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What’s inside a Tennis Ball?

December 10, 2019

– Ball number three, Wilson tennis ball. Looks pretty good, it’s bouncy. Let’s cut this bad boy up. This will be a little tricky. Instead I grabbed a razor blade this time to see if that would work
better with the serrated edge. So, it should cut pretty sharp. Hopefully we are safe and it works out. All right, we’re gonna, smashing on this. It’s not hard like a
baseball and a golf ball are. So, it’s going to squeeze it
in but I think that’s okay. Just need it to be strong enough there. (child coughing) You okay, Claire? It’s a razor blade, be very careful. Hear that air? Air came out of it, that’s funny. – [Voiceover] That one seems pretty easy. – [Voiceover] Okay, well,
don’t think we need the clamp for this one. Already got this, (low
muffled tone) hello. Hello, Lincoln. – Can I see that? – Yeah, (low muffled tone) hello. – Ouch. – [Voiceover] Did it bite you? – (low muffled tone) Hi, hi. Ah, it’s biting me, it’s
biting my thumb off. – [Voiceover] Nice. – Hello. – [Voiceover] Okay, let’s
finish, let’s show the girls. Girls, come here, look at this. Come look at this, hurry. Look at the tennis ball, I
cut it open a little bit. Now it talks. – (high muffled tone) Hello. (laughing) – Ah, he’s eating my thumb! Help! – [Voiceover] Okay, let’s finish this up. It’s more dangerous when you
don’t have a clamp on it, but… – Looks pretty easy. – [Voiceover] It’s easy
but it can be dangerous if you don’t put your hand
in a, if you put your hand in the wrong spot and it slips out. – There’s some of the pink stuff. – [Voiceover] Oh, whoops. – What? – [Voiceover] Don’t want
to get it all dirty. Woo-hoo! – I wanna see what’s inside of that. Here, dad, can I see one? – [Voiceover] Hold on, here we go. There’s the inside. – Hey. This still can work. – [Voiceover] Kind of, yeah. What do you think about that inside? What does it look like? – It’s blue, looks like blue glue. – [Voiceover] Blue glue. It’s cool. How does it smell? – Smell it. – [Voiceover] Show Linden. – But it smells. Smell it. – I smell. – Ooh, yummy.

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