the bleeding when things
are going yeah way out there in a championship of this stature after a
bogey 14 I was just thinking if you look at the rest of the field I’m still doing
pretty well I mean there are a lot of higher scores out there you’re gonna
make bogeys okay you know you’re not gonna play us open without making bogeys
I mean it didn’t really perturb her in any form or shape Michelle Wie first
time steps up on a tool box that does not have either the outright bore a
share of the lead the shot she is trying 12 I never not had fun I still like enjoyed
myself I was just like okay now I’m still in contention I’m still here like
I’m still here I’ve not lost it she’d constantly use the word fun I wanted to
have fun and guess who has not left this group little Lucy Lee the eleven year
old who shot a pair of sympathy aides has been following we all day long 18
now so everybody in on this Saturday at
Pinehurst Michelle what was it like out there for you today it was a this could
have been a pretty significant leap for Michelle but I would imagine she’s
pretty happy being tied for the lead and the biggest championship they play and
again no major on her resume so far it’s my pleasure to welcome Michelle Wie
Michelle II just talked about what you’re gonna be thinking about tonight
going into tomorrow um well I’m gonna try to sleep as much as I can
she was totally relaxed through the week Michelle was asking me what movies have
you seen it where’s there good barbeque eat around here I think that’s something
that made her play a little bit better I always try to say look you can only
control what you can control and so that’s it look you play great up to this
point in time they just keep doing what you’re doing I mean it’s not please che
we know that but I mean just go out and embrace it because to say there’s
pressure out there but just didn’t go enjoy them this is where you want to be
this wave works our heart so go out there and do your thing I knew that you
were applying super late and I have a tendency to fall asleep really early and
wake up really early so I didn’t want to be away from 6:30 so I started watching
old videos of them winning niklas chasing the championship and the record
iconic videos of Jack winning of cat Bradley winning of Tigers fist
pumps and watching all the videos of their iconic shots actually really
helped him soothe my nerves and I was almost excited for those moments like I
was like just give me an opportunity where I can have an iconic moment and
have that iconic fist pump and I just like watch videos like all night I was
really just looking forward to the final round there’s gonna be a bomb party
after this round if I win and like all my friends are here like I gotta win today and Pinehurst in a final round of
the US Women’s Open Michelle Wie is tied for the lead to begin the day she’s on
the cusp of her first major championship michelle was tied for the lead after 54
holes just like when she was 15 years old the US Women’s Open in 2005 the
travesty of 2000 I was so nervous Michelle Wie for birdie the first of the
day you believe that nope
she can’t either Johnny that went right through the hole that almost make you
want to cry 2005 told me what not to do Michelle we long Club out of this rug
was obviously a huge gamble and a touch of an experience I believe starting to
show Gary so she was young and when he majors experience was required they’re
not given to you yeah a lot of things could come into play Michelle Wie for
par at 800 coming apart Michelle he had a chance to win this championship why
did you get off to such a tough start do you think today never from the get-go
just it was a little you know I mean natl it was a lot um it’s gonna do
things going 2006 you know I played pretty well never had the speed that was a very
difficult putt but you want it so badly and you worked so hard and you’re just
so close you could taste it Michelle knows she has to make this one it was
right early and then kind of straightens out of the end zone you’re in contention
but hurts the most in 2014 I told myself just be calm about
things it’s gonna be a very interesting Sunday as with Michelle we could be
breaking through at Pinehurst and the Women’s Open so much pressure on
Michelle Wie but she said she embraces that pressure she doesn’t fight it a lot
of times in the US Opens for my past experience people try way too hard in
the final round and they just kind of crumble I just need to chill into the
round don’t do anything crazy just kind of play your game two-shot lead I just knew that didn’t
have to do too much I just need to like just be patient
so I’ll just play my own game I knew if I shot even par or 1-under that I have a
really good chance or just go out there and just be calm about things
challenging bunker shot for Michelle we at the night it was probably one of our best bunker
shots at this rate that’s the funny game as we know I mean
anything can happen and this is the last round I thought well this is gonna be
exciting the number one woman in the world
never count her out in a situation like this they theatres that the top of that
gave it at that point in time right there on the Shelf heels this is one of
the most important rounds of Michelle Wie his life and I think this is most
important holes in that world when I got to the 10th hole I knew I need to do
something as a hole that I played well all week and definitely saying Stacy get
closer and closer to me light a fire in there but just 170 left a very important
shot for Michelle pretty crisp an eagle try nap for Michelly I love
that she’s playing aggressive that’s why she has this eagle putt the fact that I made that Pyatt
you know at that crucial moment it just like it gave me so much confidence
should walk out of here a winner unless just somebody goes nuts like Stacy Lewis
over to 17 now she has got to go birdie-birdie to have any chance stacy lewis for birdie Louis could get
it to evening with is in the hunt I was just trying to get
it to the house you know just keep getting it to the house post a number if
I could get back to even par I thought like I had pretty good chance to win
Stacy Lewis closest to we I knew if I could burn 18 that would be
a big deal I hit it on the green so that’s all you can ask for on 18 Stacy
Lewis very carefully taking a look at this birdie putt to get her to even and
maybe with a chance 18 just one of those putts you dream of making it as the
little kid last screen of the US Open with the green stands in the clubhouse
behind the green it’s just such a cool scene Michelle we currently at 3-under with
Stacy Lewis in the clubhouse it even I’m afraid everything went really well
me and I’m okay I’m gonna be really conservative during this whole because
to me that was the hardest hole on the golf course headed toward that monster
that hill and the left bunker and then all I got I can go for this green hit
hybrid off the bunker which I never really do this is going right and this is gonna
