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What happened at Roland Garros? – Ep.1

December 10, 2019

So hello everybody I’m in the hotel now
I’m going to check out Roland Garros and what there is to do there with Lucian and so let’s go have a look – at where it is. So we are just in the hotel lobby now. We are going out. I’m really excited
to see a couple players there hopefully tomorrow Nadal obviously I think he’s
gonna win he’s probably the favorite so I’m gonna go take the tube there – so
let’s go. Tickets? I got it, I got it. So we just got the tickets here we are in the tube station …on our way to Roland Garros. So guys we have just come out of the
station… we are now walking obviously to the Roland Garros… oh and here’s a sign Roland Garros This way – so here we go… So we are coming up to the gate to Roland Garros – here. Here are all the gate numbers – we need to go to gate X so let’s go there now and see what it’s like. So here’s the gate C and D Actually over there… So we’re gonna walk around now and go to gate X see you when we are there… We are answering questions from our You Tube Live Stream …but we just came today just have a look
– thought we might as well stream just to show you guys what we’re doing here really. I’m 14 years old I’m 12…Felix is nearly 15 now. Have you guys been in Wimbledon before? Yes – we went to Wimbledon last year So guys as you can see we are
walking to gate X while we are collecting our tickets and right here we
cannot film so it might be a bit shaky so we’re just doing this undercover and
here we are receiving our tickets Felix from Bidi Badu. OK – can I have an ID please? We just got back from Roland Garros and we are all really hungry so we decided to come here
to La Felicita it’s the biggest restaurant in Europe and we’re all
really excited. It’s here at the Train Station It’s a pretty big building so let’s go try
and find it. It may take a while though… So guys I have just had dinner
it was really nice food here it’s the first day of opening so they could see
around a thousand people lots of different foods here. Me and Felix had a great
meal so the next thing to do is go home as in go to hotel. Pack for tomorrow
and get ready to go to the Roland Garros. Guys we have just…so guys we have just got back to the – Felix is laughing So guys we have just get back to the hotel it has been a great day we’ve
had really nice dinner and we’ve done a live stream I cannot wait for tomorrow
because we are watching Roland Garros How do you feel about that? Yes I’m
really excited we’re also gonna do a lot of live streams so subscribe to our
YouTube channel to be notified when that starts and now get some sleep before a
big day tomorrow! Yeah

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