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Wheel of Political Impressions with Trevor Noah

February 26, 2020

-Now, here is how it works. I’m going to
press this button here, which activates the
Impression Generator. It’ll land on one random
politician and one random topic. You have to improvise.
-Okay, okay. -Whoever’s turn it is
has to do an impression of that politician or the
political figure and talk about what the topic is
until we hear this sound. [ Ding ]
Trevor, you’re up first. Go ahead and press the button.
-Oh, okay. Oh, man. All right. -And you can look on
the screen there. [ Beeping ] Barack Obama. Barack Obama
giving the sex talk. -Okay. Okay.
First, you got to get the thing. [ As Obama ] Uh, right. Um, this isn’t going to be easy,
but progress rarely is. So listen up. Uh, when a man loves a woman, uh, sometimes he wants to
stimulate, uh, her economy. Now, let me be clear.
Let me be clear. I’m talking about
consensual sex. It’s completely natural
and, uh… fun. [ Ding ]
-Thank you, dad. ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ] Wow! Wow!
Thank you, dad. You can go now.
This is so embarrassing, dad! All right, this is —
That was fantastic. It’s my turn. Here we go.
[ Beeping ] Bernie Sanders. -Oh, yes.
-A Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through. Okay. Bernie Sanders,
Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through. All right. [ Imitates static crackling ]
“Welcome to Dunkin’. Can I take your order?” [ As Sanders ] Hello.
Yes, I would — I’d like a number 7.” “I’m sorry, sir.
We don’t do that here. Like, we’re a Dunkin’ Donuts.” [ As Sanders ] What do you sell?
You sell donuts? “We have donuts. We have coffee.
Can you please speak louder?” [ As Sanders ]
How much louder can I yell?! “Would you like
a donut or a coffee?” [ As Sanders ]
I would not like a coffee. I would like
a cup of steamed milk. And make sure that it’s not 1%. [ Ding ] ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ] I don’t know
where to go from there. I was trying to get to 1%.
Trevor, you are up. Here we go.
-All right. [ Beeping ] Beto O’Rourke? -Beto O’Rourke reading
cereal-box ingredients. -How does Beto O’Rourke
even sound? -He’s very, he’s very — -Yeah, like, I mean,
I know he does — Oh, he holds the mic
like a rapper. I know that. He holds it —
Oh, yeah. Yeah, like, he’s got, like,
this thing over here. And he’s got a lot of energy. [ As O’Rourke ] All right, let’s
see what we’ve got. We’ve got rice flour. Yes!
Sugar! Frickin’ yes! Flaxseeds!
I was born to eat flaxseeds! Man, I’m passionate. I’m passionate about fiber,
you guys. You know, go eat cereal. I’m Beto O’Rourke,
and I approve of these Mini-Wheats, everybody.” [ Ding ]
-Wow! ♪♪
[ Cheers and applause ] -That’s all it is. -He’s that excited.
-That’s all he is. -For this last one here —
Should I go one more? Do we have time?
-Yeah. -All right. I’ll do one. [ Beeping ] -Ooh! -Vladimir Putin reviewing
“Child’s Play,” the movie “Child’s –” Okay. [ As Putin ] Let me say this. “Child’s Play” is funniest movie
I’ve ever seen in life. I laugh so hard, I pee pants. Someone was killed by
the little doll, and it wasn’t me who did that. Everyone’s looking at me.
It wasn’t me. It was the doll. Anyway, you should go see little
Chucky in “Toy Story 4.” [ Ding ] I cried. I cried so much.
Cried laughing. The last one?
-All right. This is it. Let’s make it count. -All right,
let’s play with this one. [ Beeping ] -Oh! Oh, wow!
[ Cheers and applause ] -Donald Trump smoking weed
for the first time. -Smoking weed
for the first time. Okay. All right. Let me think.
Smoking weed. Just get into the thing.
Smoking weed for the first time. So he’s… -[ Laughs ]
Oh, my God. -[ As Trump ] Wow! So amazing! So amazing! I can feel it…hitting me…in
all different places. So many places. Are there two of us right now? -[ As Trump ] You’re looking
at yourself right now. -Oh, my God! -It’s been a pleasure
to meet you. -It’s like I’m here.
-It’s a pleasure. It’s like I’m there,
but I’m here, as well. -Oh, my God!
-Oh, it’s an unbelievable thing. -This is so crazy.
-Let’s make spliffs big again. That’s what I’m saying.
-So amazing. Make weed great again.
-Make weed great again. -Make everything great again. -Who is it? Who is it? -[ As Melania ] Donald, are you
smoking weed in there again? -Oh, my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Quick, hide it. -Donald, what did I tell you about you smoking weed
during the day? [ Normal voice ] I was going
Italian with this. I don’t know why.
[ Indistinct shouting ] -All right, there we go.
That’s it. That’s all the time we have for “Wheel of
Political Impressions.” Give it up for Trevor Noah!


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