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Viking Oceans: Komodo & the Australian Coast Itinerary

February 18, 2020

(orchestra music) – [Narrator] Discover
the tropical splendor of the Indonesia Archipelago and Australia’s legendary coast on this 17 day journey with Viking. There is perhaps no better
place to begin your exploration than on lush tropical Bali. The island of Lombok,
rich in Balinese heritage, was once a major outpost
of the Dutch East Indies. Enjoy views of Mount Rinjani, the nations second tallest volcano. Or stop at the islands artisan villages, where wood carvers and potters are keeping ancient traditions alive. On Komodo Island expert naturalist bring you face to face with
the astonishing Komodo Dragon, the worlds largest lizard. A creature that can
grow up to 10 feet long and weigh as much as a 150 pounds. Then it’s off to Australia by way of the beautiful Timor Sea. Experience the charms
of Darwin with a local, an overnight stay provides time to learn about the culture, history
and indigenous people of the top end of the continent. Or set out for the Adelaide River, to view the areas famed
jumping crocodiles. Beautiful Thursday Island was once home to a thriving pearl industry, drawing divers from
Japan, Malaysia and India. Embrace the islands natural beauty and discover its military
history at Green hill Fort. Cairns was built on the
shoulders of gold prospectors, today it’s the gateway to
the Great Barrier Reef, the largest continuous
coral reef system on Earth. Townsville is the vibrant
cultural center of Queensland and a pleasure to explore, especially the Strand, a long
stretch of tropical beach lined with gardens. Or if your prefer you
can venture into the bush to visit the Nuwangi Aboriginal people. The Whitsunday’s, an
archipelago of 74 islands is a feast for the senses, where pure white sands
meet cerulean waters swirling together at sandbars
to merge into a pallet of turquoise, cream and
emerald green hills. Brisbane spread over hills
rising from Moreton Bay is host to distinctive architecture, quaint Queenslander homes, lush botanical gardens and the famed Wheel of Brisbane. Newcastle welcomes you
with a dramatic coast of high cliffs, sweeping beaches
and made man ocean baths. And in nearby Hunter Valley you can sample the best of the regions viniculture. Your viking journey
concludes in dynamic Sydney, home to the iconic Sydney Opera House.

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