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September 11, 2019

Come in! Hey, what’s up? We’ve gotta go man. You ready? Yeah, sure, let’s go. OK. What do you want to get for breakfast? Uh… let’s just go to Timmy’s. Alright. Oh man, I am so full from that breakfast. Yeah, me too. Oh, the US Open app is almost done downloading. Great, try it out. Alright. Oh man, you see the parking lot? It’s pretty full. Oh, there’s an article covering Arthur Ashe. Oh yeah? What’s it about? Let see… Man, I am not reading that, shit’s so goddamn long… One sec… Alright, I am looking at the results right now and uh… Damn bro… What’s up? Kukushkin and Ferrer lost. Are you serious? That’s two upsets in a day. I know… Holy shit, Andrew Philips had 29 aces against Roberdo yesterday. Oh yeah, I got a feed on that last night. But man, other than serving, he sucks at everything else. Ha! I know right? I am looking at the schedule right now, and uh… The only one that seems interesting is Cornet verses Lisicki, you wanna go see that? Yeah, why not? Oh, do you know Emily Kerr? I don’t know, is she a seeded player? Uh… I don’t think so, but check her our right now, she is so hot… Damnnnn… yeah she is gorgeous. I told you man. Yo if I have the chance, I just want to fertilize her. Hahaha… Yeah I know what you mean man, I’d do the same. Ha, yeah… She looks like a supermodel you know? Not even a tennis player. Well she is modeling for her sponsors, right? Yeah. Man, I hate parking on grass. Hey, at least it’s a good spot Yeah, hopefully the shade’s gonna cover up our car later on. Yeah. Yo, don’t forget your bag in the trunk. Alright. Wow! The atmosphere is pretty awesome! I am liking this. Yeah, imagine it’s the last day. It’s going to be so packed. Yeah, there’s way more people here than last year’s. Oh, you’re actually here last year? Yeah bro! I didn’t know that. Uh… where we heading to right now? Uh… I am looking at the map right now… Yo, what’s our seat number? It’s uh… 206, why? Well they got this nice feature in the app showing seats. Oh, sweet. Alright, so I am just gonna link my app with Whaybook. Whaybook, seriously? That is so old school… Yeah? Well, what do you use? I am using all of them. Litter, Mouthwide, Someball. Someball… Get outta here… Man, shut up. You get outta here… Rafa! Rafa! Rafa! Rafa, come here! Aww man… he’s leaving. Screw that man. Iam looking at the online shop and it’s 15% off all Nike items. Oh yeah, you needed a new pair of shoe. Yeah, so I am looking right now… Oh crap, the online store is being updated. You know what? Let’s go to the real store, it’s only a minute walk from here. Yeah, sure why not. My app is really getting hard to see Just bring up the contrast. Oh nice, is way better now. Do you know the score on court 4? Hold on, let me check through ESPN… Uh… 6-2, 6-4 and 3-4. Nice… Man, this app is really useful. Yeah, I guess I should download it too eh?

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