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Walking around Wimbledon with a Tutu on my Head

November 19, 2019

I’m on my way to go pick up my tutu that I handed in 2 weeks ago I actually already went to pick up my folders and ring binders and all of that yesterday but I didn’t have enough hands to carry the tutu as well so I’m just going separately today *sigh I think I’m just gonna do some random mini-vlogs on my instagram stories maybe… just so I can get used to vlogging as a concept and just walking around in public with a camera and talking to that camera Vlogging… is weird I actually picked this route to go to uni because I thought there would be way less people here and that it would make it less awkward but boooi was I wrong! All the school children out Definitely too many for me to feel comfortable doing this Ahhh And we’re almost here, this is my uni Kinda looks like a constructions store from the outside Kinda looks like a construction store from the inside But it’s cute! Let’s go inside! Usually I go by scooter so I leave my scooter here but today we’re going over here to the studio *music Now that there’s no one in the studio I think it would be The perfect opportunity to make a little have a little studio tour This is not what the studio usually looks like but Just… as an example of what it can look like So this is what it looks like during the summer holidays This is 3rd year Interp This is 2nd year Interp here And then Design is all over there Here she is and… there’s no way for me to fit this into this like what the hell… *music Okay so I’m planning to make either those stays or those these are a bit off when it comes to the date but I kind of prefer the design over those I’ve heard that the measurements of those are quite realistic even for modern bodies so I think I’ll just make a mock-up of both or like I don’t know, size them up and see what works better? Let’s make some copies! *music again lol Time to go home! I just noticed that I have a slight problem… I don’t think I fit Through this door Let’s… go sideways We do fit! Yes we did it This is an amazing sunhat it’s just ahh It’s almost… it feels like It’s gonna fall off any minute now I need to keep a hand in Wow I look amazing Look at my reflection Next door! Let’s very carefully go go *the music is back Oh my god now while I was wearing this lovely sunhat and I was just trying to squeeze through the door, getting out of uni this dude was sitting next to the door and I was there being like *pterodactyl screeches* “I can’t get through” He just smiled at me it was so weird but also really funny Weirdly enough, with this thing on my face, I don’t feel as awkward as I did before even when strangers pass just because, like this in itself is so extra and I don’t know, maybe in my mind that kinda explains me doing weird vlogging things what the hell I don’t know… I think it definitely must be a psychological thing of some sort Because like… whenever I wear a costume or just I wear clothes that are really… like extraordinary like just just make-up, hair, wigs, whatever even if you can still recognise me, the more extraordinary the outfit is the more self-confident I feel and the less I care about what people think of me Whereas if I dress very normally I do kind of I do slightly… feel slightly awkwardd Oh my god it’s sparkling look at that! It’s sparkly *pterodactyl screech


  • Reply Lee-am July 1, 2019 at 6:43 am

    LOVE Your tutu!! And you’re doing great as a first time vlogger! ❤️

  • Reply Elle O'Connell November 8, 2019 at 6:50 pm

    You, my lady, are a hero

  • Reply Alicia Estelle November 17, 2019 at 1:44 pm

    Girl, you are brave! You're such a natural at vlogging! Can't wait to see more!

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