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What is the female condom & how do you use it?

November 6, 2019

So we did a whole bunch of ringing
around and none of the chemists in this area had any female condoms, but there
was one place and it’s here and they have one pack so now we’re gonna go buy
the last pack of female condoms in all of Newtown. Everyone knows about the pill, but what
about the other options? We talk contraceptives that are not just the pill. So the female condom. Have you used it?
Probably not. Should you try it? Maybe I’m Edwina from ABC life and I’ve been
researching contraceptives that are not just the pill. and the female condom is
quite an intriguing one. So the female condom is essentially the sister version
of the male condom, that just never really took off. Interesting Oh my God.
Yeah that’s just what I thought. I can totally see how that would work. Technically different versions of the female condom have existed before but the one that we know of, or don’t know of today was actually launched around the 90s. It was marketed as this option following the AIDS epidemic, that women could control themselves, as a protection against both STI’s and pregnancy. In fact
it’s still the only women initiated contraceptive that ticks both of those
boxes. But after a slew of awkward reviews it just didn’t really reach that
long-term market penetration. A few years ago though, it had a makeover. And you can actually still buy it today, if you are prepared to look for it. So it turns out you can get them from that fancy sex store down the road
or the family planning clinic for three dollars each So if the female condom is so hard to find, is it actually worth the effort? Well we’ve invited Dr. Melissa Kang: the
woman formerly behind Dolly Doctor into the studio to enlighten us Oh I was so excited when the female condom came out I thought this is gonna be the answer to
a whole lot of things but I guess that just hasn’t really happened. The female
condom is a barrier method and it’s got two rings, it’s got an inner ring that
sits up against the cervix and an outer ring that sits outside the vagina. Because the material in the female condom covers part of the labia as well then it’s going to be a little bit more effective at preventing
transmission of some of those skin based infections like the herpes virus and the
wart virus. so is it worth considering? Well one thing that we’ve learnt from this series is that women have such unique priorities when it comes to
choosing a contraceptive. The female condom has some really interesting pros that some of the others don’t. A woman might choose the female condom for a
number of reasons, perhaps she can’t have a hormonal type of method, it’s also
great to put on beforehand and they can be used for orgies people with
disabilities and erectile dysfunction for people who had issues with condom
sizing and the material is also safe for people that are allergic to latex. They are a little bit less effective than the male counterpart: the male condom. They come in at 79% with typical use. The look and the feel of this
contraceptive does take a little getting used to but so does the male condom.


  • Reply Blemgo March 20, 2019 at 3:08 am

    Internal condom instead of female condom

    “Internal condom” is trans-inclusive, while “female condom” is not. Internal condoms are for anyone with a vagina, not just (or only) women. “Internal” removes gender from the equation.

  • Reply Caroline Meyer April 13, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    Love this information but I really don’t like the way she says “condom”

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