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Up close with a giant operatic lady bug costume – Wimbledon UAL Summer Shows

November 16, 2019

My name’s Hannah I’ve made this
costume based on a Paul Brown design for a Glyndbourne opera production and it’s one
of the chorus members and it’s the lady bug and so I made – it’s based the designs
were based on an 18th century fashion so I have made all the underskirts
and the panniers for it and and then because the design is quite bug-like and
metally and the characters in the theatre production live behind the fridge so
I wanted it to look a little bit frazzled and greasy and a bit unpleasant and I’ve
made the breastplate that was done in metal work which is really good because
I learnt something very different from our normal dress making and the bug face I did in casting workshop and that was really interesting so I learnt new
skills there as well and the skirt is done by lots of individual bias bound
scales and it took a quite a long time yeah and then I did the opposite like
the reverse from the skirt onto the arms here this fabric’s like a velour green bug
like in which I found yeah and I introduced leather into it keep the bug
like textures going and I really like the contrast between the silvers and the
green and the red it’s very eye-catching

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