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Universal Supplements Review Power Switch – Switch Nutrition

October 24, 2019

Welcome to another Universal supplements
product review. I’m Stu this is Sharna. We’re going to try and keep these
reviews less than five minutes long, we’re going to keep it simple and not
too technical. These are our personal opinions about the product guys so we
have tried all of the products that we review, so you can be sure that you’re
getting an honest opinion with these products. and each product that we review
we’re going to give it a score out of 10 at the end so you really get an
idea of if you’re gonna like the product or not. Today’s product is power switch by switch nutrition. So Sharna
what is power switch? Ok so power switch is an explosive pre-workout guys it’s gonna give you energy, increase focus and the energy it does give you is actually more sustained than other pre workouts. It’s
going to give you a good two to three hours of a punchy workout rather than 45
to an hour workout. and again I absolutely love the taste of
the switch products so really yum. Yeah so what Sharna’s saying is absolutely right
there about that sustained energy you’re going to get out of it. So I know a lot
of you guys who have used a lot of pre-workouts will notice that sort of come
that 45-minute mark in your workout, it’s starting to fizzle off towards the end
and that’s the last thing you want. You know sometimes we really want to drive it home with our workouts. Power switch allows you to do that guys. As Sharna said,
phenomenal flavors. Switch nutrition has become famous for their unreal flavors
in their entire product line. I really love this one guys it’s one of my go-to
pre workouts. Absolutely great product. Probably time we give them a rating out of 10. Okay so are we ready? one two three… boom! alright so I’m gonna give it an
eight out of ten guys which is pretty up there for a pre workout for me. Sharna? yep an 8 as well. So there we go, we’re in
agreeance on something finally. But yeah really good pre-workout guys and
definitely one to try. I hope you enjoyed our review of power switch by
switch nutrition.

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