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[VLOG] – ¡Comenzamos con la Temporada Profesional de Tenis en Alemania!

November 5, 2019

Good morning guys
How are you? Allright, we start today the german teams
competition Match vs the first one of the league. Let’s go
First of all we go to breakfast We need to have a good breakfast for the match
It’s not only one match It’s one singles and one doubles in a row
Without a break so we need to be full So let’s go downstairs
The german doors take so long to close We go downstairs… And well, I’m in Braunschweig a german city
so big in fact and now we finally gonna have breakfast
We’re done with the breakfast Let’s put our shoes on
clay court shoes because we play on clay let’s get our backpack with racquets
with two it’s enough for me we have water… towels… like always
so now let’s go the club and i’m gonna explain you how this competition
works see you now
well we’re on the way to the club and now let me explain how this competition
works we’re playing in 4th german league, 2nd regional
we’re in the middle of the ranking we’re in the 4th position of 8 teams in our
group we have 2 groups in our division
and today we gonna play against the 1st team possibly we’ll lose for to much
but we gonna try to get some matches because every match here counts for the ranking
and like i said we play for the Braunschweig Tennis Club
and the competition consists of 6 singles matches to 2 sets and super tie-break
and the 3 doubles matches also we play these to 2 sets and super tie-break
today we gonna play at home and we’re almost here
we only have to turn to right in the corner we’ll be finally in the club
now i’m gonna show you the courts and also a little surprise
see this, does it sound to you? yes guys it’s the official poster of the
25th sparkassan open of the Challenger i did last year a Vlog about this tournament
so you can watch it at my channel you see how big is the program of the tournament
it’s everything well done and now we continue to the club at the end
of the park well we’ve finally got here
so let’s get into the club and i’ll show you a little bit
well let’s start with the game we’ll first round of match is done
and we’re 2-1 up in the score our number 2 and 6 won
and the number 4 lost now it’s my turn to play
I play as number 1 ok let’s try to go for it
let’s see how it’ll go in singles the singles is done
this time i won 7-6 (6) 4-6 and in the super tie-break i won 10-7
****** you do you see this hungarian guy? I’ll play with him in doubles
let’s see what we’ll do in the match our team is 3-3 now
incredible because is the first team we expected to don’t have any chance
but it happened I’ll see after the match
well, the match is done we lost the game against this team 4-5
we lost the final doubles 7-5 4-6 8-10 and well there’s nothing else we can do
now I’ll go back home to rest and to get ready for the next tournament
and now thank you to everybody for the great support that I receive everyday
to all my sponsors, they are a lot… I’m really tired and I don’t know
what else I can say… Like if you enjoyed the video, suscribe for
more and I’ll see you in the next vlog
the next tournament will be in Puertollano the under 21 tournament ok?


  • Reply Gerardo Durán May 28, 2018 at 1:38 pm

    Parecía que ibais a perder de paliza y no teniais esperanzas y mira, muy ajustado todo, enhorabuena por el trabajo. Sigue así campeón y hacia arriba👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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  • Reply Lucas Moreno June 5, 2018 at 1:46 pm

    Menudo crack estás echo partidazo

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