so that bunker it’s a long bunker shot from them there when it didn’t need to
be out of me there’s a hybrid club that you know you could hit a four or five
iron out of there I would never do that again but I thought I could hit it on
the green and make par you get down there and we cannot find the golf ball
we are looking everywhere the length of time that they have to search for this
ball they’re gonna have some five minutes from the time they started
searched they have a few minutes remaining if Michelle did not find that
golf ball she would have actually had to take stroke and distance go back and
play her next shot with a penalty stroke from that bunker that where she had
driven of all now a couple minutes go by and you start to think we aren’t them to
find this golf ball so it was about that time I look around at people and I say
we need some help here and we got some others helping it’s hard to think you
can lose a ball in a US Open with all the people around and I just said not
this god help just when she’s right there on the precipice of winning the
tournament and you know this this had to happen as soon as they started looking
for her golf balls when I was like all right we gotta go warm up again Stacy
Lewis is in fact on the range right now there is a playoff it’s a three hole
aggregate and if there’s still time to go to southern day strangely enough I
never once panicked I was like we’ll find the ball up there it’s fine there
somewhere God it looks like they might have finally found it with like five
seconds to left or something like that it was something crazy super close to
five minutes uh I don’t know if she can get too close on the ball was unplayable
she took relief from that and now there is cause for stress yes there is none of you really do wonder what’s
going on inside don’t you what the reaction to these turn of events is
taking on her head when she got into trouble on 16 we’re all kind of on pins
and needles because we know it can happen I think I’ll force like Pinehurst
it was like heart-stopping kind of stuff because you knew what it meant to her
and to see it unravel on one whole it was an uncomfortable feeling that you
have watching golf tournaments but it was really uncomfortable considering
what was at stake slow down she had to make about a five
or six footer just to make double-bogey that was the most nervous I was it was
also a really really tricky putt she came to the 16th tee with a three-stroke
lead if this does not go in that lead will be gone in the final round of the US Women’s
Open at Pinehurst Michelle Wie coming off a double bogey she hadn’t dropped a
shot since the opening hole okay so you take a deep breath to organize your
thoughts again you’re watching it same as the spring destiny not to win this
championship maybe she’s just not meant to win this you know when you lose the
ball in the 16th on the years out but it’s like that certainly can do yeah a
lot of a lot of damage to one’s confidence I just told myself I’m not
gonna figure out about it there’s nothing I can do it was done it when I
hit her I knew I hit it really good and he’s exactly where I wanted to go here you see a good luck going through
the yardage books not just one she had a book from Rickie Fowler she’s had the
kinds of notes that she’s been using this week he was Mac how all the putts
that he had and for the 17th hole Mickey at the exact same pin position they’re
gonna move the left all the way he wrote in like it double breaks and I
don’t think if he had written that down I would have read it correctly it was
kind of trusted the read it’s just a couple of holes away from perhaps
winning her first major championship but it has not been easy down the stretch I
knew I was if I just put it on the right line it was gonna funnel in when that ball curved back that was the
best moment of my life yes going in she made it we heard the roar of the
putt she made and I kind of knew at that point that I was pretty much done that fist-pump was just years of trying
and years of failing and finally did I finally made it it was a really cool moment for me we go
up to 18 here she is one final hole they two-shot
lead is huge I’m definitely nervous walking 18 that’s a t-shirt that I don’t
really like and I had so much adrenaline I just like went for it I hit it so far
I heard it further than where I hit my driver all week and as soon as I saw
that ball end up in the fairway okay I want this event and just from then on
I’d really just enjoyed myself I just like try to enjoy the moment we worked
so hard in dreaming about these championships and then to be able to
walk up 18 there’s nothing better I didn’t want that walk to stop I was just
like this is amazing shall we with a chance to run
I can’t imagine a better time place to finally get it down I remember just taking a big sigh and
the booth thing it off thank God you felt so good for her I just saw my parents I saw my friends
and I throwing up a chakra and there was just like a lifelong dream for me like
seeing like the people here I had a 15-foot putt house sorters I was
like when my hands were like uncontrolled shaking I left my pot like four feet short like
oh all she needed was a bogey to finally get it done you want to kind of finish
it off in style shall we has certainly had plenty of
that through the years her first major championship is the
u.s. was open it was like a moment of such relief I did it I did it finally
like I don’t have to answer the one I’m gonna win in a major question it’s
pretty cool to see those fellow competitors come out in the green and he
is happy for Michelle as Michelle was for herself it was a magical moment to
see her just finally break through I was just really happy for her
gonna have our biggest star win it needed to happen I need to happen for
her personally and it mean a pimper women’s
golf Michelle’s win was hugely impactful on the game whether it’s you know that
the six and seven-year-olds who are thinking about should I try golf where
the pros who are just starting out to see Michelle Wie win there’s an
inspiration Huggy my mom both started breaking down crying and it was just an
amazing feeling the 69th United States Women’s Open
champion Michelle Wie going through everything that she did and to finally
have it come to fruition here this win was really the culmination of Michelle
Wiis career she’s a national champion this victory puts her in a different
class of golfer Michelle Wie has more talent in her little finger than a large
large majority of the women golfers out there just destiny that she was gonna
win that week Michelle Wie is the real thing she wasn’t just a flash in the pan
and you win on a golf course of the quality of Pinehurst I mean it’s that
takes something special it was relief I did it I did it finally it’s just like
years of hard times it all is worth it I’m a major winner I
am a US Open winner that’s something I’ll always have no matter what it’s
pretty cool


