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Using Kourts with Tennis Instructors | Braemar Country Club

December 27, 2019

So using Kourts for our pros, there’s not
a reason why they couldn’t book a court because the schedules there, their hours
are there, their names are there everything about them is in Kourts, so
all they have to do is put the person’s name in and it just makes it really easy
for them to sign them up. They can do it on their phone which is a lifesaver because,
you know the pros out there teaching, you pick up the balls and next
person comes in “hey do you want to do this next week?” “yes I do” boom – it’s setup.
So setting it up, connecting to the people, getting the pros to use it – simple,
you know it’s simple, much simpler than pen and paper which is what we did
before and the pros take more responsibility
for setting up their lessons because they see their schedule, it’s not a
surprise and if the staff books them a lesson they can go online and see that
as well, so it makes it so we’re all in one place, it’s not “oh no I couldn’t book the
lesson because I couldn’t get to the front desk”
all that’s gone now, it’s like nope it’s at your fingertips, it’s on your phone,

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