What’s inside Nike Air VaporMax?

October 10, 2019

– It will probably be
interesting to other people. – [Dan] Those are tough. Goodbye VaporMax that
are not even out yet. (saw blade buzzing) (boxes crashing) (Lincoln screams) (laughs) What was that? – Welcome back to What’s Inside? I’m Lincoln and this is Dan, and today we’re gonna cut
open some Nike Air Max. – No, not the Nike Air Max! I remember how much you
guys all freaked out when we cut open Yeezy a while back and even LED shoes. But to be specific we got the VaporMax. They don’t come out until March 26th. They did a limited release in Paris, and somebody was crazy enough
to sell one of their pairs and I got it. – It has the most air of any Nike Air Max and it also took the engineers at Nike five years to make this shoe. – They had to go through so
many different iterations because every time they
changed one little air pocket, it would have an impact on it. And so they had to test these
things out with 350 runners. The runs combined in testing
this thing is equivalent to somebody running around the
earth five different times. – What?
– The last week of our lives had been insane, I’m still
recovering from jet leg. We wanted to understand the
story of the Nike shoes. Not just to tell you but
to show you a little bit where the inspiration of these shoes and of this bubble came from. – We went to Paris. – We went to Paris. The reason why we came to
Paris for a little inspiration is because this building behind
us is the Pompidou Museum. Do you see the escalator
and how it has glass that goes through it? Look at this shoe. See the air? In 1987, the first Air Max 1s came out, and it was the first shoe that ever had this little bubble in it. And it was inspired by
Tinker Hatfield of Nike. He came and saw this museum and he thought I’m going to do that in a shoe. Let’s make the insides be on the outside just like this controversial building. Tinker almost got fired for it but it ended up saving
Nike and making Nike the big global company that it is today. There’s birds everywhere. What’s going to make
this video kinda cool, at least I think, is we
are going to cut open the Air Max Zeros. So we get to see the very
very first pioneer shoe of this Air Max series. And then we also gonna
see the most advanced running shoe of the Air
Max series, all in one. – And when I was in Nike,
I got to go and customize and design kind of, my own very shoe. It was the Nike Air Max Zeros, I picked all of the
colors, all the materials. You guys need to go to Nike
and go and vote for my shoe. Vote for my shoe. – We did go to Paris but
then a few days later we went to the Nike Headquarters
and Lincoln sat down with Tinker Hatfield
and asked him a question about what should Lincoln be inspired by on the shoe that he creates? – Maybe an easy way to sort of describe how you might go about doing it, would be what do you love? – I love playing sports. – You have a favorite team? – I like Golden State. – Golden States. – Um, joining youth cruise. – Okay so if you go down that sort of list of things that are important to you, you can end up at some
point and go you know what I could be inspired by
the Golden Gate Bridge. So maybe my shoe is
going to be the color of the Golden Gate Bridge. And maybe it’ll have lines on it that kind of look like all
the cables that hold up the bridge part that people drive on. You know what I mean? You always look for
something that is interesting to yourself because it
might, it will probably be interesting to other people as well. – So I thought about what he said a lot and I decided something that’s like I love and is meaningful to me, is the Tesla. – And the cool thing is
too is Lincoln got to show his design to Tinker
Hatfield, the man himself and got his thoughts on it. You can see how the
inspiration came from Lincoln and I taking a trip to
Paris, all the way through to the final day when
Lincoln designs this shoe. Stay tuned on the family channel, subscribe to that if you haven’t already. Everyday for the next five days, we will have a new video showing our trip. And it was just a lot of fun.
– And and, – What else?
– Let’s go cut these shoes open. – Let’s cut them open! – Let’s go!
– Let’s go! Here we go! (boxes crashing) (Lincoln screams) – Okay so we are in a fancy workshop of our awesome next door neighbor that we did the owl pellets video with. – Much more fancier than
ours, that’s for sure. – But last time we got one of these saws was when we cut open the Yeezys
and I left the shoelaces on and it grabbed the blade
and it broke the saw and I just threw the thing away. So Lincoln shoelaces. – Waaaa!
– Take ’em off! (playful music) Here we go. We got the shoes. I’m just going to leave the paper in them, that’s how new these are they
still have the paper in them. Safety first. Thanks to my neighbor for
the awesome safety glasses. They don’t sell ’em like
