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November 16, 2019

Hello everybody it’s Felix and Lucian here – from the tennis Brothers and today we’re unboxing this big parcel from Pro Direct
Thank You Pro Direct for sending this to us for free
So let’s unbox it and see what’s inside You are ready? I’m ready!! So at the moment I know that it’s the
new racket… so let’s see how & have a look which one. I’m not cutting this. I will put the box away…here is the delivery note….there is nothing left in the box… So here we are..this is the new Pro Staff 97 with
countervail… the new Roger Federer racket. So Lucian should we have a look? I think..I can see through the packaging here…I have got the 315g racket Which one did you get?I think I got the 295 gram racket…oh my gosh… e it’s one of those you can
pop the wrapping on a various bubble wrap that’s the word. Let’s have a look. A lot of plastic …here comes the bubble wrap…Here we are… so first off
why I like it… it’s quite basic color scheme just black and white here. I really like
that… black and white Okay… take out…take it out…how many wrappers are there? Look how big his nose is…So these are
the two new Roger Federer rackets they’ve kind of got the old classic
design but with a new look of these two colors on the sides here the white you
see this also in the Wilson Burn and the Wilson Blade with the green and the kind
of orange stripes so I’ve got the racket with countervail it’s 315 grams and
basically what the countervail does is it decreases the vibration or the shock
throughout the whole racket which means you get less tired and you get less
maybe injuries in your forearms and your elbows which i think is quite good and
quite necessary. Another thing you can see on the back here it’s head light so
basically what I need you can get a lot of whip and a lot of spin from this
racket which as a player I like to do a lot of I like to push my opponents back
deep behind the baseline. Another feature of this racket is a kind of wider kind
of beam here which basically. means you can hit the ball at the same speed using
the same force but it generates a lot more generates a lot more power along
with the spin and the weapons you get off this racket it’s kind of a deadly
combination and it also takes time away from the opponent and obviously makes
your game kind of more aggressive and that’s why here at the back here it says
this is an attacking racket or for an attacker so here you can have a closer
look And here on the inside you can see all
the stats about the racket. I’m not sure whether you can see that it’s just in
there so the amount of grams whether it’s headlight the their head size which
is 626 centimeters squared and so the racket I have at the moment is the
Wilson Blade 98s with countervail as well this is kind 294 and this is 315 so
it’s quite a step up 20 grams I’ll definitely try this out in a play test
that we do and I might perhaps switch to it. I’m not sure I haven’t tried that yet
but I think 20 grams could be a big difference maybe you’ll give me a bit
more power which I need and also on to the string pattern it’s got a different
string pattern this one is 16 by 18 this one is 16 by 19 so it’s gonna give me a
bit more control so basically from what it says it’s giving me a bit more all round
play and it obviously break yes strings because I have a problem while I’m
playing I break two three strings a week which is quite a lot for me and maybe
this racket will make me break less strings which is obviously going to be
more beneficial to my game. So what racket do you have Lucian? So I’ve got the Pro Staff 97 L… and this racket is 290 grams… and my old racket… well the one I
currently used the Wilson Blade is 205 grams… So if I were to use this racket oh
we’re going up by 5 grams. Now as you see this is an attack racket. I think
Felix has covered most of the points and I’m going to… and I’m going to do a
play test for this racket because you never know I might like it more than the
Blade… I might switch so I think this is going to be a really good racket
personally and I can’t wait to try this out… So that’s awesome…
So this one has black… just visually which one do you think you would want to
play with? I know you like… I would say the black and white!
Why is that?… because I feel like the whites a lighter color than the green.
Do you think it stands out a bit more? Like a prestigious racket? That’s also another thing it
kind of seems more a bit more elite then the Wilson Blade. I don’t know
if that’s just me but I think it looks a bit smoother as in the kind of colors
texture and the color scheme and just the general feel of the racket and
obviously it’s co-designed with Roger Federer. So the overall look of this
racker – it looks really good…and we can’t wait to do a play test for there
and see how it plays and perhaps they might be changing to these Rackets… not
really sure yet. Thanks a lot to Pro Direct to gave us these
rackets for free… we’re really gonna enjoy playing with them. If you want to
check out their website or check out this racket if you want to get it
perhaps… there will be a link down in the description… and also leave a like if you
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the next video comes out our play test should hopefully be coming soon so click
the bell icon here to find when that video comes out… so see you at the next video…Bye… Bye Bye…have a nice day 😉

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