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    "There was going to be a bomb party if I win" 🀣 I adore her.

  • Reply Herbert Wingfield September 12, 2019 at 8:37 pm

    4:15 There is the greatest Woman player

  • Reply David Harrison September 12, 2019 at 9:57 pm

    What a simply wonderful video, Thank you USGA for posting it. I am a huge Michelle Wie fan and I watched via Sky Sports over here in the UK and was hanging on to every shot. She played absolutely great golf. Its just a shame her injuries have hindered her playing.

    I can't believe that it is 5 years ago. Time really does fly so fast. Speedier than a flying golf ball.

    The USGA have had some bad press in the past but for those two weeks was some of the best golf ever played imo has it was a fair test of golf and skill. I'd wish they would do of the same in the future. (Courses permitting)

    thank you again USGA for posting this πŸ™‚

  • Reply Trevor Sanso September 12, 2019 at 10:05 pm

    can johnny miller just go away

  • Reply Getis Realis September 12, 2019 at 11:37 pm

    So so Happy for Michelle! Well deserved.

  • Reply nobodyaskedbut September 12, 2019 at 11:53 pm

    She reinvented herself 3 different times to return to the winner's circle which is unheard of at this level of golf. As a jr golfer (under 18) she is unrivaled. Michelle finished in the top 5 of a major championship as many times as all the other girls and boys combined in golf history. She is still the youngest ever to finish in the top 5 of a men's or women's major (14) and US Open (16). At age 14 in the PGA Tour Sony Open she beat the 36 hole score of 47 men including 4 major winners and matched the score of 15 other men including 3 more major winners in missing the cut by one stroke.

  • Reply Robert Tsui September 12, 2019 at 11:56 pm


  • Reply wooga booga with the green teeth September 13, 2019 at 2:28 am

    michelle wie , is a great gal,great player and one of the best things to come along for ladies golf in yrs.and shes a pal of one of my favorite youtuber E A L

  • Reply A Hol September 13, 2019 at 3:24 am

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    Amazing video.
    Good stuff.πŸ‘

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  • Reply Mike White September 13, 2019 at 11:48 am

    I think golf and golf brands desperately wanted her to be great . Maybe just too much pressure who knows

  • Reply Kevin September 13, 2019 at 1:25 pm

    I'll be honest, I've never watched women's golf but what's to stop a transgender weight lifting track & field athlete from joining these tours. Maybe a new rule should include (God-given vagina).

  • Reply Gordon Maskell September 13, 2019 at 9:54 pm


  • Reply Salvatore San juan September 14, 2019 at 3:00 am

    Her positive attitude and demeanor is probably what carried her thru. Unbelievable talent. What an inspiration.

  • Reply Lisa Flah September 14, 2019 at 8:00 am

    I am a huge Michelle Wie fan and was so happy for her. It's a shame she has had so many injuries in her career and I pray we have not seen the last of her winning majors. Just like Phil the Thrill who is along with Chi Chi are my favorite male golfers, Nancy Lopez and Michelle will always have a place in my heart. Congratulations on your recent marriage Michelle and may you have continued success and happiness. God bless you girl!!

