What’s inside an Electronic Music Machine?

October 8, 2019

(electronic notes) – [Andrew] This makes me so uncomfortable. (laughter) – I don’t think it works. (all excitedly yelling) – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln, this is Dan, and today we’re with
our friend Andrew Huang. – What’s up, guys? (vegetables grating and rubbbing) ♫ Put your pinky rings up to the moon (flute melody) (fast piano melody) Hey, it’s Andrew Huang.
(clap) Hello, it’s Andrew Huang.
(clap) Hey, it’s Andrew Huang.
(clap) Hey, it’s Andrew Huang.
(clap) (clap) Yes, we add that in. (clap) (laughter) – We’re gonna cut open this
music controller thingy. – Music machine… I dunno, it says Ableton Push on it. I had been watching some
of Andrew’s channel, asked Andrew if we
could come up to Toronto and check it out, and he’s
like sure, come on up. So, he’s got this machine. We’re gonna try and get
inside of this thing, but first we wanna show
you guys how this works. Maybe you can teach us
some things about music? – Yeah, for sure. Basically, using the same buttons, you can control all
different kinds of sounds. So there’s an organ… (organ notes) That you’ve got lined up here. And now, with just this button here, I can switch over to another track. (electronic notes) And get this synthesizer. And this is my favorite
thing to play, it’s like… (drum beats) Drums. There’s no real noises in
here, this just controls whatever you gotta do…
– Oh, gotcha. – on the software. Literally any sound you
want, into the software, and then control it. (electronic notes) – [Dan] This is just
higher notes on each level. (electronic notes) – Two of them are lighting up at one time, that’s the same note. (electronic note) So you can play that one here or here. (electronic note) So it’s just showing you
where you could play it and they do that because,
depending on what you wanna play, you might wanna have your fingers going in different directions. – How long did it take you
to learn something like this? – I studied piano when I was growing up, so that kinda does translate over here. (electronic notes) What a scale is, laid out differently. But the principles are the same. – Okay, Lincoln, play us a beat. (unstructured jumbling
of electronic notes) Yeah. (all laughing) (smooth electronic drum beat) – Woah. What? – You wanna give that a try? (random jumbling of drum notes) (smooth, slow electronic drum beat) (laughing) (slow drum notes) Yeah, you got it. (mash of random notes) (all laughing) (high-pitched bird notes) It’s just like a bunch of birds. It’s actually a cool sound. (all laughing) – [Dan] This song is called
Dying Robot, by Lincoln. (upbeat electronic music) There’s a couple of videos that he’s done that’s just with this. – Yeah, I did a video called: five beats as fast as possible. (dramatic, dark electronic music) – So there’s an example. You just have to have a brain like this. Here’s our plan of attack. (slow-motion, distorted yelling) A hatchet. But, we also have some screwdrivers. I wanna see if we can take
the face off of it first and have it still be functioning properly. (screaming) Let’s get to it. (upbeat electronic music) Woah. – Woah. – Okay. – It’s a giant motherboard
with all of the chips and I’m curious… What is behind this… – Yeah, why did they cover that even more? – [Dan] There’s a face. It’s, oh… (all laughing) It’s more of the same,
what is it even hiding? – Yeah, why did they need to cover that? – I think what this is,
is basically a plate. A pressure plate, because everybody’s
pushing on that so hard. – Yeah – They don’t it to bend down, right? – Oh, yeah.
– And then maybe it helps it keep its shape better. But that’s all that is. It’s cool though, cause
you can see a little chip for every single one of the
64 buttons on the other side. It should still work. Let’s plug it in and see it.
– Yeah let’s plug it back in. (electronic notes) – [Lincoln] Still works! – I’m afraid, we’re gonna have to get a little more aggressive with this guy. I gonna take out more screws.
– At this point… – No, you said that you were
gonna get more aggressive. – Woah! Lincoln. He just comes out with this machete. (laughter) You’re only 11, you shouldn’t
be holding these things, and there’s a warning on
there: no 11 year-olds. That is scary. – [Dan] Ooh.
– [Andrew] Woah. – This is actually super cool in there. (plastic snapping) (laughter) (slow-motion, evil laughter) (laughter) It reminds me of an octopus
tentacle or something. – I wonder what that does? – Dang – You ready? (tearing plastic) – Andrew’s gonna make a song
out of some of the noises that we’re doing from here, and I have to think this is
probably gonna make the cut. (plastic tearing) (cheering) – It’s so thick. It’s going through
almost an inch of rubber. – [Dan] Two or three
years of using this thing, and it looks brand new. – Yeah that’s pretty durable
material, whatever it is. (slapping) – Let’s plug it in. See if it can still work. What if I get shocks from this, though? I’m not totally touching
the board right now. I guess I haven’t pushed power yet. Okay, ready? – I touched the board. – Doesn’t look like it’s doing anything. Nope, I don’t think it works. (all yelling) There’s all the lights. – What? – [Andrew] Yo, this looks really cool. (yelling) – Is this not cool? Aren’t you glad that we didn’t take a saw to this entire thing? – [Andrew] I can change between
the different modes and… (rapid accordion notes) – Alright, the lights are going. It looks so pretty. It has to be done. (laughter) I’m so weak. – Weak! – I’ll go a little stronger this time. (snapping plastic) Aah, it’s so strong. – Or you’re so weak. – No, it’s definitely strong. (snapping plastic) Aah, it’s so strong, it is. (loud plastic snap) (all exclaiming in surprise) That was crazy. Does it still work? – No, no. What?! (cheering) – Half of it works. (all laughing) – What’s inside? We got half of it that
works, and this one’s dead. – We did it. – That’s cool. (electronic beeping) Now it’s really wigging out. We stopped filming 15 minutes ago and all of a sudden it just
started doing this noise. – Now it’s stopped, and
now it’s going wacky again. – Something about this is
completing a connection that is making it still
communicate with the laptop. Yeah, it turns the lights on and off, depending on what part it’s touching, wow. – [Dan] And now it’s dead again. – I dunno what we did. – [Dan] Your apartment is
gonna be haunted by the ghost of this Ableton Push. (laughter) (evil, slow-motion laughter) Andrew’s channel is full of
really, really unique content. He’s been doing Youtube since 2010. Some night I’ll get lost,
just watching him for hours. Andrew is going to take
noises from our entire video and make a song on his channel. So you can go check it out right now, in the link in the description. Let us know in the comments below, which video of Andrew’s you like the most. – Lots of different kinda of music, lots of weird ways to make music. – And, he’s giving away one of these. So you can go watch his video to learn more about how he’s doing that. – True. (high-five slap) – A real high-five from Andrew Huang. He does real high-fives.

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