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What You Can Learn About Life From Tennis – From a University Coach

January 28, 2020

I’m Jason Cole, head men’s and women’s
tennis coach at Shenandoah University. Age five, I started playing tennis – loved
it, so stayed with it. Played junior tournaments, played in college ranked as
high as number two in the country there, professional tennis for about a year, was
an assistant coach at the University of Virginia. I’m excited to be back into
it. Being around other people who are competitive, who want to win, just
throughout these hallways here it’s like I’m around my own type of people. You
know tennis is an interesting thing. Winning – a little bit of a silly goal in
tennis because you’re only half the battle.
Half the people who play lose every time. You know the same thing carries into
life. It’s really important to try and get an idea of what you’re taking out of
it, having appropriate goals as opposed to having all these things come in from
from the outside and getting overwhelmed, you can say, “Hey, this is very important. I
need to do this right now.” Athletes are really good at prioritizing.
Here at Shenandoah, athletes actually have a higher GPA on average than the
non-athletes. Off court, it matters a lot but on court, we provide all the opportunity
that you can get. you’re going to get that as a student when you come here. You’re
coming into an environment where you have other teammates who are depending
on you, who you can help out and grow with. It’s, it’s awesome.

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