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Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Earth in trouble | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

September 21, 2019

Grandfather, why is it so hot today? I’m sweating continuously. Gintu, got worried and went to Jinn kingdom. He has asked me to call him back. When the climate turns less hot. A very important news is being telecasted at this time. Have a look. Today’s breaking news. The world is full of hustle and bustle. The earth has stopped at one place. Our world has stopped rotating. Because of which Fursatganj is under danger. Fursatganj is the epicenter of sun’s direct heat. If the earth doesn’t starts rotating again. Then Fursatganj will be the one to burn first. Followed by the rest of the world. Grandfather, but how is this possible? Kids, have a look. This is earth which revolves around the sun. And that’s moon which revolves around the earth. Our earth has stopped revolving. Let me tell you how did this happen. Look kids. These are the layers. Crust, mantle, outer core and inner core. To understand in simple language. These are different layers made up of different materials. One layer is of liquid while another layer is of metal or rocks. There are different layers which go till the earth’s core. The centre most core is this red color. Wow! I wasn’t aware of all this. Kids, this is the real life of earth. When this revolves, the whole world revolves. But the problem is, it has stopped revolving. And this is the reason why Sun’s direct heat is falling on Fursatganj. If the Earth doesn’t starts revolving. Then Fursatganj followed by other parts of earth will be destroyed. Grandfather, we will have to do something. We can’t just sit idle. Not only Fursatganj. But the whole world is in danger. You are right Vir. I have an idea. If I get successful then. Vir, you will have to take this mono car. And reach at the earth’s core part. But grandfather, how will the Earth rotate via this? As soon as you go inside. You will have to run this mono car at the speed of 5,00,000 miles per hour. Because of which the laser rays coming out from the car . Will push the core and force it to activate. Grandfather, I will have to go there as soon as possible. Vir, I have transferred all the operation details of mono car in your brain chip. You can easily operate it. Ok. All the best Vir. Take care of yourself. Thanks Imli and Chulbul. Robo boy suit on. Robo boy suit on. Oh! My goodness, such a huge shark it is! Chulbul, what are you doing here? Sorry Vir, we quietly came in here. If we would have asked grandfather. Then he wouldn’t have allowed us ever. This is the reason why we secretly came to help you. But Imli, there is a lot of danger here. You shouldn’t have come here. Vir, do you think. I would have let you go alone? Whatever we’ll do, we’ll do it together. Look there. The sea bed is coming near. I will turn on the land drilling laser now. Vir, what is this? How did Imli and Chulbul come with you? Sorry grandfather. Wow! What are they? And how did they come beneath the land? They haven’t come from outside. They are born here. Vir! This water is completely pure. Drink and check. Wow! I haven’t drunk such pure water before. It is so cool, pure and sweet. Grandfather, this mono car has stopped. Vir, I guess the mono car’s front wires are destroyed due to rocks. Go out, check the wires and repair them. Ok grandfather. I will go and check. Imli, you stay near the engine. I’ll keep guiding you, what has to be done next. Ok, Vir. Oh! This is some acid. It can even melt iron. I will have to take care. Otherwise my parts will also melt because of this acid. Imli, please press the green button. Vir, come fast. The engine has started working. The green light is now on. Oh! Imli, how did you start the train’s engine? Using this button? Imli, stop the train. I have no idea how to stop this train. Thanks Imli. Welcome Vir. This is the lava layer. We will have to move out from here at the earliest. Vir, you will have to be quite careful in his layer. Because you have only 30 seconds to come out from there. If you will take more time then the whole train will melt. Dhichak dhichak dhichak dhichak – dhichak dhichak dhenchu. Chulbul, what are you doing at this moment? I am praying to God. This is a prayer which is very helpful during danger. Grandfather, we have reached the earth’s centre core. Ok Vir. Now you have to drive the mono car at a speed of 5,00,000 miles per hour . And for that you have to press the Time Booster Button. The speed will increase according to the number of times you’ll press it. Best of luck Vir. Ok, grandfather. Grandfather, I guess I should increase the speed. No Vir, if you will increase the speed. Then there are chances of the mono car coaches to break . Grandfather ,we have no other option plus less time. No! Vir. No! Vir. Decrease the speed. Or else the bogie will break and detach. Grandfather, we got to do this. Or else the train will start melting. Grandfather, the centre core has started rotating. Yes Vir! You have done it. Now come out as soon as possible. Vir, Imli, what happened? Vir, say something! Imli! Say something. My kids, please say something. The world is saved but my world is ruined. Vir, imli, your grandfather won’t be able to stay without you both. Hmm. I will never leave you alone grandfather. We are out of danger. Yes!! Vir, Imli, Chulbul. Mission accomplished.


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