  • Reply Rufuss Thoo September 14, 2019 at 11:19 am

    Wonderful story. Wonderful golfer. May she have many more successes. Go Michelle!

  • Reply Team Sports September 14, 2019 at 9:09 pm

    But did Fowler smash though

  • Reply Raymond Lee September 14, 2019 at 10:45 pm

    I mean she's good. The biggest mistake in her career is to play at the PGA tour.

  • Reply Alexander September 15, 2019 at 12:53 am

    Disclaimer: I know she is one of the best golfers to ever play the game and that there is nothing wrong with it but…Michelle’s putting stroke looks so uncomfortable

  • Reply Freakin Creeks September 15, 2019 at 5:24 am


  • Reply kevin lee September 15, 2019 at 10:05 am

    Great production of an Icon of golf

  • Reply Henry Tan September 16, 2019 at 3:08 pm

    Obviously, Wie was trained to focus on the big swings so much that she has been deprived of much needed putting drills. Unlike Tiger, who was trained from green to tee as a kid, Wie was doing the opposite way, and that shapes her career, namely a lot of good swings but only a few wins. If she was trained from green to tee, she would have won many tournaments before twenty.

  • Reply Chester Micek September 16, 2019 at 10:25 pm

    i think Michelle Wie underachieved, but she had a lot of nasty, envious, competitors hating her & wanting her to fail. Michelle had the talent, the beauty, the poise, and the education; yet, she was hated by so many because she had those gifts. I'm glad she won at least one major, because I think she's finished. Oh, well. Maybe, she finished rich. That's something.

  • Reply KRNOLDMAn September 17, 2019 at 2:11 am

    Good for you Michelle! μΆ”μΉ΄ν•΄μš”! LPGA's most beautiful and classy golfer!

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this. So happy to have watched Michelle winning the US Open. Well done and well deserved. Looking forward to watching more wins.
    Cheering from Samoa

  • Reply Marvin Pitman September 17, 2019 at 11:51 pm

    She gave the weakest fist pump only an Asian could perform

  • Reply tigerbalm September 18, 2019 at 4:50 am

    Proves that golf is NOT about length….that's wut I keep tellign girls.

  • Reply Kevin Arm September 18, 2019 at 5:44 pm

    Can the USGA Do one of these documentaries on Justin Rose's 2013 US Open?

  • Reply Angry Vet September 20, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    Anyone else think it's bullshit she could use Fowlers yardage book?

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    Great to see this inspirational golf video. My golf game needs all the inspiration it can get!

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  • Reply M. Lymann September 22, 2019 at 11:42 pm

    One of the most overrated and overpaid(sponsors) in LPGA. 6 titles including 1 US Open in 15 years as a professional is underachieving consider her talent. Compared to other players of her generation such as Paula Creamer/Cristie Kerr, Creamer and Kerr has more titles(11/22 respectively).

  • Reply Phillip Steiner September 25, 2019 at 8:03 pm

    Unrealized potential. She should have won many majors.

  • Reply David Rees September 26, 2019 at 9:31 pm


  • Reply Athena Ni October 3, 2019 at 6:00 pm

    Were Michelle Wie's lips bleeding in 3:20?

  • Reply Ken Jaiklam October 7, 2019 at 9:05 pm

    wow β€œ the tiger woods of the lpga β€œ … she is one of the most overrated athlete of this era. C’mon. Speak facts. No hype.

  • Reply Cjango Freeman October 19, 2019 at 8:57 pm

    Memories are to be cherished. This will never happen again. The victory that transcended LPGA from its biggest star. Too bad Michelle never took off.
    Hidden in the back drop, it was beside Wie vs. PineHurst but the Wie vs. Lexi Thompson battle. Lexi has just beaten Wie at the Nabisco soundly playing her aggressive game while Wie was passive. Lexi wanted to stomp Wie to show the world that she is the US darling instead of Wie. The after math was Lexi lost the gamble while Wie out drove and outscored her.

  • Reply Dale HighRoller October 28, 2019 at 4:44 pm

    Wow. She's stunning.

  • Reply Ray Campbell October 28, 2019 at 9:20 pm

    She looks weird with blond hair. She should stick her Asian roots. She is beautiful Asian woman. She should not try to be white.

  • Reply Markus Patients October 30, 2019 at 1:51 am

    I would chuckle when a LPGA announcers would say "While we were away"… That seemed to start when Wei came on the scene. How astute.

  • Reply Markus Patients October 30, 2019 at 3:37 am

    We are (As a nation) who we are by circumstance or by fate. We are (As a people) who we wish to be trough sports and victory.

  • Reply Dovey14 November 8, 2019 at 4:45 am

    Miss you out there Michelle.

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    Thank You

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