this anymore, these are cool. Saw time. (motor rumbling) Goodbye VaporMax that
are not even out yet. (saw blade buzzing) Whoa, did you hear that pop? – [Lincoln] Yeah! – How’s grandpa kid? – [Both] Oh! – You know, awesome! – [Lincoln] That was so easy. – Woo, I gotta get me one of these saws. – [Lincoln] That was amazing. – Okay, we’re not going to look at it yet, we want to cut the other ones. And then we will keep them closed and take them home for inspection. (motor rumbling) Shoe time! (saw blade buzzing) (playful music) – I’m so excited.
– Here they are. Let’s set them down
first, hold on, hold on. Let’s get rid of this box. – Okay here we go. – Here you go guys. Here is the Air Max Zero. Doesn’t it look awesome? I don’t, maybe it looks
really lame. (laughs) I don’t know, we haven’t seen it yet. Here you go Lincoln, you can look at one. – In three, two, one. – [Both] Whoa! – [Dan] Look at that air pocket. It’s like there’s– – [Lincoln] There’s
another one back there. – [Dan] Is there another one? – Yeah right there.
– Or maybe we just cut right through the bubble. It looks like they have one in the middle, one of the little shock type supports or pillars in the middle,
so it looks like there’s another pocket but it’s
really all just one. Oh, tried smelling it. Think I got particles of
shoe in my nose. (laughs) – Oh I’m not gonna smell ’em.
– Don’t smell cut open shoes. The paper actually looks super cool that it’s cut open.
– Yeah it does. It looks really cool how
all those different ridges on the bottom of the
shoe, I like that a lot. – Yeah it does look cool. When we were with Nike, they did tell us when we cut a shoe open, they told us that they actually cut open a lot of their shoes. But it’s actually super helpful for them to cut it open and just take a look and see how all the different layers, of how it’s design looks so. One question I had for
them is what’s inside of the shoe, like what
is this material there? Is it really just air? They said they couldn’t
tell me what it is, but it is a proprietary gas type mix. The most air ever in a Nike Air shoe, (both laughs) VaporMax lost the paper max. There you go,
– Paper max. – bad dad joke. – [Lincoln] They’re just
a bunch of little holes. – [Dan] Yeah so this
really is just air pockets. – [Lincoln] Yeah. – It says not for
resale, property of Nike. Aha, you’re not property of Nike anymore. We own this VaporMax and we killed it. Ever since the Air Max
was created in 1987, they’ve been making these
air pockets in the USA. They make them in Oregon
and then they ship ’em to wherever they actually
manufacture the shoe and then put them in. But what’s really interesting,
in 2015 they spent $40.5 million to build a
plant that manufactures everyone of these souls,
in the United States, it’s in Portland. We actually have the souls. – Yeah.
– Check it out. – Awesome. – So the front is separate from the back. They just put those on separately, so you can run and it bends easier. How many of these did they give us? (Lincoln laughs) What in the world? I haven’t look in this bag ’til now. (laughs) Look at all of these. Here is the shoe. (laughs) Not for resale. This is how they make the shoe. I think it’s called Flyknit. Where they manufacture all
together in one shoe component. And then they just turn it down, and they connect it
around the sides of this, and then they put the insole into it. See that layer right there?
– Yeah. – That’s the layer that they usually will, they’ll have that layer on the shoe and then they glue on the sole. Well with this one they
don’t glue on a sole, which makes it so the shoe
is lighter for runners, and then it makes them even
more so like walking on air. So when we cut through
the VaporMax with a saw, as soon as it hit the
front it made a loud pop. Let’s try it with a knife
and see what it does. Well I tried pretty hard
and it didn’t pop it. Okay, let’s try it again. Durability test. Those are tough, what the
heck do they make that out of? (sighs) What the heck is this thing made of? This is a sharp knife. Yeah that’s sharp. (air hissing) – [Dan] You got it. – A lot of you guys
watching this are probably like sneaker heads, and
you know all about these Nike Air Maxes and you
know all about shoes. We didn’t, we’re just a normal person. And what did we learn from it? There’s a lot that goes
into manufacturing a shoe. You can go onto our family channel, we’re gonna have five
different videos of it. It was a really adventure. Lincoln raced against a gold medalist, an Olympic Gold Medalist. He played basketball in the
Bo Jackson basketball court. – That was, that was awesome. Please vote for my Nikes.
– Please vote for him. – Vote for me! Please!
(Dan laughs) I want to win so bad. – If you vote for Lincoln and say you voted for
Lincoln in the comments, Lincoln will give you a
thumbs up on your comment. How’s that for inspiration?

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