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Une question à Can Akkuzu : comment te prépares-tu mentalement avant un match ?

February 13, 2020

MEETING WITH CAN AKKUZU YOUR ROUTINE FOR MENTALLY-PREPARING YOURSELF? I’m a little superstitious I always like to drink the same thing during a match, eat a banana… That’s something I always do during a match. It’s very important to me. It’s a routine I’ve set myself now. There are things I do before a match too, in particular a mental workout with a mental exercise book. That helps me get it into my head that I need to start performing. I have a fair few tasks to complete for that. I try to breathe properly to stay calm, I always listen to music before each match and I always do the same type of stretching exercises so I really feel physically good with my stretches, with music to assist my concentration. I try to listen to music that calms me down because I know that a few minutes later I’ll have an intense match ahead of me and I know I’m going to need a moment of calm to kick off a match and, when there are difficult moments during the match, the calm helps me make the best decisions at any given moment. That might seem a bit superstitious but for me it’s essential to have such a routine before each match, whatever type of competition it is, so I’m in the best possible position to secure a win.

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